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Keto Diet

7 reasons why most people fail on the Keto Diet

Is it really possible to eat whatever, don’t watch calories and melt away stubborn fat from the comfort of your home without doing strenuous exercise at the gym?

What to do in these cases of “stubborn” fat?

According to health & wellness experts, the ketogenic diet is the one of the best solutions for transformation.

No Hunger, No Cravings, No Belly Fat…

You can have it all. The ketogenic diet allows you to enjoy delicious meals and lose weight fast, yet feel incredibly energized. 

While AVOIDING sugar and carb withdrawal.

One of the main reasons so many people fail on the keto diet…

Is that they try to cut out too many carbs and sugar too fast, which then puts the body into shock.

If you want to smoothly transition into a keto diet and lose fat fast (and keep it off), keep reading.

What you’re about to read are 7 mistakes to avoid to be successful on your keto journey.

Mistake #1: Rushing Into KETO

Surely you’ve heard of the stories: Yes, the keto diet can melt 20lb or even more if you’re doing it right. 

Thousands of men and women, all over the world, have used this eating strategy. It’s proven, and the results speak for themselves. People transform completely, losing flabby arms, big thighs, and stubborn belly fat quickly. 

But before you get too excited, be careful. You can actually end up off worse than you were before. 

According to health and wellness expert Dr. Alexander H. Blackwell, “Keto is a very knowledge-based diet.” 

“Rushing in without a plan is short-sighted as it will most likely fail,” Blackwell says.

If you rush in without a plan, here’s what might happen: 

  • You will keep craving sweets because you won’t know enough about healthy dessert substitutes.
  • You will keep snacking unhealthy food because you won’t have a well-thought-out meal plan that keeps you pleasantly full.
  • The weight won’t go down. It might even go up!

Instead, Dr. Blackwell recommends a professional, custom plan based on your body type, age, and eating preferences.

“Look for support and ideas on how to manage the diet correctly,” he says. “Your health is the number one priority. Invest in it now so you can save money and time in the future.”

Mistake #2: Not Getting Enough B Vitamins

Vitamin B

Have you reduced carbs and then felt tired? Not enough vitamin B might be the reason why.

“B vitamins are mostly found in whole grains,” explains Blackwell. “Lacking them can make you feel tired, lower your energy levels, and slow down your weight loss progress.”

Fortunately, you can still get plenty of B vitamins from keto-friendly foods. You just need to eat the right stuff.

Here are our favourite options: meat, eggs, and dairy products. Combine those with seeds, nuts, and dark, leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli for a more complete nutritional profile.

What to do if you still feel tired? Talk to your doctor about taking a B vitamin supplement to boost your energy levels.

Mistake #3: Eating Too Many Carbs


The big secret behind why the ketogenic diet works so powerfully at any age is ketosis.

Ketosis is an intense, fat-burning state. Instead of using carbohydrates for energy, our body starts to use our fat as fuel. This can double our weight-loss results. 

But to enter ketosis, we need to limit carbs. 

And here’s the problem. “Many people don’t realize how many carbs are in common, healthy foods,” says Dr. Blackwell.

Eating too much fruit is a common example. You think you’re doing a great job, but actually, you’re blocking yourself from entering ketosis. Keep reading to see how to avoid such mistakes.


The recommended carb intake is around 5% of our total calories. Finding this carb reduction tough when first getting started on the keto diet is normal.

However, it is essential if we want to reach and maintain ketosis. That’s the only way to start burning 20lb or more. 

And thankfully, things get easier after the first week or two because our body starts to adapt. 

Don’t give up early! 

Registered Dietician and Wellness education specialist Nare Davoodi, says: “It is a common misconception to think you are in ketosis after doing the Keto diet for 7-14 days. But what often happens is people are not calculating their intake correctly.”

How to make sure you reach your intake goals? Consider tracking your macronutrients through an app like Keto Cycle.

Mistake #4: Eating Too Much Protein


Protein is great for you, but too much protein can cause problems too.

“When our body digests protein, it converts a small amount to glucose,” says Dr. Blackwell, which can then slow down your body’s ability to go into ketosis, he adds. 

That’s because glucose is a sugar, and sugar is a carb.

Instead of using the keto diet as an excuse to eat as much bacon and steak as you’d like, remember that your main goal on keto is enjoying healthy fats.

Thankfully that includes delicious foods like nut butter, olive oil, and avocados.

So remember to have some form of healthy fat with every meal, and keep your protein intake in check.

Mistake #5: Not Eating Enough Fiber


There’s a lot of fiber in fruits and whole grains. But you can’t have many of these on the ketogenic diet. 

So you need to be extra careful in order to get a nice amount of fiber during the day. 

According to Dr. Blackwell, “Fiber is essential to help regulate digestion, hunger and fullness cues. It helps provide long-lasting energy and a steady blood glucose level.”

In other words, fiber is critical. If you don’t eat enough, you may feel hungry, overeat, and ruin your hard work. 

The recommended approach is to eat more vegetables. All leafy greens are great. Follow this simple rule: the darker the color, the better. 

Don’t like eating vegetables all the time? Consider trying fiber supplements to refresh your body.

Mistake #6: Leptin Resistance

Leptin resistance

Leptin is a powerful fat-controlling hormone. 

