How I Managed to “Reset” My Gut and Eat What I Want Without Belly Bloat

I thought I had tried everything but nothing seemed to work. Here’s how I managed to “reset” my gut after years of struggling with digestion.

I’ve always had bad constipation.

I distinctly remember letting out a loud fart while having dinner with my husband and his family at a fancy restaurant one time.

It was the most embarrassing moment of my life and from that point on, I promised myself I would “fix” my gut once and for all.

This was around a year ago. 

Now, I’ve managed to “reset” my gut and regain the freedom to eat what I want without getting all bloated like a balloon.

My name is Alyssa. I’m a 35-year-old mother from Oregon. And for the longest time, I had the worst relationship with my gut.

I had tried almost every diet under the sun to get rid of my belly bloat and I was this close to giving up. 

Exercising, fasting, elimination diets you name it.

It was always one step forward, two steps back. I’d take a small bite of something my belly didn’t like, and it was hours stuck in the bathroom for me…

Luckily, I feel like a new person in my body now.

It’s as if I pressed the “reset” button on my gut and flushed out all the unhealthy bacteria and viruses from my belly.

Now, I feel healthier than ever.

Below, I would like to share my story and hope it can help you find freedom as well.

Here’s how I did it

Nowadays, the simple act of going to the bathroom is easy for me.

I no longer have to brace myself or worry if I’m about to eat something wrong.

And to spoil myself, I even have a bar of occasional chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Oh how I hated my body for craving sugary snacks in the past.

Just last year, my symptoms were at an all-time worst. 

I felt heavier than what I actually weighed because of the bloating. And just thinking about going to the bathroom was taking up a lot of my brain space.

Not a day would go by without me stressing about my digestion. To the point where I would plan my days around this.

This anxiety was ten times worse if I wasn’t home. It was as if I was being punished for going out with my friends for dinner. I was constantly worried a fart would go out when I was eating with others.

So, determined to put an end to this, I signed for a consultation with my gastroenterologist.

Long story short — I tested negative for gluten intolerance, she recommended dieting, and told me to consider probiotics if my digestion got worse.

Now, I’m not the one to take probiotics unless I really need them. But I felt so bad that I was willing to consider it.

So as per the doctor’s orders, I tried an elimination diet over a few months. I ended up losing weight briefly, but I just gained it back in 2 weeks. But my constipation wasn’t getting any better.

One step forward, two steps back.

Meanwhile, I could feel the laxative pills mocking me from the corner of my bathroom cupboard. But I kept on reading how they caused uncontrollable diarrhea. So, I opted out on that option completely.

It felt unfair and like the whole world was against me.

From that point on, my digestion journey officially began and I promised myself I would eventually put an end to this.

The complex relationship between constipation and weight 

So, constipation is a complex topic, as I found out.

When we think bloating — we think overeating.

Normally, people don’t gain weight because they’re constipated.

But when you have irregular bowel movements and feel bloated, that’s because there’s gas trapped inside your intestines.

So, you feel heavier than you are. As if your body is tricking you that you’ve gained some extra pounds around your tummy or waist area.

I remember looking in the mirror every night before going to sleep. Telling myself I had to lose that excess weight so that my tummy could return to being flat and my digestion problems could go away.

In reality, being bloated didn’t have anything to do with excess calories.

To fight constipation, you need to have the right tools to regulate your bowel movements and cleanse your gut.

Tools no one told me about even my gastroenterologist!

This was something I wish I had known about earlier. I was annoyed, but felt close to finding a real solution that would work for me.

Everything I knew about constipation was wrong

At some point, I thought my gut was “cursed” and I was just forced to deal with this problem.

As if I was the only person dealing with this extremely common problem.

I mean, I knew I was supposed to eat more of the “good” foods and avoid the obvious “bad” ones. 

But I remember, at a certain point, I was eating a lot of greens and vegetables… Only to end up getting all bloaty anyway.

I did my research. I read about the most common culprit for gut bacteria being foods that have a lot of starch, sugar, or fibers.

But all that did was just confuse me even further.

Even when I was eating healthy I was still bloated. What gives, right?!

Here’s what I realized:

I knew bland diet plans wouldn’t work for me long-term. I could never memorize or stick to a specific food list while being busy with my life.

The alternatives included laxative pills (or uncontrollable diarrhea) and probiotics neither of which I saw as a long-term solution.

