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Walking Diet Review: Walk Your Way to Health

Written By
Edibel Quintero, MD
Sep 12
Reading time: 10 min

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Ever considered walking to get your body into shape? 

Walking is possibly the most accessible exercise to us all. There’s no equipment required, you don’t need a trainer, and you can do it anywhere.

For this reason, it’s also one of the most underrated exercises. As it’s such a regular part of our lives, it can be difficult to view walking as a means to lose weight. However, walking is scientifically proven to bring many health benefits. Perhaps the key is to start taking it more seriously. 

Walking Diet is a fitness program based on science and centered around walking. Offering support, guidance, and expertise, the brand encourages walking as a custom workout to meet your targets. As well as its focus on weight loss, it caters to improving overall health and well-being too. 

Moving our bodies, even once a day, is enough to lift our mood. There’s certainly no harm in adding more walks to our routines. 

A question likely circulating, however, is – is walking alone enough to lose weight? Read on to see what we have discovered about this weight loss plan.

What Is The Walking Diet?


Walking Diet is a health program developed by coaches and experts, taking science-based facts to customize workouts for individuals. Offered as a subscription service, the program includes a walking routine, recipe book, and educational guides to read. 

The program is suitable for anybody, despite their age, health state, or weight.

Through a minute-long quiz, the team behind Walking Diet put together a personalized plan for you to get started with right away. Just keep an eye on your inbox.

Walking Diet logo
Walking Diet – the easiest to follow walking plan for weight loss
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Gets you eating healthy
  • Helps you lose weight
  • Keeps you motivated
  • Educates
  • Workouts for general health
  • Offers a private consultation
A weight-loss targeted training plan
Warm-up and cool-down exercises included
A starting place for people to begin exercising
Lots of recipes with ingredients easy to obtain
Includes meals with a 15–20-minute (approx.) preparation time
Includes educational articles, like food and nutrition, walking gear, and health benefits of walking
Results vary between individuals
Some of the features cost extra

Starting Up

Like many of these subscription-based fitness programs, Walking Diet begins with a 60-second quiz online, approved by experts, it claims.

Select your gender, and continue to answer 12 questions. This includes entering your age, height, and current weight. To get the best idea of how you will handle the program, you’re asked questions like:

  • Where do you plan to walk? (pavements, forests, the treadmill)
  • When do you plan to walk? (mornings, afternoons, evenings)
  • How far can you walk? 
  • How physically active are you?
  • What is your end goal?

Within a few seconds of completing your answers, a result is generated with a personal summary. It provides weight in lbs as to how much you could potentially lose by a certain date, based on other participants who gave similar answers to you. 

We found this to be a great motivational tool to get you started. Of course, it’s not guaranteed. You have to put in the effort and follow the plan to start seeing the changes. 

The page is quite interesting as it includes data based on your answers, such as:

  • Your BMI
  • Daily calorie recommendations
  • Body change estimates

Have a read of the information and scroll down to “Get your plan” at the bottom of the page. You’re then directed to enter your email, and your own plan will be sent to you. 

5 Benefits of Walking Diet

The clear benefits of this program are parallel with the major benefits of walking in general. Walking is important for all-round health. It keeps your joints mobile, your cardiovascular system running smoothly, and your muscles and bones strong. 

Daily walks can help you to maintain a healthy weight and lose excess weight. On top of this, a walk can work wonders for mental health.

We’ve found there to be many benefits as a result of the following this diet. To keep it simple, here are the top 5 advantages the program provides. 

#1 Introduces you to exercise 

This program is an ideal place to start your walking journey. In most cases, walking is accessible to people, from fitness fanatics to those who are a little less mobile. With a good introduction to walking and eating right, you can gradually build up your fitness levels. 

The warm-up and cool-down workouts are highly beneficial to all taking part. If you’re new to exercising, you might not be aware of how important warming up and cooling down is for your muscles. 

