Lifestyle Review – Is This Diet App Worth Trying?

How many times have you tried out a new “miracle diet” for weeks, only for it to do absolutely nothing? 

Probably far too many to count. 

We know how tiring it can be trying to lose weight to no avail, but PerfectBody aims to relieve this exhaustion and offer real, effective strategies for weight loss.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the PerfectBody review to see everything it has to offer. 

PerfectBody Review


PerfectBody comes with plenty of features for you to take advantage of, all of which are designed to help you optimize your weight loss and achieve the weight of your dreams.

PerfectBody is a customizable, personalized weight loss plan that is designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals in the safest, easiest way possible. 

The meal plan includes more than 1,000 simple, delicious recipes that are created from the ingredients you enjoy the most and over 10,000 recipes in total. 

What’s more, not only does PerfectBody have a mobile app, it also has a web meal plan.

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Click here and take your personalized quiz: – Easy to follow online weight loss plan

✅ Swappable ingredients in the recipes
✅ Includes more than 10,000 recipes
✅ Meals with quick preparation times
✅ Water intake & workout trackers
✅ Easy-to-find ingredients
✅ Adjustable plans based on your progress
✅ Daily caloric intake tracker


✅ Over 1,000 recipes
✅ Easy-to-find ingredients at local grocery stores
✅ Daily progress tracker
✅ Various workout plans
✅ Shopping lists


No free trial

PerfectBody is not a restrictive diet. Rather than making you feel deprived, it provides you with a variety of nutritious food that will keep you satiated and full while maintaining healthy weight loss. 

By teaching you healthy habits for eating, PerfectBody aims to offer you long-term and sustainable results without making you feel miserable. 

The plan gives you a diet that you’ll actually want to stick to in the long run. The truly exceptional thing about PerfectBody is that the diet plan adapts to your body. 

As you start to lose weight, your body adjusts, so the diet plan will adjust accordingly to ensure that your body gets all of the calories and macronutrients it needs. 

Does PerfectBody Help You Lose Weight?

There are plenty of success stories regarding PerfectBody. 

Many people who have gone on this diet plan stated that they were able to lose weight steadily and find consistency with their meals while not feeling hungry all the time and having plenty of energy throughout the day. 

The PerfectBody diet is quite safe, though there are a few situations in which you might need additional consultation or preparation with your doctor. 

If you are on medication for diabetes, are breastfeeding, or are on medication for high blood pressure, you might want to consider taking on another diet plan.

Luckily, if you don’t fall into any of the above categories, you will do just fine on the PerfectBody diet, and you won’t need any special modifications. 

Everyone’s body is different, so the rate at which you lose weight will be different as well. 

For instance, if you have a lot of fat tissue and slow metabolism, and you do not exercise very often, it’s going to take you longer to see weight loss in comparison to someone with a quicker metabolism who is slightly overweight and exercises 4–5 times a week. 

What’s included in the PerfectBody plan

There’s a lot that goes into the PerfectBody diet plan, especially since every plan is personalized to every different person. 

PerfectBody creates your meal plan according to your answers to the questionnaire you take when you sign up. You’ll receive a 28-day plan that includes 5 daily meals that are not only healthy but delicious as well. 

They also include a shopping list that makes finding the necessary ingredients quick and easy, making the shopping experience effortless. 

Each recipe includes instructions for preparation and the information for macros. You’ll have the freedom to adjust your PerfectBody meal plan anytime you want by answering some additional questions. 

You can also add a workout plan that offers simple and effective workouts. 

When the 28-day meal plan is over

The great thing about PerfectBody is that you can refresh your plan after 28 days, and what’s more, your risk of gaining weight after these 28 days is significantly reduced. 

This means your new meal plan will be adjusted to your new weight and physical condition, and a nutritionist will review your data to develop a plan that will challenge your body to achieve new goals or sustain the weight you have achieved. 

How to Get Started

Getting started with PerfectBody is a very quick process and can be done both via the PerfectBody app or through their web page. It requires you to complete a brief but comprehensive quiz that, once completed, will personalize your diet plan, meals, and more.

This allows you to achieve your goals as quickly as possible and experience more effective weight loss.

We completed the entire process – here’s how it went and what you should know.

Let’s take the quiz together!

Step 1

To start, you’re going to want to specify your gender, after which you will be able to specify the problem areas on your body you want help improving. For instance, you can choose to work on flabby arms, thick legs, or belly fat.

Step 2

Then you will need to specify your relationship with meat and how often you eat it. This is quite an important step, so you’ll want to be truthful with this question. Do you eat meat all the time, occasionally, rarely, or never?

Step 3

The third step is quite an involved one, and requires you to specify whether you love, hate, or are neutral toward certain foods. These foods include pork, beef, turkey, and chicken. If you aren’t sure about your relationship with these foods, you can simply select neutral. 

