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How People Over 70 Can Manage Weight More Effectively Without Counting Calories Or Carbs

Would you like to know exactly what to eat, lose fat, and get healthy without giving up your favorite foods or counting calories? Then keep reading because you’re in for a BIG surprise (actually, 3 of them). 

My name is Suzan. At the age of 72, I had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. 

I was 195 pounds. My heaviest ever. 

Every time I stepped on the scale… every time I glanced in the mirror…

I wished something – ANYTHING – would change.

I can’t tell you how disheartened I felt about the reflection I saw staring back at me each day. 

But ironically enough, I couldn’t stop checking my body in the mirror. If I caught myself snacking late at night, I’d frantically feel up my stomach to see if I gained weight.

The only thing that scared me more than my mirror was my medical charts.

My cholesterol was through the roof. My arteries clogged. 

I felt tired all the time, couldn’t sleep well, and my joints hurt as if they were screaming for help.

From walking to the bathroom to going up and downstairs… to parking the car and walking into a store… it was all agony.

senior over 70 cooks

But what hurt the most was how I began to FEEL old, deep in my bones. A few years ago, I took care of everyone in my family.

I had a loving husband. I raised 2 kids who blessed me with 4 grandchildren. 

I spent my entire life providing for everyone. Life was good. But now they had to provide for me. 

I could no longer play with my grandkids and swing them around. I kept canceling the swimming trips I once used to enjoy because I didn’t want anyone to see me in a bathing suit.

If we’re honest, I hate to admit this, but I found myself worrying about the next time my family would visit. I just didn’t want them to see what I’d become.  

When they did visit, I wore oversized clothes so that no one would see my flabby belly. 

It’s not just that I was feeling fat. 

My simple, naked truth is that I had lost my independence, freedom, and way of life. 

Was that it, I wondered. Would my life end like that, feeling alone and helpless?

Would anyone remember me?

If any of that sounds familiar, then pay close attention to this next part.

I thought the better part of my life was over. Now I know it just begins.

Because just as I was ready to give up, a close friend of mine told me about a simple way to lose weight consistently — and fast — specifically made for women over 70.

It helped me turn my deteriorating health around. Not only did I drop weight and kept it off, but my weight loss was also without demotivating plateaus. 

I now fit clothes I couldn’t fit for years and did it all without starving or depriving myself, counting calories, or feeling guilty around the foods I like. 

Best of all, I’m bursting with as much energy as I had 20 years ago. 

My worn-out joints feel lubricated. I wake up every morning feeling fantastic and can now stand straight and move with more grace and fluidity. 

I still have a long way to go, but people could tell the difference from the first few weeks. 

It’s a fantastic feeling and I believe you might be able to enjoy the same results too. 

But before I tell you more about the solution my friend shared with me, I want to share 3 of my biggest mistakes that stopped me from making any progress.

I used to sabotage myself because I didn’t know any better. Keep reading because you might be in for a big surprise. 

happy female over 70

Surprise mistake #1: Following “new” popular diets.

I kept following every “new” diet that got popular. Most of these diets recommended that I stopped eating certain types of foods, such as carbs. 

But what I discovered was that once you reach 70, if you deprive your body of essential nutrients, your metabolism slows down drastically. 

And all the popular diets out there followed a “one-size-fits-all” approach. They were not designed to cover my specific nutritional needs. 

This caused nutritional imbalances, which caused cravings, which led to emotional eating.

I now know that the best way to ensure your body is getting everything it needs to thrive is a personalized, custom diet plan with professional guidance. 

Surprise mistake #2: Overrestricting myself

All this did was make me overindulge later. The truth is there are no “bad” foods when you eat in moderation. For example, one of my favorite foods is chocolate.

Anytime I went on a diet I’d try to stop eating chocolate altogether. But this caused me to crave chocolate and think about it obsessively. 

Which eventually caused me to cave in, eat a lot more chocolate than usual, and feel guilty and out of control.

Since I started the new program my friend shared with me, I’ve stopped fighting the foods I love. Not only has this been a Godsend for my mental health, but it’s also working great for my waistline. 

After decades of back and forth diets, I’ve found the sweet middle ground between eating what I love and eating a healthy, balanced diet.

Surprise mistake #3: Thinking weight gain is a part of aging.