It sends a signal to your brain that says, “you’re full,” so you know when to stop eating. If your body produces leptin properly, your appetite will stay in check. 

But when your body produces too much leptin, your brain stops receiving the signal. 

So you don’t feel full easily which causes overeating and eventually excessive weight gain. How to avoid that? Fix the underlying root causes of leptin resistance:

  • Irregular or poor sleep patterns.
  • Processed foods and overeating.
  • Too much stress

One of the many benefits of keto is that it can help fix leptin resistance. That’s because it consists of whole foods. 

“Healthy sources of protein, fat, and fiber are proven to help improve sleep, decrease sugar pangs, and combat snacking habits.”

Mistake #7: The “Google Curse”

Google Search

With a bit of light research on Google, you’ll find thousands of keto weight loss transformations. The proof is everywhere, and it’s easy to get excited. 

Many people read a few articles, note a few keto recipes, then try to get started on their own. 

But this is a dangerous mistake. Just knowing you need to reduce carbs is not enough. Often, the meals you find online are good by themselves yet may cause nutritional imbalances when combined.

Don’t start the keto diet without help, especially if you don’t know the answers to questions like these: 

  • “How many calories should I eat to lose weight?”
  • “How much should I lose in one week?”
  • “Which healthy foods are sugar bombs?”
  • “Which foods are sugarless yet delicious?”
  • “How will I get enough fiber without exceeding my carb limit?”
  • “How will I get enough minerals and vitamins to sleep well and have more energy?”

How can you help answer these questions and lose weight fast with keto?

The Solution to Start Dropping Clothes Sizes Today

The solution is a personalised keto diet that takes your age, physical shape, and medical conditions into consideration.

And in less than 2 minutes you can receive a personalized keto meal plan!

How’s that for quickly getting you into a state of fat-burning ketosis?

There’s a good chance you’ll lose 15lb… 20lb… or more!

And the whole time you’ll be experiencing increased energy, fewer food cravings, and a better mood.

Here are some results of people that tried this personalised keto meal plan for at least 28 days. See for yourself!

Margaret, 40
Debra, 43
Virginia, 47

Take a 2-minute quiz and find out how much weight you can lose in 28 days with your own personalized keto meal plan.

Results may vary due to personal features.



  1. Try some ketones! You will have alot of energy with them!

    1. What are Ketones (sorry if it’s a dumb questions) I’m quite new to keto and thought ketones are produced in the body? 🤯

      1. Exogenous ketones are a supplement. They are ketones in a pill or powder. They will help you feel fuller, but they can interfere with your weight loss progress as the goal is to produce them with your diet. Unless you are a high performance athlete or doing heavy workouts and have been doing keto for a long time, they are not necessary.

      2. I lost 20lbs in 4weeks on pruvit keto diet and loving life again

  2. Very interesting reading all the comments. Will definately help me throughout this program.

    Thanks very much.

  3. I first started keto by accident. I was diagnosed with fatty liver and googled what foods I should be eating. I found Eric B. and he said eat 5-7 cups of raw vegetables a day and small amounts of fatty proteins. I chose roast chicken and smoked salmon and coleslaw packs. The weight started to fall off and I felt so much better. More reading and I found I was on keto. I now do intermittent fasting (IF) and it’s easy once I eliminated all grains and starchy vegetables. 3 months in and I’m down to 1 – 2 meals a day, blood pressure is normal for a 20-30 year old (I’m 67), I’ve lost 15kg (33lbs) and I feel great.

    1. Another plus – after 6 months on Keto, a liver scan showed that my NAFL was healed. The Fibro Scan CAP score (fat) before Keto was 390 and is now 226 (normal). The kPa score (stiffness) was 13.5 and is now 6.2 (normal is 5.5). My doctor and I believe that Keto is the reason for my healthy liver.

    2. Can I drink v-8 for my vegetables?

  4. Thats my plan! (Only no snack) I went from 156 to 133 in five months. Went down from size13 pants to size 6.

  5. Have just started intermittent fasting,only have about 4 kilos to lose. Am interested in incorporating keto so have been doing a bit of research on the subject, have found everyone’s comments very useful. Thankyou!!

  6. I am down 17 pounds in 3 weeks. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting as well as Keto. I’ve tried many other apps and diets. This app was a game changer for me. So easy to use and easy to click through the recipes to find another meal or snack if you don’t have the ingredients for it. Highly recommend to take the guess work out.

    1. What app are you using?

  7. I am 78, lowered my blood pressure on keto, are on half-strength blood pressure tablets thanks to keto diet

  8. 14 months “Keto for Life” at 58 and 60! Lost 20 pounds, husband lost 35 of middle age pudge in the first 60 days… I advocate for it as a lifestyle change vs a “diet”. Healthier than ever 🙂

  9. Try drinking ketones(it gets you in ketosis in under an hour) while on the keto diet along with the intermittent fasting and exercise… I’ve lost over 30pnds so far in 2 months and have lots of energy!!

    1. Josh, where do I purchase Ketones?

      1. I’m 71 female and started keto at 232 lbs, I am down 220 lbs a total of 12 pounds in 6 weeks, The most important thing to happen is, My diabetes is now under control, my sugar runs anywhere from 90 to 115 every morning! I have never been able to control it before. I wnt to lose to 170, and come off all my Meds!

