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How this former personal trainer wants to shake up the fitness industry

Health Insider recently sat down with the founder of OctoMoves to discuss how he believes his products are shaking up the fitness industry.

Octomoves was created by personal trainer Rokas, who realized the benefits of using exercise ropes in sessions with his clients.

He never realized just how much he was going to shake up the fitness industry.

Thousands of customers have reached out to him, explaining how his products have helped them turn their lives around.

So let’s hear from the man himself.

Who is your product for, and can anyone use it?

“The great thing about this product is that anyone can use it. No matter how new you are to working out, this is safe and easy to use for all.

It allows everyone a safe passage into the world of exercise. A lot of equipment can be dangerous for beginners to use, but I cannot stress this enough – flow ropes are not.

Anyone can pick them up and give them a go – and I encourage people to try them for themselves.


We often have people reaching out, telling us how life-changing their experience has been since they started using the ropes.

It really means a lot to us, it shows that our hard work is really paying off, and it’s helping people become the best version of themselves.

The idea is – to burn the least energy possible to accomplish the best result from that movement. It is all based on body movement, like surfing, it uses the holistic approach.

In surfing, you want to avoid overusing strength. It needs to be a good fluid motion.


I started introducing ropes into my training sessions, either as a warm-up, or cool down – but it soon turned into using the ropes throughout the whole session. 

There wasn’t really anything on the market specifically based around ropes, which surprised me, given how much people were enjoying them in my sessions.

Like any form of exercise, there will always be a very low-risk factor involved. If you haven’t done any for years, and you get up and go for a run, you could risk hurting yourself.
Everyone is able to help improve their mobility, and not feel too tired in the process. If they want to lose weight, they can. You still need to put in the work to reap the benefits, and it depends on what you are seeking.”

How can you benefit from flow ropes?

“I think the benefits go way further than just making you look good. But it always depends on what result you are looking for.

As I’ve said, they are for everyone to use, with no exclusions. Of course, top-tier athletes can get different benefits than someone who just wants to get fit.

But that’s the beauty of it, no matter who you are, or where you come from – you can pick up the ropes and start to see results pretty quickly.

I believe that no one wants to wake up after a day of exercise and feel like crap. It puts so many people off doing it in the first place. No one wants to feel like they can’t move the next day.
Using these ropes along with the correct guidance, you can safely and efficiently reach your goals. Anything is possible, whether it be to lose weight, clear your mind, loosen up, etc.”

How soon can you expect to see results after using your product?

Everyone’s body is different, I feel that is important to say before I promise you the next day’s results. But that aside, you can start to feel and see improvements straight away.

The simplicity of it is that once you start making the basic movements, it gets the brain working.

You can start to see results after your first session. Both mentally and physically. Whether your goal is to lose weight or just have fun, you can see results straight away.


The problem with most gym equipment is that the next day you feel awful. Your joints ache, and you have cramps and sores. That does not seem appealing to me, and I don’t think it’s appealing to anyone.

But using the ropes does not come with that stress. Sure, if it’s the first time you have attempted exercise in years, you are bound to feel a little sore. 

But that pain soon goes away, and you will start to see the results you set out to achieve. Gym equipment can be difficult to use, but ropes are not.

What sets your product apart from other fitness equipment on the market?

“I think the approach we take sets us apart from other products. The whole ‘no pain, no gain’ motto that goes alongside workout gear is outdated.

Why put your body through that pain? Why not just use something that can make you feel good about yourself, and help you reach your goals at the same time?

Feel good after exercise, then you will be more likely to repeat the process, it’s simple.


This sets us apart. Of course, you can go hard with this product if that’s your style. Feel free. But we want to encourage people to work their bodies in a safe and fun way. 

The fitness industry is all about maximum effort, and maximum outcome. But this is a myth.”

Finally, what has the feedback been on your product so far, and will you look to change anything moving forward?

“So far I have been really overwhelmed with all the positive feedback. It really is inspiring to see so many people using your products to improve their lives.

People will sometimes reach out directly and show us their results, or tell us how grateful they are. That makes it all worth it.

You can’t make something that is perfect for everyone, there will always be some people who don’t like what you do, and that’s fine.

But we are proud of the product we have, and we hope it can help as many people as possible; whatever it is they are looking to achieve, we want to help.”

If you are curious to see how flow ropes can improve your workout goals, try their free quiz by clicking the link below.

It takes less than a minute.

If you are unsure about what rope is best for you, they can help. Just answer a few questions, and you will have access to a personalized plan.

They have a range of ropes for everyone, depending on your goals!

🏋️Heavy 1.1 lbs

Relieve stiffness & pain

🏋️Heavy 1.1 lbs

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🏋️Lighter 0.99 lbs

Unwind & Destress

🏋️Lightest 0.66 lbs

Support recovery after injury

Results may vary due to personal features.



  1. My partner and I found these flow ropes after looking for fun ways to work out together. We have never been happier working out! Absolutely love them!

  2. My personal trainer introduced these into our sessions and they have been a gamechanger. I am starting to love working out again thanks to these ropes!

  3. I cannot recommend these enough! They really saved me from a dark place, so nice to hear from the man behind it all. Keep up the good work.

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