I was convinced that my lifestyle choices had done irreparable damage to my body. That it was simply too late to feel healthy and happy with how I look.

Heck, I was almost convinced the better part of my life was over. Now I know it just begins.

The truth is that it’s just as possible to become healthy and lose weight in your 70s as it was when you are 20. You simply need the right tools.

I’m not talking about all those “magical” quick fixes you read in magazines or see on TV. They don’t work because they’re created for the masses and certainly not for people over 70. 

Trust and believe you CAN get healthy. You CAN lose weight. And you CAN enjoy a long, healthy life. The trick is to try a new routine that’s designed specifically for you and your nutritional needs. 

before and after

Could your incredible transformation be just one quiz away?

The way I turned my health around is PerfectBody, which gave me a personalized weight loss plan based on my age, weight, health history, and favorite foods.

All I did was answer a simple, free quiz. 

What I received was the exact opposite of the fad diets that kept letting me down. Professional nutritionists customized my plan for my specific needs. 

The app did everything for me. What used to frustrate me — such as tracking calories, counting macros, and planning meals — is all done for me. 

Plus, I get to pick from thousands of personalized recipes that take no longer than 15 minutes to prepare… complete with tips on how to eat out without much hassle. 

Yes, the first few days were a little trickier, but things got a lot easier after my body adjusted. Soon, I’d fill myself eating healthy foods that taste amazing.

I no longer have to rely on willpower or deal with constant cravings. 

It feels like I have a personal nutritionist in my pocket who keeps me focused, accountable, and motivated every step of the way.

I know you’ve probably been burned by other weight-loss programs before but I swear this is different.

I was this close to giving up. My friend’s helpful nudge gave me the courage to try PerfectBody, and the app seriously changed my life. 

Just close your eyes and imagine for a moment. 

What would it mean for you to have that dream, tight body you’ve always wanted? Feeling healthy and youthful inside out? 

How about suddenly having the energy to power through all the simple tasks that may look difficult today?

Being able to say a big “YES” whenever your family and friends invite you to fun events and trips?

Would people notice? Would they tell their friends?

Wouldn’t you sleep like a baby every night, knowing that you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and youthful every morning? 

If there was a chance that all this could happen thanks to PerfectBody, would you take that chance?

I’m glad I did. 

Because every time I watch myself in the mirror… or when others shower me with compliments… 

I know that my life has completely transformed. And I’d never go back. 

I couldn’t feel prouder about myself. 

I’m enjoying life again. Without guilt, regrets, or embarrassment.

And I want you to experience that for yourself too. 

Just like…

Jodie, 74

Grace, 71

Nataly, 70

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  1. Very interested to know more, I am 74. Sounds amazing.

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    1. I am 58 years old. I have pain on my both knees, have lower back ache , pain on the back of my neck and pain on my both shoulders. I went to see a doctor, he told me i have arthritis. My weight is 195 ponds. Its hard for me to loose weight. I do exercise and try to control my diet but its hard. I feel hungry all the time. My weight is up and down. I want to know how did you loose weight

  3. I would like go loose 13kg and maintain that weight.

    1. How,to loose weigh over 70

    2. yes,it sounds to good to be true.
      Messing about with keto but not,very,good,with myself.

  4. I am 74 would love to lose 15lbs

    1. I’m 70 and I would love to loose 35kg. I’m battling loose weight. If I eat I pick up weight if I eat less or nothing I still pick up, I’m really getting fed up. My knees are very painful I can hard walk.

  5. I am 73 and I lost from 195 to 175.its taken 5 yrs.but I have kept it off.

    1. Hi Susan, I am 73 also and would love to lose 75 lbs. Do they send real food, or do you prepare your own? What do you get for your money? Do they have a toll free number?

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  12. I’m 71. Heaviest of my life at 197. Heart issues, thyroid and cholesterol issues. Would love to lose 60 to 70 pounds to have more energy for my husband of 49 years and my wonderful grandchildren.
    I’d like to lean more about this.

    1. I’m also interested in this. I also have cholesterol and thyroid issues. No heart problem but have diabetes

      1. I also have the above issues and want to loose 10 kilos

  13. I’m stumped about whether this will help me. I think I’ve tried everything but here is something new.

    1. I am waiting to hear from you

    2. I am impressed. I’ve been trying to loose 10K for the last 2 years. I’m happy to try this new way of eating protein for breakfast, salad for lunch etc.

