Klinio (Previously MyDiabetes) Review

According to the World Health Organization, there are over 400 million people who live with diabetes. This disease has no cure, so that means the only way to treat it is with proper management (both nutritional and stress) and medication. 

There are many apps that tout their ability to help with diabetes control. If you’ve been looking for an app that could help you with this, then you’ve probably come across Klinio app and wondered if it’s the right option for you. Klinio is one of the most well-known diabetes management apps and has been out there for quite a while. 

Previously known as MyDiabetes, the app is available on both web and mobile devices.

So, if you’re still undecided about using this app, keep reading since we’ve done a thorough analysis of the Klinio app for you.

Klinio App Summary

Klinio is designed with tons of features to help you manage diabetes and track important metrics like blood glucose levels, glycated hemoglobin, steps, weight, and medications.

The easy-to-use interface and access to up-to-date information about diabetes and related topics make it a great choice for anyone who has just been diagnosed or has been living with the condition for years.  

klinio app

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Klinio – personalized diabetes tracker & management app

✅ Personalized and diabetes-safe meal plan
✅ An integrated shopping list that matches the meal plan
✅ No-equipment home workouts
✅ All-in-one health and progress tracker
✅ Detailed activity log
✅ Educational guide on diabetes management


✅ The app covers nutrition, fitness, and motivation

✅ Tackles the root causes of diabetes

✅ Comes with a community of supportive and helpful people

✅ Designed to be used on both desktop and mobile versions

✅ Constantly updated with information from diabetes management experts

✅ Helps individuals make lifestyle changes that give them lasting results


❌ Subscription doesn’t come with a glucose meter – you will need to have it at home.

In-Depth Klinio Review

Klinio was designed to track and manage multiple important factors in regards to diabetes. The app was created in 2019 and is available in 195 countries in six different languages. When you look at Klinio, you will see that a large part of the diabetes management plan is focused on nutrition.

The app itself allows you to customize a balanced meal plan and makes the process of purchasing food easy as well.

On top of the nutritional aspect, the app focuses on exercise as well, giving you a wide range of training programs that take up very little time and are easy to fit into your daily routine.

You are also able to track your progress and make sure you’re healthily managing your diabetes symptoms to live a long life.

But most important of all, the app is outfitted with the ability to track blood glucose and blood sugar levels. For diabetes, this metric is by far the most important as this is how one will reduce potential health concerns. 

The Goal of the App

The goal of the app is to guide those dealing with diabetes to make lifestyle changes that could help them live happy and healthy lives. By tracking all the essential metrics and crafting a personalized plan, you will be able to do this without taking much time or effort, which is helpful in this fast-paced world. 

Building healthier habits will also allow for lifelong changes that will reduce the potential impact of diabetes on your body. 

What’s more, the app also helps people with diabetes build a personalized weight loss plan to manage the symptoms and lower their blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 

This makes the app a one-stop shop when it comes to a personalized diabetes management program, covering all crucial factors like nutrition, fitness, sleep, and even stress management.

This diabetic diet log is designed by qualified nutritionists and experts to make it easy, effective, and accessible to every user.

How Does It Work?

When it comes to how Klinio works, we have to take a look at the interface and its performance. Overall, the interface of this app is super user-friendly and helps people with diabetes to easily track any number of metrics affecting their health. 

The information collected can even be used to help with doctor’s visits to make sure that the lifestyle changes you’ve done work well with the treatment plan they have devised. In essence, this is a personal assistant that is solely devoted to managing your diabetes.

Klinio Features

Here are some additional in-depth insights into some of Klinio’s fantastic features:

Personalized meal plan

Klinio app offers personalized meal plans that not only look at the calorie intake but also macro nutrition, sugar, and cholesterol. These are all crucial factors when it comes to diabetes management. 

klinio nutrition plan

You will find over 30,000 recipes with ingredients that are easily swapped out if there’s something you don’t like or are allergic to. As the app is crafting the ideal meal plan for you, you can add in food allergies, and adjustments will be made to ensure that the meal plan does not include any of these foods. 

Each of these meals is designed to only take the user 15 to 20 minutes to prepare. In addition, if you’re someone who’s eating a plant-based diet, the recipes can be customized for that as well.

Beginner workouts

When it comes to managing diabetes, you have to include some form of exercise in your daily routine. For this reason, the app has designed a way to help you by suggesting exercises that require no equipment. 

klinio workout plan

You can choose the level of difficulty for your workouts (starting with the beginner level), track your activity easily, and adjust the level when you’re ready to challenge yourself more.