        1. Well done Sandra, I’m so happy for you.
          I’m 70, I’ve been on the Me to plan for 4weeks exactly. I started at 71.5 kilos, I am now 65.5 kilos. I have stuck at 65 for over a week and I feel very tired/weak.
          I realise now it’s my own fault as I thought I could eat fruit etc. I followed the plan to the letter for over two weeks and thought I knew what I was doing. I’m starting today sticking to the plan. So fingers crossed.
          You keep up the good work, I think it’s absolutely fantastic that you have got your diabetes under control. 👏

      2. There are all kinds of keto powders on the market – search amazon. But Pruvit Ketones (which are expensive) are definitely effective with a low carb diet. Must drink electrolytes to be successful.

      3. Where can I buy ketones?

      4. Key tones are fastest absorbed and turning to keytones in our system by MCT oil (organic). I add it to my coffee, you need to start out slow, 1/2 tsp or tablespoon, and gradually increase. I do 1-2 tablespoons a day.

      5. How long should you wait after starting Keto to IF?

        1. I think when you feel like sustained! It was a natural transition for me. Within weeks I had lost my cravings for sugar and carbs and felt more satisfied after eating meat and green veg, cheese, and so forth. I still build in a treat now and then but never dreamed I would do this well! I saw much faster weight loss after starting IF. I only do 12 to 14 hours of fasting!

    2. What ketones do you drink? Never can tell if it’s legit or hype.

    3. I am new at this—What are ketones and how does a person drink them?

  10. Factor 75…tasty too!

    1. Too many carbs in Factor 75. I tried them

      1. They do have meals with more carbs, but they also have meals you can select with less cards to keep you in check with carb counting for the day. Factor 75 is great!!

      2. Which ones are goods?

  11. It starts as soon as you wake. Having ghee and mct oil in your coffee is how hubby succeeded at Keto. Drinking lots of water. Fiber. Calories.

    1. Guess I need to buy a Keto book and find out all this, and what is “ghee”?

      1. Ghee is clarified butter. You can buy it, but also make it yourself: very very slowly (not in the microwave) melt a chunk of butter in a saucepan. When it is liquid you will see white droplets in the bottom of the pan, this is the residue from the creaming process. Pour the ghee carefully into a jar and discard the remaining residue.

  12. I used to have reumitoid arthritis really bad & in so much pain I couldnt even enjoy anything in my life. God led me on a journey to natural foods and healthy fats everyday. I am now 65 and I feel great. No pain. On the keto diet I get healthy foods and a lot of healthy fats each day.Thank God there is a way to live without pain. I feel good everyday. Please let this help someone else who is dealing with pain.Thank You! LouAnn Kline

    1. That is one thing I loved about the keto diet , my joints felt great. Also felt like I had more energy and the brain fog went away, almost as if someone turned on the lights . It suddenly became not so much about the weight ,but how good I felt on keto.

    2. I sleep so much better. I didn’t believe there was a connection. Fiber is a challenge but flax seed and avocados are a big help.

    3. Any tips on what to eat?
      What does a typical day of foods look like for you?
      Thank you!

      1. I just had cod soaked in butter, crusted with hazelnuts, pink salt, black pepper, and rosemary. Side salad of fresh spinach with avocado.

    4. Hi I would love infoon how u started. I suffer from Fibromialgya. Always in pain

    5. This is exactly why my ND has recommended KETO for me. I’m on day 10.

    6. That’s wonderful
      I went through the same thing
      My legs hurt so bad I couldn’t walk a block without turning back then I stopped eating carbs and sugar
      I now can walk a mile without pain and I have way more energy

    7. Hello, this comment is so heartwarming !! , I am 57 and had progressive RA for 9 years .. meds don’t agree with me causing all sorts of issues ( also hypothyroid and Sjogrens) … started Keto this week and already lost 2.5 kg in 3 days … also had the best sleeps in years and the ‘fog’ and fatigue already seems to be lifting …,and the usual morning pain is receding noticeably … maybe it’s all on my head but I feel heaps better already !!

  13. I went from 190 pounds down to 135-139 (I fluctuate day to day), BUT, not in 28 days… I started 4/22/20 and achieved my goal (140 pounds) in 10/2020 – I wouldn’t have wanted to do it in 28 days, but doing it over 6 months, I allow myself cheat days every now and again and I am happy, healthy and have TONS of energy…. Yes, Keto is hard, but, if you can do it and stick to it, it’s so worth it.

    1. Wow…did you do IF too? What did you eat typically?

  14. such great information,and ideas from the comments.Tells me how much everyone is different,and body reactions ,exercise,and not just to jump into it all.I lost 20 #, 5 years ago ,my goal for the New Year,loose 20 more,retire and even become more active and dedicated to KETO,,I learn something new all the time..Thank you!

  15. I learned about keto from my daughter. She lost 50lbs. So I researched keto and started my keto journey. 77. 5.4 weight 200 lbs. Lost 50lbs in 8 months. Doing keto and fasting. Went from size 16 to size 10 and 6.
    My A1c went from 6.6 to 5.5. No meds .just turned 78 today and feel great. Walking 🚶‍♂️ daily and climb and decent 96 stairs. Keto really is good for your health and weight loss. Fasting is not that hard if you are already in ketosis.
    God bless you on your journey 🙏

  16. Use the app keto cycle and buy a personalized meal plan for 1 year on it. .and follow the app only.

  17. Track your micros. I use an app that tells me the exact nutrient in everything and eat. I would also increase your steps…. walk an extra 20 min a day. It will make a HUGE difference.

