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How to Get a Smaller Waist: 4 Tips to Get the Body You Want

How to get a smaller waist

Losing weight around the stomach is never an easy process. You have to make certain lifestyle changes when shrinking your waist, but what are they?

To see the changes, you have to build long-term habits that encourage body fat reduction. A slim waist doesn’t come around overnight, so it’s important to make these changes consistent. Simple things like following a healthy diet and performing cardio exercises could work.

Of course, burning fat takes time, but how can you speed up the process? This is something you may consider when planning to change your body shape. Ignore those unhealthy weight loss programs online and build a routine that promotes a flat stomach and slimmer waist.

How to Get a Smaller Waist?

You don’t need to make drastic changes to lose belly fat. Focusing more on your diet and cardio could set everything in motion. Everyone has a unique weight loss journey, so don’t feel disheartened when you don’t see results straight away. 

Here are 4 ways you can get a smaller waist:

Eat a balanced diet


#1 Eat a balanced diet 

Following a balanced diet is one way to reduce body fat. When losing weight, you should eat more healthy fats, lean protein, and dietary fiber. This is because nutrient-dense foods fuel your body and maintain the fat-burning process.

For example, protein reduces the hunger hormone ghrelin. Feeling less hungry on a diet means you won’t binge or reach for sugary snacks. Growing your muscles requires a high protein intake, so eat at least 50 grams of this nutrient daily.

You could even try the keto diet to lose a few inches off your waist. This diet requires the consumption of low-carb, high-fat foods. Eating fewer carbs will help you enter ketosis – a metabolic state that encourages the body to burn fat instead of glucose. 

The Beyond Body book contains a habit-building program for more guidance on dieting. People complete a quiz to receive a personalized book. It has meal plans, workouts for beginners, tips for good sleep, and other educational content to improve your quality of life. 

Beyond Body
Beyond Body

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Beyond Body aims to create a plan that suits your weight loss goals. You have to provide information about nutritional needs, lifestyle preferences, and physical capabilities. That way, the creators of Beyond Body can tailor the program to your requirements. 

#2 Drink enough fluids

Drinking enough water ensures you burn more calories throughout the day. 

A study found that water increased energy expenditure, leading to a faster metabolism. Boosting your metabolic rate burns visceral fat – a type of bad fat that wraps around organs. You should drink more water to keep the body functioning properly.

Men need around 12 cups of water a day, and women need 9 cups. This amount hydrates the body while it reduces overall body fat. You could even add lime to water for some flavor, as fresh limes satisfy sweet cravings and prevent binging. 

#3 Avoid junk food

Processed foods are unsuitable for any weight loss diet. They contain saturated fats, sugar, and preservatives that add more calories to your meal plan. Eating more calorie-dense foods will promote weight gain and increase the risk of heart disease.

#4 Start working out 

High-intensity interval training is an excellent way of toning core muscles and eliminating excess fat. Cardio-based exercise will boost your results of getting a smaller waist. You need to burn calories through different workouts to actually lose fat in the long term. 

Consider going for a long-distance run or walking every day. It’s recommended that people get at least 30–40 minutes of exercise daily to stay healthy. One great thing about cardio workouts is that they also strengthen your heart and reduce future health risks.

Try the Perfect Body app if you need more inspiration on working out. You can find 1,000+ recipes, daily progress trackers, shopping lists, and educational tips. This app focuses more on building habits than restrictive diets and exercise routines.

Perfect Body acts as your personalized weight loss plan. The features will cater to any calorie, physical, and macronutrient needs. You have to complete a quiz that helps the creators of this app to build the perfect comprehensive plan. 

Exercises for a Smaller Waist

Exercises for a Smaller Waist

You can do specific exercises that target the abdominal muscles. They won’t burn excess fat directly, but they will make your waist appear more toned. Just remember that a cardio workout and a well-balanced diet are key to reaching that healthy weight. 

Keep reading to find 5 examples of ab exercises:

#1 Side plank

To complete a side plank, lie on your right side with your legs extended. The elbow of your right arm should be under the shoulder directly. Keep your whole body completely straight, and make sure to engage your ab muscles while maintaining this pose. 

After 30–60 seconds, take a short break and switch to the other side. 

#2 Single-leg bridge

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. You can lift one leg so that it is around 45 degrees. Slowly raise your hips, engage the core, and tense your glute muscles. Then, lower the hips back down to the floor and repeat this movement.

Make sure to do the same number of reps on the other leg. 

#3 Crunches

Ab crunches require you to lie on your back with your knees bent and feet placed on the floor. Before starting, ensure your feet are shoulder-width apart. Then, place your arms across your chest and lift your upper body to crunch, keeping the neck relaxed and lower back on the ground. 

You can repeat this movement until your abdominal muscles are burning. Always use your core when crunching to avoid damaging the head, neck, or spine. 

#4 Glute bridge

Take the same position as the previous crunching movement. This time, your feet should be hip-width apart and 6–8 inches away from the glutes. Raise your hips slowly toward the ceiling, engaging the glutes and abs before lowering them.

Always make sure to hold the raised position for 2–3 seconds. If you feel burning in your hamstrings, move your feet closer toward your glutes. 

#5 Ab bikes

A bicycle crunch is about lying on the floor with your knees bent. 

Put your hands behind your head and raise your knees to a 90-degree angle. Take a deep breath and perform a bicycle pedal motion. You can do this by bringing one knee to your opposite elbow while keeping the other leg straight. 

Repeat this on the other side and keep alternating like a bicycle motion. Many people perform this exercise for 60 seconds or until their abs are burning. 

How to Make Your Waist Smaller Overnight?

You won’t see any changes in your waist overnight. Losing weight takes plenty of time, habit-building, dedication, and consistency. The body cannot burn stomach fat in a matter of hours, so keep this in mind when planning to lose weight. 

However, you can aim to lose around 1–2 pounds of fat a week. Burning this amount could positively affect your entire body in just one month. Aim to follow a proper diet and eat nutrient-dense foods, like avocados and blueberries, to see noticeable results.

It’s also worth drinking more water to reduce bloating. Plus, water can help you lose weight faster, so it’s a win-win situation. An enlarged stomach usually means dehydration, intestinal gas, or serious constipation from a lack of nutrients. 

Even though you cannot lose belly fat overnight, you can make lifestyle changes to tone your stomach. Losing fat requires strength training, reduced calorie intake, better sleep, controlled stress levels, and the consumption of nutrient-dense foods.

A Word from a Nutritionist

Carrying excess fat around your waist can damage your heart. Studies prove that visceral fat promotes heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. If you want to stay healthy, aim to exercise regularly and consume low-calorie, high-protein foods. 

Remember that a thinner waist requires dedication and consistency. Slacking on a diet could set back your progress and stop you from losing inches off your waist. Take the time to build a desirable routine that involves fun exercises and nutritious meals.

If you have any health conditions, consult with your doctor beforehand. A medical professional can determine what exercises and diets suit your personal needs. The body is fragile, so take it easy and begin building your way up from there.


So, how can you get a smaller waist? 

Reducing your calorie intake and burning calories through cardio exercise could diminish stubborn weight. You should create a consistent workout routine to see results. Belly fat can be challenging to get rid of, so try to avoid sugary foods on your diet.

Beyond Body
Beyond Body

A revolutionary way to wellness

  • Personalized meal plan
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  • Extensive information about your body, health, nutrition requirements
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How to get a smaller waist

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