Step 4

Next, you will need to specify whether or not you eat fish.

Step 5

With this step, you will need to specify which vegetables you don’t eat. Don’t worry, if you love all vegetables, there’s an option that says “I eat them all”! You can select up to four ingredients on this page. 

Step 6

Now it’s time to specify which starchy foods and carbs you don’t eat. Once again, you can specify that you eat them all, but otherwise, you’ll have four choices in total. 

Step 7

Step 7 is identical to the previous two, though this time it’s with vegetables. 

Step 8

Step 8 lists some commonly disliked foods that many people don’t eat, and you’ll have to specify which ones you don’t eat if any at all. Once again, there’s an option for you to pick if you eat them all. 

Step 9

Now you’ll need to specify which allergies you have if any. 

Step 10

Step 10 doesn’t require any input from you but is rather an instructional page that discusses the benefits of a personalized PerfectBody weight loss plan. 

Step 11

At this step, you will need to specify how much time you have to prepare a meal every day. 

Step 12

At this final step, you’ll be required to specify how often you eat breakfast, if at all. 

After the 12th step, PerfectBody will have created more than 1,000 meal combinations tailored to you and your body that will help you lose weight in the most enjoyable way. 

The next few slides involve inputting how often you exercise, how physically active you are, your body fat level, and any other things you think PerfectBody should know. 

You’ll also need to provide PerfectBody with your measurements, and you’ll be done! They’ll create your agenda, and after you provide them with your email, they’ll send it to you. 

How Does PerfectBody Compare to Its Alternatives?

PerfectBodyWeightWatchersNoomHigh Protein Diet
Easy to followYesNoYesYes
Speed of resultsA few monthsA few months6 months6 months

For the most part, the PerfectBody diet is significantly better than many of the other most popular diets out there right now. It generally works a bit quicker than many other diets, is rich in detail, comprehensive, very easy to follow, and is also super affordable.

This makes it great for anyone looking to lose weight but working on a budget since we all know how expensive healthy food can be. 

Fad diets can also be very difficult to follow, but PerfectBody makes it very easy to follow, especially with their simple meal plans. 

Why Trust Our Review?

We take every possible factor into consideration when we review products, including quality, user-friendly experience, value, privacy, and customer support.

There are a number of things that we look for in a diet product like PerfectBody, like nutritional accuracy, the effectiveness of the diet plan, and whether or not the recommended foods are accessible and truly healthy.

After all, it doesn’t help going on a diet and eating foods that are not fueling your body and weight loss. 

With that being said, we also customize our evaluation criteria depending on the nature and type of health-related products or services. 

We consider how well the company delivers its core services, if it adheres to the latest and most advanced testing technologies, and how user-friendly the service is. 

We look at whether or not the program achieves a good degree of simplicity for its customers and whether customers are truly getting their money’s worth. 


Does PerfectBody have customer support?

Yes! PerfectBody actually has a 24/7 customer support service that will help you with any queries and problems you may have, which is not something you often see with diet programs and apps. 

Do I get a physical or digital version of my plan?

Your 28-day nutritional meal plan comes in digital form. You are also able to access your meal plan online on any of your smart devices, and PerfectBody does not send physical meal plans. 

What do I do if I don’t receive my plan?

It will generally take about 2 hours for PerfectBody nutritionists to review the plan based on all the information you provide, and then – it will be shared with you. If you do not receive your plan within those 2 hours, you should check your spam box. 

What should I drink during the diet?

One thing that PerfectBody doesn’t do is tell you what you should be drinking, but water is perfect and includes no carbs. Tea and coffee without sugar are great options too, and on special occasions, you can treat yourself to a glass of wine. 

Can I cancel my subscription if I’d like to?

The short answer: yes. You can contact the PerfectBody support team, and you’ll get advice on how to proceed. While your disputed transactions might take some time to reflect, they will always be resolved.

Conclusion: Is PerfectBody Worth It?

Overall, PerfectBody is a fantastic diet app that is great for anyone looking to lose weight quickly and effortlessly. 

It comes packed full of features designed to make your weight loss journey as doable as possible and does not rely on any fads or faux tactics for weight loss. 

If you’re looking to get the body you’ve always wanted and reach your goal weight, we highly recommend you use PerfectBody. 

It has everything you will need to get yourself on the right track to achieving your weight loss and fitness goals.



PerfectBody comes with plenty of features for you to take advantage of, all of which are designed to help you optimize your weight loss and achieve the weight of your dreams.

  • Over 1000 recipes
  • Easy-to-find ingredients at local grocery stores
  • Daily progress tracker
  • Various workout plans
  • Shopping lists
  • No free trial

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