    1. Hi Jennifer, may I know the app you used? TIA

  18. Been on keto since Sept 1st 2020. I had gained some weight with the gyms closed and working from home.
    I’ve lost 18.6 pounds. Feel fantastic. Only want to lose another 8.. the first 2 weeks were tough but now it’s much easier… I also sell Candy for a living so when I read my sugar craving would go away I didn’t believe but holy crap I haven’t had a sour cola bottle or Maynard wine gum in months… 💪🏻☺️

  19. I’ve been on keto since November 2020…. I eliminated sugar which I had withdrawals …I can now walk past candies cookies without a craving ….my goal for my weight was always to get down to 150….I started at 178 lbs… my sugar came down my blood pressure and my weight.. i’m down to 157,2 ….now i’m at a panic about my cholestol and tryercides….they were always high in 300 and 400s now i’m ready to fall of the wagon with fear….I don’t really want to quit this way of eating cause i’ve never had low sugar or blood pressure

    1. Usually the lipid profile straightens out once you’ve done “good” keto for a while. Meaning, not tons of fatty meats. Choose skinless chicken breast, round steak, well trimmed center cut sirloin, well trimmed pork loin. Organ meats once a month. If you do this and stay low in the carbs intake your numbers should convert and you will be able to breathe easier.

    2. Try Milk Thistle Extract for your triglycerides. They clean out your liver and gall bladder, etc. Red Yeast Rice will help with cholesterol but you can’t take it forever. So take a month off every once in a while.

  20. Been on Keto 9 months lost 40 lbs. feel great, never going back to bad eating habits went from a size 14 to 9-10 love it and I’m 63 years old so proud of ME!!!!

    1. EXCELLENT!! Keep it up. 🙂

  21. Interesting reading all the comments. Starting keto journey Monday 1-4-21

    1. Have you had success David?

  22. You guys!!! It’s not always about loosing weight….loosing inches of fat is more important. Weigh yourselves when u start and weight once a month. Take arm, thigh, chest, hip, upper and lower abdomen measurements. Check those every 2 weeks.

  23. I’m 58 years old. Have been on the keto diet for exactly 6 months and i have lost 60lbs. I have 40 more to go in my one year commitment. I can handle 10 lbs a month. Feel great and doesn’t seem to restrictive. I eat to live now not live to eat. Keto ice cream curves any sweet tooth for me.

    1. Very helpful and encouraging! Thank you!!!

  24. SO helpful! Thank you!!!

    1. Im not on keto,but i prepare keto foods to my overweight son,he is 28yrs old,140 kg,6ft tall, i chk all food prep in the u tube, he took coffe in the morning without sugar plus coco oil ,butter and egg yellow all in shake form then eat egg and avocado with olive oil at11 am,then lunch at 4pm meat or chicken with lots of green veggies cook in coco ghee or butter,then dinner at 9 pm veggies with fish or meat or chichen and he drink ginger or green tea and lots of water always i chk everything i cook without carbs i hope im doing it right only hes lazy to exercise

      1. It doesn’t matter how thin he is if he doesn’t exercise. It’s still unhealthy. God’s honest truth, I have seen thin people with huge health problems because they refuse to exercise. Good luck.

  25. Went on the keto diet after much research last February (2020) and have lost 70 lbs….it is the best diet I have ever tried and believe, I have tried them all. Switched to Weight Watchers back in Nov and as of today 1/8/21, back on Keto for a time….to get down even more. I never had so much energy as I did when on the keto diet. I make sure to take multi-vitamins and also ketones/electrolytes. Cannot believe the difference! I love it! By the way, I am 58.

  26. I’ve been a vegetarian since 1970 (old hippie) and have been on Keto for a few months.. without meat/poultry or fish, leaves precious little. Even many of the vegetables I lived on for all those years are gone. Oat meal gone. Pasta and rice, gone. I’m making it work, tho. Dropped 7 lbs. so far. 13 to go.

  27. Sweeten your coffee with a little low carb Atkins drink. It tastes great.

  28. Thankful for the useful information. One comment was to drink Ketones. What is it? Lost a little by nothing compared to my husband, and do know men loose faster. My biggest problem is artificial sweeteners. Can’t drink my coffee or tea without them. But, what else can I try?

    1. I found a simple syrup that is made from monk fruit that has worked pretty good.

    2. Try Stevia, it takes some getting used to but its good.

    3. Erythritol – it’s the best artificial sweetener for Keto and it tastes great

    4. Sugar free vanilla syrup. I buy it at Marshall’s or Ross it’s discounted. You can buy it on Amazon but double the discounted price. My favorite afternoon snack on keto is Glass of Black Ice Tea with tablespoon of sugar free vanilla syrup and topped with 1/4 cup of pure whipped cream or half snd half. It’s quite a treat, on keto and divine. I also sometimes have diet rootbeer with cream. Tastes like a rootbeer float !

