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Keto Diet

Hollywood Personal Trainer Reveals How A-List Actors & Actresses Transform Their Appearance Right Before Movies Without Counting Calories

Everybody wants to know their method:

How do so many Hollywood stars drop dozens of pounds right before a movie in the blink of an eye… while thousands of people keep trying to lose weight for months without any success?

Anne Hathaway lost around 25 pounds for the critically acclaimed movie “Les Misérables”…

Alicia Vikander also achieved a spectacular body transformation right before playing the famous Lara Croft in Tomb Raider (2018).

And “Transformers” beauty queen Megan Fox was able to recover her pre-baby body just after the birth of her third child in 2016, by losing 26 pounds!

But how can they drop weight so fast? Are they eating salad all day long? Do they hit the gym 5 hours per day? Or are they simply blessed with good genetics?

Well, it may actually be none of those… According to LA-based celebrity trainer Eric Neuran, these “total body transformations” could all come down to a strange scientific discovery that goes against everything you may have heard so far…

Recent clinical studies suggest that this odd fat-burning method could be 2 to 3.1 times more effective than traditional diets, by forcing our metabolism to melt fat very quickly after just 72 hours.1

The American Dietetic Association said it was “the most popular” weight loss method among Hollywood stars – with at least dozens of celebrities reporting having lost significant weight thanks to it.

Hollywood sign

The magazine Business Insider even called it a “fat-burning machine”…

But how does it work exactly? According to Dr. Jan Kinzel, a Berlin-based nutrition specialist, it works by “depleting our body of its glucose levels, forcing our metabolism to tap into our fat reserves to find energy”. Since fat becomes our only source of energy, fat cells are burned at a fast rate, leading to rapid weight loss.

In fact, researchers from Duke University who asked 119 overweight people to apply this fat burning method for six months, reported an impressive 28.4 pounds average weight loss across the group.2

Another study published in the New England Journal of Medicine conducted on 132 obese individuals, showed that this method was 3.1 times more effective than a low-fat diet in promoting weight loss (volunteers dropped 12.8 pounds on average, vs only 4.2 pounds for the low-fat diet).1

The best part? You can still eat your favorite food while dropping weight, and anybody can follow it, with the right guidelines.

In this article, we give the floor to several experts and consultants to ask about their opinion on this surprising weight loss method that is currently taking the world by storm…

The “Big Fat Lie”: Why Most People Fail To Lose Weight 

Recent studies have shown that 90% of diets end in failure. Even worse: 40% of people trying to lose weight end up gaining more weight than they lost, victims of the so-called “yo-yo effect”…

But what exactly is causing these diets to fail? Do people lack discipline? Or is it an issue with the diets themselves?

According to Linda Roster, a leading nutritional consultant based in London, the reason why most diets fail, as surprising as it may sound, is because they focus on avoiding fat.

“We have been conditioned to believe that in order to lose weight, we need to avoid every type of food that is rich in fat, such as bacon, butter, and cheese. Yet, after decades of low-fat diet obsession, we are about 10% heavier than we were 20 years ago… “, she explains.

“From a dietary point of view, there is nothing wrong with eating fat. On the contrary: fat is an integral part of a well-balanced, healthy diet. The reason we see fat in such a negative light is that since the 1950s, big food conglomerates have been lobbying public institutions to label fatty foods as ‘unhealthy’, in order to promote the sale of processed industrial oils, which are cheaper to manufacture and offer higher profit margins.”

According to her:

“These massive lobbying efforts – running into the tens of millions of dollars each year – have served to ‘demonize’ fat and brand their cheapest foods as ‘healthy’, creating a hugely popular and profitable business segment for large multinational food companies.”

These non-consensual views on low-fat diets have been supported by many prominent health public figures, including Dr. Walter Willette, Chair of the department of nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health:

“The low-fat campaign has been a failure.” Ongoing data gathered from nearly 300,000 people in large-scale studies, shows, he argues, that “a low-fat diet is not an effective strategy for weight control.” Indeed, “it may lead to weight gain”.

But if avoiding fat is not the solution, what can we do to lose weight then?

Leading Nutritionists Reveal The Surprising Benefits Of High-Fat Diets

Instead of avoiding fat, many experts suggest, surprisingly enough, that we should do the opposite: eating more fat while cutting down the carbs.

“We all know at least one person who can literally eat kilos of delicious, greasy food every week, without putting on a single gram. In most cases, they’re not staying slim because they have a faster metabolism (even if that may be the case)… but because they are reducing the amount of fat-storing carbs they eat, whether they do it on purpose or not,” explains Linda Roster.

“Generally speaking, eating too many carbs is the prime cause that leads normal people to become overweight, by boosting their insulin levels consistently, and hence increase the amount of fat they store in their body cells”.

Dr. Jan Kinzel, a renowned specialist in nutritional biochemistry based in Berlin, seems to agree:

“From a purely scientific standpoint, it may make more sense to eat more fat and fewer carbs when we want to lose weight, to reduce the amount of glucose that we store in our liver.”

“Here is what happens when we follow a high-fat diet: as we reduce the number of carbs, our body eventually runs out of glucose (the energy supply brought by carbs) after 3-4 days, and starts tapping into fat reserves for energy. As the body needs a lot of energy to function, it is not uncommon to see people lose several kilos in 2-3 weeks on a high fat, low carb diet, due to the large amounts of fat they burn in this state,” he explains.

