10 Simple Ways to Enjoy Party Food When You Have Diabetes (Extra: 10 recipe ideas)

From neighborhood potlucks to wedding anniversaries, from community gatherings to work dinners, your social calendar quickly fills up with all types of commitments. If you do not manage to stay vigilant, you might notice that your blood sugar levels become uncontrollable.

Anyone who is trying to lose weight slips up during events. It’s easy to control your portion size and carb intake when you have your entire meal on one plate. But once you add mindless munching on snacks, free drink refills, or a buffet table, your carb intake truly adds up.

What can you do to enjoy parties but still stay within your meal plan? Let’s find out with the help of Klinio nutritionist Christine Ellis.

Enjoy any meal


Always stay mindful about the portion size. “If you want to ensure sustainable weight loss, you cannot always feel deprived and beat yourself up if you treat yourself to your favorite, but sadly “forbidden” dish.”, – explains Christine.

Here are some tips for eating well and keeping your blood sugar levels under control:

  1. Have a small low-carb snack before coming to the event.
  2. Fill up on non-starchy vegetable salad or clear broth soup.
  3. Choose a smaller portion of the main dish.
  4. Drink water to feel satiated faster.
  5. Share your high-carb dessert with a friend. The first bite is the tastiest anyway!

Come with a plan

Meal Plan

Social events can be stressful because we tend to eat more while we are distracted. But talking with others and enjoying yourself is the entire point of the event! Sadly, mindless eating might translate into high blood sugar.  

How to enjoy your night and avoid overeating? Christine recommends the following tips: 

  1. Plan what you will eat during the event. Check the menu, discuss the food with a host, or bring your own dish if appropriate. 
  2. Count your meals: you can probably eat an entree, a main dish, and some dessert.
  3. One plate is enough. Don’t go overboard with second helpings.
  4. Stay flexible, but keep in mind that everything is a trade. If you have tried the bread basket, you might want to grab a salad for your main dish. 
  5. Space it out. If you have just eaten, get some water and check your blood sugar levels before going for more food.

Contribute to the event


One of the most dangerous people that you can meet at an event is a well-meaning neighbor that must make you taste her casserole. 

“We are conditioned to be courteous and open to new experiences, but it’s simply not a smart strategy for people with diabetes.” – said Christine

It’s understandable if you don’t want to explain your condition to everyone you meet. And you don’t need to! Saying “Thank you, but I am full at the moment” is enough. 

Even better, you can help organize the event and be a person that introduces healthy and delicious meals to your community.

Here are some ideas for delicious low-carb snacks that anyone can enjoy:

  1. A spread of sliced vegetables with hummus or guacamole
  2. Vegetable skewers
  3. Mini vegetable frittatas
  4. Deviled eggs
  5. Cheese with whole-grain crackers or cucumber slices
  6. Air-popped popcorn  
  7. Beef jerky
  8. Homemade trail mix
  9. Peanut butter with apples or celery sticks
  10. Chia pudding with berries

Learn how to manage diabetes

How to stop mindless snacking and keep your blood sugar levels at bay?

That’s a question that leaves hundreds of thousands of people wondering. It’s not an easy task, but it’s achievable if you have a proper plan set in place.

Klinio team has prepared a treat for you. Learn how to navigate the ins and outs of managing diabetes, no matter where you are.  

Complete a 60-second quiz and learn how:

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