    5. Try SweetLeaf Stevia to sweeten your coffee or tea.
      Get the drops and sweeten one drop at a time.
      This brand is pure has no sugar nor artificial sweeteners added. Read labels constantly.
      Stevia also has many health benefits.

  29. David: It has been 5 days for you….how are you doing?

  30. Hello all, I started my keto journey back on March 29 2020 at 263 pounds. Today it’s January 11 and I’m at 192. When I first started, I started with 20 minutes walks and little by little I started jogging. Now I jog 5 miles every other day and intermit fast. I eat at 12 and 6. I feel great! It’s a tough road but if I can do it everyone can. Please google this Dr and read his book and you will succeed. Best of luck!

  31. Maria

    I feel your pain I have the same issue and nothing I have tried seems to work.

  32. Smart bun sandwiches, tuna salad with zero calorie Mayo, shirataki noodles, light Alfredo sauce and spaghetti squash, light Caesar dressing, bolthouse cilantro avocado dressing, spinach and pepper salad and keto cabbage soup. That is what I’ve been eating everyday for a couple of weeks while doing intermittent fasting 8:16. It’s tough but when you see the weight fall off you get motivated to do it. I’ve lost 8 pounds so far. I also bike and or run at least 500 cals and do some light weight training. Get yourself a fit track scale. That thing will tell you literally everything about your body. BMI, water rate, how many calories your body burns while at resting rate, bone mass and muscle mass, subcutaneous fat, protein rate, etc. hope this helps

    1. Amazon has a variety

    2. These are on Amazon. Have also found at Sprouts. Be sure to rinse them well before heating. I like to saute mine in a pan with oil. “Hethstia Shirataki Konjac Noodle- Fettuccine Pasta Alternative, Zero Carbs/Calories, Gluten/Soy Free, Keto/Vegan Friendly (9)”

    3. ive found them at Fred meyer , safeway, and walmart.

    4. They have them in the grocery stores like Safeway in the produce section where fresh vegetarian foods are kept

    5. They’re refrigerated in the produce section…

    6. Hi there! Curious as to why you are eating light dressing and light Alfredo sauce. Wouldn’t you want the full fat version? All this stuff can get confusing so I wonder if I’m missing something. A lot of times the light version of things are filled with more sugar. Any info is appreciated. Thank you!

      1. It’s about the balance of carbs, fat, protein, and calories. I will often grab the Bolthouse versions of cilantro dressing or bleu cheese dressing because it’s lower in both calories and carbs, and that gives me room calorie-wise in my meal plan to eat steak. 🙂

      2. Primal Kitchen makes many salad dressings, ketchup…. with the fat/carb ratios perfect for keto. And best yet they user Avocado oil rather than the other cheap oils.

    7. Zero calorie Mayo and light dressing? Have you read those ingredient labels? Not good on keto. You need full fat Mayo, dressing, as long as they have no sugar. Eat like our grandparents did (before 1970), before sugar was added as a shelf life ingredient and margarine was marketed as “healthier” than butter. It’s one chemical bond short of plastic.

    8. Where to find zero calories Mayo?

    9. I get mine at Walmart and other grocers in the area. They are usually in the refrigerated produce section.

    10. Amazon – miracle noodles. Rinse really really well.

    11. ShopRite carries Shirataki noodles.

    12. It all looks good but drop the light stuff eat the full fat try avacado mayo or olive oil one go with full fat ranch high fat low carb high fiber eat your fats and you with burn faster

    13. Kroger’s, Walmart, under the organic vegetables

  33. While exercise is good for you and all, I been at keto for 3 years and lost 140 lbs on diet alone, I’m no couch potato, but I don’t work out. I have maintained and am 40 lbs from goal.

    1. Amazon has otbin powder just order some 2 weeks ago lemon flavor.

  34. Fight through it. It’s worth it. Soon you won’t even be hungry

  35. Take out of your diet, sugar and rice potatoes bread.
    Eat fruits nuts oats ( gluten free grains) (salad with lynch and dinner) vegetables lunch and dinner.
    Make soups ( bake instead if fry) 20 % meat or fish.
    Do 30 minutes cardio daily biking eliptical. Include high repetition light weights. Get ankle weights. There is examples of ankle weight exercises on internet.
    Drink plenty of water.

  36. I am almost 64 and started a KETO diet just over2 months ago. I have lost almost 15 lbs. Other ” diets ” didn’t work but I have finally found something that is giving me the results I am looking for. I don’t feel hungry and am finding great variety in what I can make. I have stocked my freezer with pre made meals ready to go. I have dropped down a size in pants and heading down to the next. Remember to drink lots of water as well. Good Luck to all .