#2 Gets you eating healthy 

The program offers many recipes with short preparation times. Most take approximately 20 minutes – a win-win for busy lifestyles and those new to cooking.

Ingredients are easy to find in local grocery stores, so you can pick up everything in one shop. You don’t need to spend hours hunting down rare items or going between multiple stores. 

#3 Helps you lose weight 

In maintaining regular exercise, you’re going to lose excess weight when there is a balance between calorie intake and calories burnt. 

With this program, the fact that the plan is kept as simple as possible gives you a real chance to take advantage of it. There are no unrealistic expectations and no excessive training that’s going to tire you out. Ultimately, it’s not too difficult to follow. It seems the creators want you to succeed and hit your goals.

#4 Keeps you motivated

You might ask why Walking Diet is a great tool when you can simply walk without tracking. However, it gives you the focus and commitment that many of us lack. It’s easy to get dressed and go for a walk when you feel like it, but it’s just as easy to forget or cancel it too. 

You can see the history of your previous workouts, so Walking Diet could give you the motivation to keep at it.

#5 Educates

Part of the process of getting fit and losing weight is understanding the science behind it. This weight loss plan comes with a variety of articles to keep you well-informed, interested, and excited about your new journey. 

Articles discuss food, nutrition, walking gear, health benefits of walking, and more. 

5 Benefits of Walking

As with any exercise, there are many benefits to moving your body, no matter which way, how, or where you do it. With walking, it’s quite straightforward. Here are 5 known benefits associated with walking. 

walking diet benefits

#1 A healthy heart

Walking is an aerobic exercise. In moving your body physically, your heart rate increases, ultimately strengthening the heart. In turn, circulation improves, delivering more oxygen around your body. 

It’s said that walking can reduce the chances of coronary heart disease by approximately 20%

#2 Alleviates joints 

When walking, the muscles and bones strengthen. This then supports the joints as they are kept active and lubricated, easing stiffness and pain.

#3 Increases energy 

Walking gives you an energy boost by increasing the oxygen flow around the body as you breathe in more air. Certain hormone levels are raised, too, including cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. The increase of these hormones helps boost energy levels.

#4 Reduces excess fat

Excess fat is reduced by burning calories when walking. The further you walk and the faster the pace, the more calories you will burn. Burn calories with an easy with this walking plan.

#5 Supports mental well-being

Exercise is a major contribution to mental well-being. Walking is one of the best ways to relieve stress and anxiety. The fresh air and scenic views can help you manage your thoughts, clear your head, and improve your mood. Adding a walk to your day can even help you sleep better at night.

What to Expect From Walking Diet

Once you’ve received your personalized plan, you can get to work immediately. So, how does the plan look? 

The plan itself is set out in an easy-to-read format. You’ll get a plan for the week, where you can click on different days to see what’s coming up next. Some days are allocated as rest days. This is important to ensure your body recovers properly. 

For instance, your plan could look something like this.

Monday – power walk. Total duration of 19 minutes is shared between a 2-minute warm-up, 15-minute power walk, and 2-minute cool-down.

The before and after workouts suggest warm-up strategies. For example, knee circles to warm-up, hamstring stretch, and glute stretch to wind down.

The type of walk is described in detail as to how it should make you feel. This is helpful for beginners who aren’t confident that they’re doing it right.

As well as the power walk, other walks include strolls, easy strolls, brisk walks, and a free spirit walk. On those days, you can choose to walk however you like, depending on how you’re feeling on that allocated day. 

walking for weight loss

Extra Features

Regular walking can improve your overall life, that’s for sure. When you’ve bought and paid for your subscription plan, there is an option to add on some extras. This comes with an added cost, so think about what you’d like to see first. 

The optional features include the following:

#1 Keto desserts cookbook

Keto is a weight-loss-approved diet consisting of high protein and low carbohydrates. The cookbook allows you to treat yourself without the unwanted calories.

