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Health and wellness is a journey about finding what works right for you, not a grossly generalized, mass approach to health. We poured over the internet to provide you with thoroughly reviewed health information that is relevant to your wellness goals, healthy lifestyle, and more, and we want to support you to take actions every day that help you live to the fullest.

We cover all mental and physical health areas objectively and openly because we want to provide a holistic insight into health.

About us

About us

At Health Insider, we are dedicated to educating our readers on topics regarding health, wellness, and diet. We strive to continue to provide you with as accurate and relevant information in these areas as possible, and to do that, we put every single piece of our content through a robust reviewing process conducted by medical professionals.

In the age of the internet, misinformation is rife – and we refuse to contribute to it. For this reason, we at Health Insider do not provide our readers with one-size-fits-all medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Rather, all of our content is for general information purposes only and should not be relied on for medical or personal advice.

Additionally, Health Insider makes no representation, and we do not assume responsibility for the accuracy of the information that is contained on external sources.

Our medical team

The medical team at Health Insider help ensure that our products, services, and content are held to the highest medical integrity standards.

Our team is dedicated to managing an extensive medical network of professionals covering dozens of specialties, providing our readers with clinical guidance, fact-checking, medical reviews, and expert points of view.

Our patient advocates, public health experts, physicians, and nurses make sure that all of the information we put out is based on evidence, is accurate, person-centric, current, and trustworthy. It goes without saying that the medical team at Health Insider is what makes us – us.

For that reason, we work to ensure that we align ourselves with trusted medical experts and professionals to provide our readers with the most relevant and accurate health and wellness information possible.

Medical team
About us- editorial guidelines

Editorial guidelines

At Health Insider, we seek to provide our readers with accessible, actionable, and understandable health and wellness information so that they can make the best decisions regarding their health. We create, fact-check, and review our content through our qualified editors, writers, clinicians, and other contributors.

Every single item of content that we post is put through a thorough review process by medical professionals to make sure that we are putting out nothing but facts. We have strict guidelines for our sourcing process, and we cite and link to our primary sources in each article.

Our experts are continually monitoring the health and wellness space, and our articles are updated with new information when it becomes available.

Read more about our content creation and editorial process here.


We care about our community, and for this reason, we have built social communities that allow our readers to ask questions and share their thoughts with us.

Through these communities, we keep the conversation alive about health and wellness, nutrition, medicine, mental health, and more.

We value our readers’ input, and we’d love nothing more than to hear feedback from you about our content and how it helped you. We’re on several social media platforms and aim to engage with our readers and viewers every single day.

If you want to keep up with the conversation, you can get in touch with us through any of our social media platforms. We’re more than happy to interact with you, and in fact – we encourage it!