Progress tracker

Any spike in blood sugar can cause some drastic physical ramifications. So within the app, you have the ability to track blood glucose levels, glycated hemoglobin, as well as things like steps, weight, and medications.

klinio diabetes tracker

There’s a wide range of progress tracker tools at your fingers so that you can customize and manage your diabetes in a way that is perfect for you.

Activity log

Making sure that you have proper nutrition, are getting enough exercise, and are hydrated consistently when managing your diabetes is vital.

The app itself is fitted with a comprehensive activity log. This will, of course, allow you to keep a detailed look at your progress organized and ready for you to review at any time.

Informative content

The app gives each user access to the Klinio Academy. This is an online resource of information for people with diabetes on diabetes management.

Some courses have been generated by nutritionists and health professionals who discuss the origins and many other topics of diabetes that could be helpful to any individual.

Having this access to knowledge is yet another great feature when it comes to diabetes control.

Grocery list

One of the hardest things about managing your diet is making sure that the grocery list contains everything you need.

The app itself creates pre-made grocery lists to ease your shopping experience. These lists are categorized weekly.


Besides having access to the app, there’s also a physical diabetes management book available through Klinio website.

klinio book

This book was crafted with the help of expert nutritionists and diabetes specialists and contains a fantastic nutritional guide along with useful tips.

Also, there’s optional practical exercise guidance and over 70 diabetes-friendly recipes.

Features Coming Soon

So many health issues can be managed by ensuring you have the right nourishment. So the Klinio app and its experts have been working hard to bring even more advanced features to the app.

Soon you will be able to have meal plans that can help with other chronic conditions like:

  • High blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Anemia
  • IBS
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Hypo/hyperthyroidism

Klinio Reviews by Real Users

Why You Should Trust Us?

When it comes to health-related apps, the process of reviewing them is very important. We first take a look at the content itself. As we go through it, it’s easy to tell whether the developers have dedicated themselves to working with experts and physicians to craft a customizable program for an easy and simple lifestyle change.

Utilizing all the features and their accuracy is vital as well, which means we have to take a look at the user interface and how simple it is. 

After a thorough analysis, it’s clear that the Klinio app considers all of these points too. 

One of the things that we really paid attention to was the content provided on the site via the trackers and meal plans, as well as the blog. We discovered that this content is regularly updated so that users get the most recent information available.

How Does Klinio Compare to Other Apps?

There are other apps available to you that can help manage your diabetes, similar to the Klinio app. And Beat Diabetes is the first alternative we checked. 

This is an app created by a team of medical doctors who specialize in diabetes and its management. Out of the four apps we’ll be looking at, this is probably the one that is closest to Klinio.

One of the most important factors of managing your diabetes is to have a good grip on your weight. Such apps like My Fitness Pal that helps you track your calorie intake, nutrition, and other important factors, can be a vital tool and a good alternative to the Klinio app.

For those looking for more of a nutritional tracker type of apps – Carb Manager and Figwee Visual Food Diary might be helpful. In the former app, you can track your carbohydrates as well as other macronutrients to ensure you’re not eating anything that may cause your blood sugar to spike.

The Figwee app is suitable for those struggling to portion out their food. Making sure you’re not eating two bigger or two smaller meals will not only assist with weight control but will also allow you to track all of your macronutrients to ensure you’re not putting too much sugar into your system.


Does Klinio app cost money?

You can download the app for free from either Google Play or the App Store. Once you have downloaded it, you may find that there are in-app purchases available. These will range anywhere from $4.99 to $69.99.

How can you contact Klinio?

If you need to contact Klinio, you can reach them through their Help Center. You can also reach out to them via their social media.

What is a diabetic diet log?

A diabetic diet log can be a traditional bound journal, or you can utilize the Klinio app and its comprehensive log. Basically, this is a journal that tracks things like blood glucose levels and your food choices for the day. 

You can also chart medications and exercise, as well as your overall impressions. It is important to use this to reflect on any changes you’ve made to see if they are working the way they should or if you need to course-correct them. 

What can a diabetic diet log do for me?

Most experts and physicians will say that a journal or a diabetic diet log will help individuals see the connection between their blood sugar, diet, and exercise. By understanding this relation, they will be able to make more lifelong changes.


When it comes down to it, the Klinio app covers all of the vital parts of diabetic management. Not only does it provide you with customizable meal plans, but it also allows you to track exercise and educate yourself on diabetes and other related topics.

Each of these plans is customized to your specific needs and is crafted utilizing information obtained from experts and physicians. So for those who are either recently diagnosed with diabetes or have been living with it for years, this is a tool that can help you effortlessly make lifestyle changes to manage it.

It is a simple, user-friendly app with a wide range of tracking and logging tools. That’s why it is easily one of the best options out there when it comes to diabetes management. 


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