#2 Workouts for general health (male and female)

These workouts offer extra support for your fitness journey. You can up your game with further workouts to keep you feeling good.

#3 A private consultation

A private consultation via email with a professional nutritionist or trainer is offered to subscribers at an extra cost.

This feature is a special benefit for anybody who wants that personal connection to and advice from an industry pro. You can discuss your personal health and goals and have any queries answered. 

Walking Diet Cost

The plan pricing is very reasonable, we believe. The prices are displayed in three categories. It’s worth noting that the below prices are currently discounted. At the time of publishing this review prices are:

Annual plan

$5.50 per month (billed every 12 months)

6-month plan

$7.67 per month (billed every 6 months)

3-month plan

$11 per month (billed every 3 months)

Walking Diet vs Alternatives

The comparison table shows the similarities and differences between Walking Diet and BetterMe, another walking-focused fitness program. Both are subscription services with personalized plans targeted to anybody looking to get fit through walking. The main difference comes with the key features. 

Walking DietBetterME
BenefitsPerfect for beginners

Gets you eating healthy

Helps you lose weight

Keeps you motivated
Offers different types of programs

Helps to adapt to a healthy living
ProsWalking training plan

Warm-up and cool-down exercises

Nutrition plan

Educational guides

Optional extras include private consultation, general health workouts, and a keto cookbook
Fitness workouts

Meal plans

Mental health program
ConsSome of the features cost extra

Results may vary
Price point

Requires dedication
LinkVisit Walking DietVisit BetterMe

Comparison winner: Walking Diet

How We Tested Walking Diet 

When deciding whether Walking Diet is a useful health program, we looked at the following points.


The speedy quiz to assess your current health and situation is a great way to kick things off. Rather than purchasing a generic service, it provides you with a walking plan that you can handle and enjoy.


When you have your plan, it’s not a case of getting outside and going. Instead, you are told exactly what you need to do, how long to do it for, and the effects you should be feeling. 

While short, the beginning and after workouts are the right amount to get you ready or in recovery. It’s like you’re being told exactly what to do without an actual person guiding you. 

In that sense, we think it helps keep you motivated and free from worry that you’re not doing the right things. 

The nutrition aspect

You can walk all you want, but if you’re not eating healthy, you’re not going to reach your goals. There’s plenty of recipes to choose from in this program. The process of balancing out exercise with healthy eating is made as easy as possible. 


Does Walking Diet offer a personalized plan?

Yes, each plan is tailored to the individual. Before purchasing a subscription, you must complete a short quiz. This allows a plan to be created especially for you. 

How much weight will I lose with Walking Diet?

As with any exercise, there is never a guarantee as to how much weight you will lose. Weight loss requires determination. If you put the time in and follow healthy eating habits, there’s no reason you can’t reach your goals.

Is Walking Diet free?

No, this is a paid app. However, it offers great features for the price.


Any sort of motivation toward leading a healthier lifestyle is advantageous, no matter the individual. At a glance, it might seem impossible to get excited about walking. However, Walking Diet has turned an exercise considered tame into a serious fitness program. 

So, is Walking Diet a good idea? The effort and expertise put into each plan, coupled with a valuable nutrition plan, make this an attractive wellness program to us. It’s a good place to start getting active, whatever your circumstances.

With the right mindset, there’s no reason walking can’t work for you. 

Walking Diet logo
Walking Diet – the easiest to follow walking plan for weight loss
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Gets you eating healthy
  • Helps you lose weight
  • Keeps you motivated
  • Educates
  • Workouts for general health
  • Offers a private consultation
Written by
Edibel Quintero, MD

Edibel Quintero is a medical doctor who graduated in 2013 from the University of Zulia and has been working in her profession since then. She specializes in obesity and nutrition, physical rehabilitation, sports massage and post-operative rehabilitation. Edibel's goal is to help people live healthier lives by educating them about food, exercise, mental wellness and other lifestyle choices that can improve their quality of life.

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