  37. You have to take the calories into account as well. I wasn’t losing as much as I thought I would until I read an article about the calories in the butter/nuts/fat/meat. Started eating more veggies and salad (which I hated until I added a small handful of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and crushed nuts sautéed in butter, yum!) cut down on the meat as I’m a female and that’s a factor in Keto too. So far I’ve lost 10kgs 😁 good luck 👍

  38. I read if you don’t add enough salt and/or electrolytes when on Keto you can get really tired and feel terrible – Keto flu! In a ‘ normal ‘ diet there is a lot of salt in breads, pastas and processed food, try more salt, especially if you are getting leg cramps ( but don’t pile it on, salt is an additive, not the main flavor!) I just do the salt as I can’t afford electrolytes and I’ve lost 10kgs, good luck

  39. I’ve struggled for years and still do intermittent keto/low carb lifestyle. I have hypothyroidism so my weight doesn’t come off as quickly as everyone else’s BUT I finally figured out that even though I was supposed to be eating 1600 calories a day it was too much for me. It just made me maintain. I figured it out by having a Samsung gear watch and tracking my activity in addition to taking my food. Eating breakfast for me was where I consumed the most calories and I would be hungry all day. So now I skip breakfast which not everyone should do but I’m ok. I have a light snack a few hours later lunch and dinner and maybe a small keto dessert or snack later like peanut butter and celery. It wasn’t what I was eating but how much.

    1. I am severely Hypothyroid, Levothyroxin 25 yrs, Hashimoto Disease. I walk 3 – 5 miles a day 6x a week. B- eat small small Oikus yogurt/blueberries, L- spinach salad EEO/chicken 3 oz and D-fish or chicken, salad or roasted veggies. I do not lose. I have heart disease, C-Pap, and dr forbids Keto. Need to lose 30 lbs. if I had not been careful last 30 yrs, I could weigh 100lbs more. I stopped baking 6 months ago. I learned I am allergic to wheat, even gluten free. Never ate artificial sweeteners or processed foods. Dr does not believe I am not sneaky eating.

  40. Walmart(and probably other grocery stores) sell bottled water containing electrolytes.

    1. You need too take care with bottled water containing electrolytes. Offten there are too much carbs in it (sugar). Look for a chart on the lable.

    2. You know that product EmergenC??? There is one of that brand Electrolytes….you put a package into your water…and drink it…..probably healthier then the ones already made from the store….which might have hidden sugars in it….not sure tho….also the VEGA brand…has separate Electrolyte packages……

  41. Hormone imbalance, especially for women over 50 , can make losing weight difficult. Have a blood panel done to see if anything is out of wack. If all is good, keep going!
    You can lose, it just make take you longer. Up your water intake and lower your food intake a little at a time. Say no to seconds, leave a couple bites of food on your plate every meal. We are a society of overeaters, you have to retrain your brain!

    1. I agree. I have been add it for about a year, and it is slowly coming off. Finally reached a 23lb loss. I look at it this way, my weight didn’t show up over night, so it won’t disappear over night either. Stick to it…you can do it!

  42. I lost 55lbs in less than 7months. I didn’t count macros and realized when the weight was coming off very slowly that it was because I was consuming too many calories and carbs(mostly from nuts and cheese). I didn’t set out to eat a ketogenic diet. I did a 60hour cleanse, which was entirely brutal, for better health and to kick off some weight loss. I lost 9 lbs in those 60 hours, which I know was mostly water weight, and I became incredibly motivated to stay away from carbs and sugar. I also noticed a significant improvement when I drank A LOT of water.

  43. I’ve been very successful on keto. I started my new eating lifestyle on 1/2/20 at 185 lbs! By July I had lost 60 lbs. I’m comfortably 127 lbs currently, and I’ve been maintaining since July 2020. I’d love to share my before and after photos with you, but this commenting box doesn’t allow for an attachment! Thank you 🙏

    1. Wow. That is awesome Helena! I’m also 185 lbs but crave sweets in the evening. What snacks do you suggest that should always keep handy. I only had carb filled snacks for the kids.

  44. LMNT is an electrolyte powder that can be bought over the internet, try that. Track your macros. If you are wanting to lose and not, cut out nuts and dairy those carbs add up super fast and many are sensitive to them (without being allergic) and they will stop weight loss and add to inflammation. Stick to Whole Foods – meats, eggs, leafy veggies and cabbage family. Don’t waste money on ‘Keto’ products, probably not much better than their carby counterparts. And while you don’t want excessive meat, you also DO NOT want to be below your protein macros and as we age we require more protein, not less.

    1. I drink Pedialyte from the grocery infant section. Keeps my electrolytes in check.
      Even helped to reduce my nightly restless leg,, neuropathy and hand cramps.

  45. Rule of keto
    No sugar
    No carbs
    Full good and healthy protein and veggies
    I lost 7 pounds in one week

    1. im 61. i lost 28 lbs since last feb. i read everything so i can stay under 50 carbs daily. i eat plenty of food. i dont feel hungry. i love pork rinds🙀but they r zero carbs. i found salt and vinegar ones they are my go too. we use low carb tortillas. instead of white bread we do rye some times or pumpernickle. no sugar. no white flor no pasta. my husbands down 40 lbs. also. once u get used to it its pretty easy. oh and we eat salads daily with lots of greens.

    2. Am confused…no carbs >>???

      1. Keto is <20 carbs a day. Low carb is <50. I aim for <20 and don't beat myself up if I go slightly over.

    3. Watch out for booze! No carbs in clear liquor vodka, gin, but calories! Your body will always eat them first! Way before stored fat. You can stay in ketosis but drinking too much puts a pause button on weight loss

  46. Be sure and exercise 30 minutes per day, whether it is a walk or stationary bike or Yoga. The workout will help drop the pounds. You should lose weight (maybe 2 lbs per week) if you move your body every day. I feel better with fewer carbs, too. But, when you are over 50 years of age, it is harder to lose weight quickly.