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    1. Hi I am desperate to loose some weight as it would help my back problems. Thanks.

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  21. Based on my annual blood work my cholesterol was 202 but everything else was ok but I am 5.2 and weighed 195 lbs. In April I placed myself on intermittent fasting and without changing my diet started walking 5 miles 5 days a week and no eating after 6 pm. Today I am 181. moving along slowly. I feel great. I monitor and record my weight every Saturday. I imagine if I want to lose weight faster can decrease my food intake a little but have been losing 1 lb a week but feel great and not ever hungry. I congratulate all of you who have the discipline to make a change in your lives. God bless

    1. Hello Maxine please can you tell about intermittent fasting.

      1. I am 72 and did weigh 168. I am now down to 160. I want to loose weight to be healthier and have more energy.

  22. Hi
    I would love to loose weight. It has not been easy. Would love to know how you did it

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  25. I’m overweight and have no energy. Seventy-four of age, and really want to be healthy.

    Thank you.

    Wonderful reading!

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  31. I’ve been on a processed portion control well known diet for 4 months. Lost the 20 lbs which was my goal. Now I need a healthy plan to maintain my weight loss and eat clean and healthy foods.

  32. I am 80, I would like to loose 25 pounds.

  33. I’m 65 have had a gastric bypass . 2009. Got married to a wonderful man 2014. My first Husband died Bone marrow Cancer April 2/1988. After a two & 1/2 year courageous battle with Bone Marrow Cancer we lost my Son. April 13 /2017 ! I stayed with my son during his palliative care 2&1/2 weeks at his family home! It was the hardest thing i could of ever done!
    Watching my son die! This past 2 years with Covid restrictions has nearly driven me crazy! I have gained 40LB over Derek’s illness , loss and covid last 9 years! Not happy with my size . But have no motivation to loose the weight. I do not sleep well, and end up in bed till 2-2:30 pm every day!

    1. Boy do I understand what you have gone through. I lost my husband in 2002 and then my only child in 2007 both to cancer. I care for them both until the end and It was the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. I also had a gastric sleeve surgery in 2018.
      It’s sounds like we have gone through a lot of the same heartache.
      I would love to be able to talk with you. I live in Nevada so lets try to connect. Not sure how we would be able to but maybe after we join maybe we can exchange emails.
      Now about this website Health Insider… What is it about – losing weight after 70… Have you gotten any information on it.
      I subscribed to it. So is that all I needed to do to get what is needed to lose weight

      1. Carolyn, thank you for encouraging Hilda! I am sure it is reassuring to her for you to have reached out to her. I am so sorry for your losses as well. God does care for you and will see you through this. Gail

      2. Yes! You two must get in touch. I can’t imagine how hard is to lose a kid and a husband. I send you two a hug from my heart.

      3. Read your post. Share half your story. Lost my son last year. Gastric sleeve surgery. Did well until recently in weight creeping back up. Love to chat if you have tips for losing wt after 70!😊

    2. Hilda, your story is so very sad. Please do not think life is over for you. Horrible things have happened to you but you are worth saving! Get out and walk, look at God’s beauty, connect with others in church or a grief group or both. Know you are being prayed for. Gail

    3. Please tell yourself you are worthy, whether you feel it or not ~ you’ve been through the hardest losses ~ You are loved 💕

    4. Hilda, at 65 you are still very young and have some great years ahead. Take care of yourself the way you have cared for others. Be that person for yourself. Make a plan. Small things. For only you.

    5. I am 78 sleep problems since menopause. Without light therapy for even a day, I WAKE after 3-4 hours. Small lights are about 30-40$ on internet. NO computer or bright TV after 9pm. Melatonin ( timed release for me) & valerian. When pain or excitement, 1 green cold tablet no more than 5 days as it loses effectiveness. Due to bad knee, I have been on KETO for 4 years. Losing 45 lbs helped my asthma, chronic headaches, fatigue, and my joint pain. Most people think they can use Keto just to lose weight and to “cheat” socially. This results in Keto flu. I don’t cheat, but I have tried to eat just a bit more protein. Gained 5 lbs in one week. I am highly reactive to carbs but because I HATE unreasonable hunger, I limit them to 12-15 grams. I was 4 ft -110 lbs at 9 years. Have researched diets since then /never totally restrictive. THIS KETO works. There are many products online. Look up the sugars. I love being able to have one or two figs a day.