I was at a standstill with my digestion. And my bathroom habits still weren’t getting any better.

So, that’s when I realized if something was going to help me with this, it’d be something organic and natural.

How I managed to “reset” my gut thanks to this mystery plant seed that fixed my fiber intake

By accident, I read on an organic foods forum that most people aren’t getting enough fiber.

Apparently, half of Americans don’t cover the daily required target intake for fiber. 

Women are supposed to get 25 grams of fiber with their food. Men should get 38 grams.

Because of highly processed foods which are a staple in most diets, most of us only reach half that amount.

Which makes sense when you think about it. Processed foods are everywhere and they’re really convenient.

So, the next step was to find a solution that would help with my fiber intake.

That’s when I found about Psyllium Husk — a type of natural, organic dietary fiber that’s made from the husks of Plantago ovata plant’s seeds.

It’s commonly known as a laxative, but this is NOT a laxative — it just acts like one.

How does that work?

Without going too deep into gastrointestinal science, it kind of works like a plunger.

The powder binds together in a sort of a ball in your body, and shoves its way through your gut. 

If it finds any blockage, the supplement transfers some of the fiber to any “traffic jams” in your intestine and softens them.

Apparently, people have been using Psyllium since ancient times. So, it’s considered safe for long-term use (I’ve been using it for over a year now), it’s organic, and does wonders for your gut.

It helps with both diarrhea AND constipation. Because Psyllium Husk dries up diarrhea and softens up constipation. 

Which, in my case, was the best-of-both-worlds solution that I was looking for.

The best way to take psyllium husk to regulate your bowel movements

There are many supplements on the market that can help with fiber intake.

But you need to be careful of laxatives and other harmful medications. 

After a while, your body might get used to them, and you’ll have to up the dosage, which can cause some serious health problems.

One of the better alternatives (and what I use instead) is Colon Broom a safe, Psyllium-husk based supplement that relieves constipation and reduces bloating. 

After trying everything under the sun, Colon Broom succeeded where others failed.

Probiotics, vitamins, diets, exercise, and more — nothing worked for me.

Before Colon Broom, I was unhealthy, bloated, and felt like a prisoner in my body.

After Colon Broom, I’m MUCH thinner, healthier, and I now experience lightness on a daily basis. 

What makes Colon Broom so special?

Colon Broom changed everything for me.

While other solutions felt like a “one-size-fits-all” approach to my microbiome, Colon Broom was a personalized solution, based on my digestive health and situation.

It’s not like those other supplements you can grab from the corner store shelf and pray it works.

This is because Colon Broom is not for everyone. And if it IS for you, you can find out in less than a minute.

All I had to do was complete a 60-second quiz, which asked me a few questions about my digestion and weight. 

And then, it gave me a personalized summary and digestion plan — down to exactly how often per week I’d be pooping and how much weight I’d lose.

Which turned out to be more accurate than I thought at first.

Colon Broom made me regain control over my body and “fix” my gut.

But it’s not magic. It’s not going to help you overnight.

Once I got my powder and started mixing it with a glass of water every morning, I was getting more regular, comfortable bowel movements within the same week.

Now, it’s like a little health ritual that’s been part of my mornings since then.

After spending years stressing about my belly bloat, Colon Broom completely changed my life and managed to “reset” my gut.

I can now eat like a normal person — not having to worry about long and painful bathroom visits that used to follow after eating. 

If anyone out there is experiencing bloating, constipation, or other digestive issues, I strongly believe Colon Broom can help.

And it starts with a simple, free quiz on Colon Broom’s website.

I’ve spent years of my life thinking my digestion wouldn’t get better, but it did.

And now, I hope it will get better for you too.

Take a 60-second quiz and see how ColonBroom can help improve your gut health and cleanse your body in 1 week.

Disclaimer: Results may vary due to personal features. Always consult a professional for medical advice.


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  1. Honestly, I never expected that Colon Broom would help with my constipation. I used to stay in the ladies’ room for at least 6 or even 10 minutes which was really uncomfortable. I drank at least 7-9 cups of water to soften my poop, was hoping for the best, but all I was doing was just running to the bathroom more often. After using Colon Broom I didn’t have to worry about it anymore, just a few weeks in and I could tell a difference in my time spent while doing it. I probably take now from 2-3minutes max. Thanks to this supplement. I recommend it to everyone who hates turning red while straining and spending lots of time sittin’ on the toilet.

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