  47. Thank to all for such great information! I thought I knew all about keto; now I realize I did not! So I’m going back in with renewed knowledge!! Aloha 🙂

  48. I use biosteel electrolytes ordered from amazon. Also Pruvit Ketones are amazing! I drink the ketones and then electrolytes and a ton of water. I have lowered my carbs drastically. Usually get a run on the treadmill or a good walk (hills) each day and some hand weight training every other day. In 1 month I’m down 8 pounds but even better is that I am so alert and have better focus and sleep!

  49. I have been on the Keto diet for 6 days. And,I’ve lost 12 pounds. That averages to 2 pounds a day. Ive been eating salads with deli meats, or grilled chicken,fresh spinach, lettuce, tomatoes,cucumbers,cheese, bell peppers with Italian dressing. I’ve also bought the frozen Adkins dinners. They have less carbs and calories than anything else out there.
    For breakfast I’m eating a two egg omelette, also with spinach, mushrooms,cheese, tomatoes, bell pepper.
    Snacks~ “ WHISPS” mozzarella crackers, avocado, 1/4 cup walnuts with cubed cheese, Keto cookies….Take your pick
    And drinking LOTS of water.
    I’m about to venture out and start cooking Keto friendly foods.
    It’s not THAT hard. Stop complaining and just do it!!♥️

    1. Thanks for cutting it down into a doable diet. It was getting scary.

    2. Good luck with your cooking! Try making Stuffed Peppers with riced cauliflower instead of regular rice. Use yellow onion instead of white. Use a sugar free tomato paste or sauce for topping. Made these last night and they were fantastic —could barely tell the difference!

  50. In the morning drink glass of hot lemonade witha a pinch of see salt. Also take Mg and K and if you still feel weak take a 3x glass of water with 1 tea spoon of see salt. You need to take more Na so you dont feel weak.

  51. I notice a LOT of comments about lacking iron, lacking vitamin B, etc etc. So, are you not supposed to take vitamins or mineral pills on keto?

  52. It takes time at least 30 days to go full ketosis then after that it’s about 1 to 2 PDS per week then you plateaus and have to do intense working out to burn 🔥 the fat

  53. Here’s a little interesting take. I’ve been on keto diet for a month I’ve lost maybe 5-10 pounds. I haven’t exercised, mainly cause it’s complicated to go to the gym during covid. My only advice is beware and be careful with sugar substitutes. Erithritol or sugar alcohol is far more damaging to your intestines than you might thing. You’re better of staying fat than damaging your organs with that crap.

  54. Add a boullion cube in 8oz of hot water and sip. Add it to your daily as a snack. Cures the Keto flu, breaks down protein and gets rid of headaches. It helped me tremendously. I dropped 52 pounds in 7 months!

  55. Hi, If you “cheat” one day from what your macros/carbs/calorie intake will take you about 18 hours to get back into ketosis. Make sure you know what “stage” you are on too. You’ll start at a certain number of carbs, -then after you go to a certain point then recalculate your figures. It is definitely not Atkins. You will do great!

  56. Thanks everyone for the info and comments, I started keto in 2019 and went from 198 down to my lowest of 168 I’m at 173 now and goal weight of 145 I’ve been doing sloppy keto but this info has helped me figure out some things and going back to intermittent fasting sounds like where I need to be and upping my water intake and lowering my calories.. thanks 😊

  57. I have lost 20 pounds on Keto diet in the past. Kept it off 2 years. During isolation gained it all plus some back. Been on it a month, do, IF, only eat 1 keto meal a day (usually). after reading these, I think I eat too much meat and too many calories. I have just ordered Keto pills. Do they help? Also, having cocktails (vodka soda) before dinner slow down the process? Also, diet drinks? Thank you.

  58. Atkins frozen dinners

  59. I suggest intermediate fasting with it. Every time I stall, I start cycles of this/ with intense walking. The biggest of the 7 here is watching your macros. Too much protein will kick you out of ketosis. If you thinking you having too much protein you prob are. Eating fats just doesn’t seem natural but that is what you need to increase not the protein. Drink lots of water

  60. I am 66. weigh in Feb 1. 330 pounds. I have been over 300 for over 15 years. I decided time to lose for good. I started by watching many, many YOU TUBE videos on intermittent fasting and keto eating. After 1 week I decided to start. Fasting 16/8 first week. Went to 18/6. No sugar, as few carb as I could find. Watching the videos really helped me understand. It was a lot easier than I thought. There are many Drs and professional with a lot of info on the subject. Watch them all. Third week I did a 40 hour fast. I was NOT hungry at all. I did NOT want to break the fast but thought I should for the first time. I weighed in 18 days at 311. 19 pounds in 18 days just starting out. I had one celebration day and had 3 pieces of pizza. I am on my 2nd 18 day fasting program. Just completed a 42 hour fast. Had 1 celebration day, my favorite goulash with real pasta. Looking to get 20 pound or real close on next Monday. Eating very small meals, lots of eggs and avocados, pecans, salmon, chicken, bacon, pork chop, ham, cheeses, and a keto bread, mayo, butter olive oil, salads, egg drop soup, shrimp, scallops, meatloaf, hamburgers(on keto bread).cole slaw, green veggys, green beans, chili, bean soup. grill cheese. These are a few of item I have had on my way. Hope this will help you get started. Planning on 100 pound gone by July of this year. Good luck to you.