  34. Amazing story. That is just how I feel at this time in my life. Your story really hits home. Thank you for sharing.

  35. I am 30 plus pounds overweigh. I never thought I would be called obese, but here I am. Tried so many diets, could not stick to any of them. My marriage is suffering. Need help!

  36. I am 82 and have managed to lose 4 stones in weight. I did this by cutting out anything made from wheat, including cakes, biscuits, bread, etc. Counting calories is so complicated, and l eat chicken and salmon occasionally with lots of vegetables and lots of fruit. Do try it if you are over weight!

    1. What do you mean by 4 stones in weight ? Please tell me, thank you.

      1. 14lbs = 1 stone, so 14×4 = 56lbs

        1. Wow, that is a good loss! Congratulations!

    2. Trish, I’m going to do what you have done! Thank you for sharing!! You are very encouraging!! I would love to lose 50 lbs!!! No bread, sugar, pasta. Lots of fruit and vegetables, chicken for me. I don’t like fish. You give me hope! I just turned 70! I also have fibromyalgia, but I never let it control me! God bless you

      1. I’ve done every diet going over the years,I’m 74, after a knee replacement in May I lost my appetite for 10 days, and only lost 3lb. I’m now doing the 16 hr fast and it’s been so easy. Eat normally for 8 hours a day and completely fast for 16,include sleeping and it’s amazingly effective, I’ve now lost another 16lb over 13 weeks! I’m hooked.

  37. I would love to loose weight, after surgery I took 1year to recover and put on a lot of weight, 77 years old and feel I still have time to enjoy myself

  38. Just hope you can help me regain my confidece

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  40. Very interested..im 68 and still struggle with weight issues

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  42. I pray I can lose at. I have 8 grandchildren and I want to get my health back not just for me but for them.

  43. It would be nice to have some suggestions.

  44. i was never over weight until my seventies and I am stumped as to how to take it off.

    1. I quit smoking 1/26/2020 and I have put on 18 lbs. I can’t handle feeling bloated all the time. I like my carbs. and sweets. I get the shakes if I fast.

  45. I can do this!

  46. I pray this works for me at 73😢

  47. Ok I listing. What’s the majestic secret?

  48. I have lost 5st in 12 month, healthy eating, the right mindset you can achieve your goal

  49. I’m so ready to change my body let’s go.

  50. I am 82 I have lots of issues and really need to take off weight. I need help as I love snacking at nite. Even tho I know it makes things worse , I still seem to weaken

    1. I too am 82. Can’t seem to avoid sweets.

  51. looking forward to hearing more

  52. Need to lose weight…my ankles hurt so much thats its hard to walk…

  53. It sounds interesting and worth a try!

  54. Prepping for knee replacements. Drs want weight loss first but am concerned about excess skin and I wont have that surgery. No one talks about that but I’m going to. Plus I am fussy about what I choose to eat. Hard to stay motivated and dislike exercise. Doing some now. I’d like to try.

    1. Go on! I had a partial knee replacement 10 years ago Right knee) and now I need the whole replacement … and the other is bothering a lot but with inyections it’s ok. I got arthritis and that stop me walking… I got the energy but not the health. Losing independence is not good. Lose weight, do you surgery and change your life…start walking and you will be happy. The skin Yes! Everything goes down but it doesn’t matter.. you will be able to do things.

  55. hope I can do it

  56. I do not understand about the age in questioning I’m 80yrs old I’m very interested in diet for health reasons I have gastric desease. Thank you Edna Desautels please e mail me

  57. Would love to partake!!

  58. I am using 18 -6 fasting and recently did a 72 hour fast and lost and lost over 4 kgs, I was widowered just over 2 tears ago and live by my self and age d 87. Still going well,. My Mother died at 98 and half. Not from old age but kidney failure.

  59. Hi, your opening remarks brought tears…it was so familiar. Desperation. Loneliness. A life time of being overweight. Loss of my husband, COVID.
    I wish each of you success.
    Best wishes.