    1. wow it seems you are on a roll . Good for you and best of luck

  61. Thats how i do it lost 6 lbs first week

  62. Don’t drink those shakes. They are garbage. Also your arthritis will get better the more you do keto. Look into Maria Emmerich’s keto cleanse cook book. Or keep it simple and eat meat and vegetables. Use healthy fats and stay 20 total carbs a day.

  63. I have been eating this way since February 2019. My main goal was to get off blood pressure meds. I told myself I was going to give it 60 days minimum. After 3 weeks, I felt like a million bucks!! I lost 45 lbs total and haven’t looked back. I will be 66 years old in a couple weeks, and will not go back to eating high carbs again. I do make keto bread when I get the craving, as well as keto cookies and mug cakes. This is doable!! Be careful of keto shakes you buy, so many still have sugar!

  64. I know alcohol is a big no no, but has anyone on the keto diet allowed vodka and seltzer, say on the weekends, when we all like to have some social fun? Or going out to dinner etc?

  65. Been in KETO and IF for less than 4 months and lost 30 lb so far, so happy for my new body, never go back to the bad eating habits.

  66. I’ve been doing this since 1996. First I just did the Atkins, but when I added fat I had some moderate success with one caveat; I cannot eat carbs. No matter what this guy tells you, there are people like myself that immediately fall out of Ketosis if we eat only 10 carbs per day.

    Now you try to live on a diet with only ten carbs. 145plus fats, 75 proteins and maybe a pickle or one strawberry. So now look at the menu. What meals allow for no carbs? Meat, Fish, Poultry. Now out of these, which absorbs enough fat using either butter or Coconut Oil? Answer: Eggs. Breakfast sausage uncooked *cooked by me at times and maybe a Ribeye once every two weeks. Then more water than you can tolerate. Yup, that’s my life and that’s all I can eat. Since the end of March (it is now June 11) I have lost 40 pounds and thats about as much as I can lose. From that point on, I am on a holding pattern. If I add some spinach or several almonds I start gaining. If I add an avocado I start gaining. Most of the folks I know have the same issues where this guys meal plan actually makes us gain weight.

    Good luck for all you normal folks out there, but then again if you can lose weight on this diet, it is more likely because you are able to exercise and move. You see for us handicapped folks, moving is not an option, outside of washing, getting to the car and fixing a small meal. Now if someone could come up with a meal plan for us, I’d truly be impressed.


  67. This has been so helpful reading your comments. I have every book and cookbook but feel overwhelmed with information. These comments have made me feel hopeful, I can do this, Starting today.

  68. Very interesting reading comments . Realised I have been doing keto wrong

  69. I began keto July 10, 2017 weighing 407.6 lbs, an A1C of over 13, HBP, neuropathy in the feet & legs, felt like i was losing my eyesight, and fatty liver disease. In the first year and a half i lost around 200 lbs., A1C was down to 5.2, no more HBP, fatty liver fisease or neuropathy. My eyesight is back to normal as well. Now i just use keto to maintain my weight loss. I IF daily, eating once at dinner time. Keto saved my life! Hope everyone else has had success as well!

  70. How do I get the ketone drinks . I went way off my diet yesterday because I choose to eat chinese

  71. I am very happy

  72. I am very happy with this

  73. My wife has been successful doing Keto for over 3 years, and has lost over 150 lb,reversed her type 2 diabetes.
    My wife is a LCHF nutrition advisor and keto coach, was hundreds of hours a research and courses to back up what she has to help her clients
    In 2012 I had a heart attack, I’ve now been doing keto for two years I have fully reversed both my heart disease and high blood pressure with keto.
    We have not given up any foods that we like, my wife is able to take foods that we used to eat that where not keto,but she adapts the recipes so that they are keto now – such as BBQ sauce, tacos and many more.
    Don’t give up your favorite things, just keto them. She has even started her own line of seasonings that aren’t full of fillers and grains and they are fully organic. It can be done but you have to want it!

  74. I started the keto diet about 10 weeks ago losing 32 pounds. I only had minamal information and now learning more. How do we know when we are in ketosis? I don’t eat much so I don’t think I’m in ketosis. I monitor my blood sugar with my continuous glucose sensor. Never thought I could go off sugar. I’ve craved carbs so bad that I took a Day off my diet. Felt great and Continued the next day. I haven’t used electrolytes or keystones kinda scared. Does the pill work? I currently am in a wheelchair and no exercises and have been successful. It’s hard preparing a meal for 1. The frozen food selection is terrible at Walmart. I have another 35 pounds to lose. I know this is going to be my way of life – not a diet. Good luck to everyone.

  75. Hi Lou Ann it’s rare to find someone who spells their name the same as I .
    I also have RA, would you mind sharing what you did to start feeling better?

  76. Eventually , after five months on Keto I have lost 33 kg , totally I have been changed what a great felling when you drop all old clothes and enjoy wearing fit ones .The most important thing guys that I have quit my blood pressure medicines . Just my advice to who is interested on Keto go a head and look forward for such changes and new life style.
    Good Luck

  77. Wow, really great read!

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