  60. You are telling my story about seeing your reflection and being sickened by it. Thank you for your post

    1. I’m 75 an need to lose 25lbs to better control my type 2 diabetes.

  61. Sounds too good to be true

  62. Count me in. I am 73 and facing guilty looking at the mirŕor every time I waik passing it. I guess this going to be a big joyful expiriene for me. Thank you for giving me the dream.

  63. This is wonderful,I lost 18 lbs.im 80 and my face dropped I have all these wrinkles and can’t get. My wrinkles gone.ive spent over 200 in creams that don’t work.I would love to loose 18 more lbs but then everything would be hanging. I don’t know what’s worse. Pat

    1. Girl, I know exactly what you’re saying😟. I’ve lost 20 lbs & the wrinkles & saggy parts are devastating (I’m 74)…& I still have a minimum of 15 to go! I need to lose it regardless of wrinkles because I have scoliosis & stenosis in my spine & the weight stresses the muscles & makes it difficult to exercise. Plus my heart is unhappy with the weight…

  64. I would like to follow your program – got 75lbs to loose. I am 73 and I am diabetic. Mrs Fichardt,

  65. Hope I can do it ☺️

  66. I need to lose weight

  67. interested in your diet regimen. thanks.

    1. I’m interested too.

    2. I’m over 75 have neuropathy, both feet and hands. Need to lose lots of weight. Hope ur diet will work for me. Thank u

  68. I’m 65; I have NAFLD and need to lose weight drastically. Have been overweight by at least ten kilos for the last twenty years.

  69. Very interesting, I am so interested in knowing more!!!

  70. Your regime sounds fascinating. I am struggling to lose weight. Very interested.

  71. Here I go…I too have had gastric bypass surgery in 2004. Lost close to 100 lbs. kept it off for 17 yrs. Although the last 2 years wouldn’t count because in the last 4 yrs ( I had hernia rupture, surgery, and lost 20 lbs) just couldn’t eat after surgery. Since then the 20 lbs have come back on. I don’t do anything different or eat anything more, and nurses have mentioned that this does happen as you get older. I just had my 71st birthday in August. I have taken very good care of my skin for years and glad I did. When I turned 60 my granddaughter said she thought I looked about 47. That’s the age of her father, my youngest son’s age right now and a son 49. I too have so many problems with digestive issues, bloat, gas, fluid retention especially with the hot summer we just had here in New England unbelievably hot. My knees are shot bone on bone, I do get the shots but can only get them every 4 months. I won’t have knee surgery for any reason, and my lower back is full of arthritis. I’m working on that with my Chiropractor and it has helped me several times. After being retired since 62 my husband and I do some traveling. It’s hard to get around doing things with the pain and arthritis. Then Covid came and stopped much of that, and we stayed home not doing much since. I’ve been at the point where I can’t stand looking at my body in the mirror. I like to dress up and use my makeup to look pretty, but none of the beautiful clothes we purchased over a year ago haven’t even been worn because they are all too tight. I don’t expect it to be able to get down to my earlier weight because after all those were my earlier years. I’m just 5 feet tall so even 5 extra pounds shows and hurts. I don’t usually comment to any groups like this but when I read the very first comment it sounded just like I was feeling for a long time. For my own health I would like to hear more about this diet lifestyle change.

  72. Need help desperately

    1. 70 this year and so much back and knee pain and 100 kg. Keto doesn’t work for me. Help please.no more scams

  73. Would like to loose a few pounds.

  74. Looking for a simple healthy way to lose weight..don’t need to lose a lot…Iam in fairly good health..no major problems..87❤️

  75. I’m almost 80. I had promised myself Is lose several stone before then. I did but have put it back again. Would like to try again.

  76. Very interested would like to lose belly fat

  77. As I’m widowed and 82 years old no one is seeing my wrinkles any way so I’d rather be healthy.

  78. I am 72 years old,I’m a diabetic my weight is less the it was I was 12stone 9 pounds and now I’m 10 stone but I still have weight around my tummy with I would like to get off I’m tired a lot sleep a lot I’m not as active as I was I have a lot of pain in my legs just wish I could get better doreen

  79. Would love to lose unsightly weight. Years of trying and all fails.

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