“In other words, high-fat, low-carb diets are basically forcing the body to use fat as fuel, because glucose is not available anymore. Just like a hybrid car that starts using pure electricity when its main oil reserve is depleted.”

“That’s why a vast array of recent, controlled clinical trials have shown that high-fat diets may in fact be more effective in reducing weight than low-fat diets.”

“For instance, a major study from New England Journal of Medicine which analyzed the effect of high-fat vs low-fat diets on 132 obese individuals, found that the high-fat group lost 12.8 pounds, while the low-fat group only lost 4.2 pounds in six months.1

“Most recently, a 2020 meta-analysis of 38 studies from New York University, including 6,499 participants in total, found that high-fat, low-carb diets led to a greater weight loss than low-fat diets. Of course, we still need to conduct some more research, but these results are very promising already…4”, he continues with a smile.

But not all high-fat diets are created equal…

How This Odd “Fat-Burning” Method Conquered Hollywood Elite

Among all of these high-fat diets, one is becoming extremely popular among Hollywood A-Listers and runway models alike: the so-called “keto diet”, which you may have heard of already.

This diet could enable us to eat many “fat foods” that are normally restricted in other diets (including bacon, cheese, and greasy meat) while burning fat very quickly at the same time.


The list of celebrities who swore by the keto diet to sculpt their body is almost endless: Megan Fox, Gwyneth Paltrow, Alicia Vikander, Lebron James, Adriana Lima, Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry, Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Aniston, and many more…

But what’s with all the hype? Why are all these celebrities using keto instead of other high-fat diets?

Well, according to a Beverly Hills personal trainer who chose to remain anonymous, the keto diet could be one of the most effective high-fat diets known to date for “total body transformations”:

“Most of my clients face extreme pressure from casting directors to be in absolute top shape for their next movies. And that often involves dropping 12, 17, sometimes over 25 pounds of weight in the span of a few weeks…”, he explains.

“To burn fat this fast, you can’t just follow a traditional diet, even if you have a very fast metabolism… Instead, the quickest way to drop weight that quickly is to put your body into a state of ‘ketosis’, where fat becomes the only source of energy it can use. During ketosis, you’re basically ordering your metabolism to burn fat cells day and night to function.”

“To achieve ketosis, we need to consume an average of 70-80% of fat, 10-20% of proteins, and 5-10% of carbs. This leaves room for plenty of tasty, greasy food – including sausage, bacon, buffalo wings, or even KFC grilled chicken. But for the diet to work, those proportions need to be respected very diligently.”

“I’ve been in the business of celebrity weight loss for almost two decades now. And from my personal experience with A-List clients and discussions with dozens of world-class nutritional experts, nothing beats the ketogenic diet at this stage. It’s just the fastest diet to melt fat naturally, without creating the irresistible cravings that other diets often cause”, he says.

Dr. Kinzel, although more on the cautious side, appears to broadly agree with the benefits of the keto diet:

“The ketogenic diet is not a ‘magic pill’ that can make our extra pounds vanish without any effort, contrary to what many pseudo-experts are claiming… It requires rigorous planning of how much fat, proteins, and carbs we should eat every day, to put our body into a ‘ketogenic state’. That said, when this state is reached, it could indeed help us burn fat at a rapid pace, as found by many recent studies on overweight subjects.” 

According to a large study review from the website Healthline, 21 out of 23 clinical studies found that high-fat/low-carb diets like Keto were more effective in promoting weight loss than low-fat diets.5

Healthline chart

Source: Healthline, Pinterest

It’s, therefore, no surprise if the keto diet is now so popular among celebrities who want to drop pounds as fast as possible.

The Truth About Keto Diet Programs

According to experts, the greatest difficulty of the keto diet is the rigor and organization skills it requires to produce visible results.

“Many people fail to see concrete results with the keto diet because they apply keto advice from multiple influencers and sources at the same time… without really tracking the amount of fat, protein, and carbs they consume. For the keto diet to yield noticeable results, you really must have a very precise tracking system in place,” explains Dr. Kinzel.

According to him, a solid keto program must meet the following three criteria to work:

  1. It must be completely personalized, to calculate the amount of food each person needs to get into a state of fat-burning ketosis;
  2. It must be designed by professional nutritionists;
  3. It must offer a tracking system of calories, fats, proteins, and carbs, on a daily basis.

To make the life of our readers easier, we looked at the top personalized keto programs on the market that fit all these three criteria.

Is There An Effective Keto Program To Lose Weight Easily?

Following experts’ advice, we took a detailed look at 7 different personalized keto programs on the market today, to see which one is the most effective and easy to apply.

According to our research, we believe that an effective keto program to lose weight is KetoCycle, a user-friendly mobile platform developed by a team of professional nutritionists.

KetoCycle is an app that gives you a fully personalized keto meal plan based on your age, weight, health history, favorite foods, and many other unique traits that you have. Since it only provides keto meals entirely customized to our body and preferences, it is significantly more precise than mass-market advice we can find online. And as we’ve seen before, precision is key to entering into the fat-burning state of “ketosis”, and losing weight rapidly.

Further, the app is specifically designed to do all the hard work for the user: it tracks our calories, counts our macros (% of fat, protein, and carbs we eat every day), plans our meals, and offers 10,000+ customized recipes and even weekly grocery lists.

That means that we don’t have to worry about what to eat every day: the app plans everything for us so that we can focus on enjoying delicious keto meals (including snacks and desserts)… while dropping weight at the same time. Since everything is tracked for us automatically, we don’t have to manually count calories and carb intake – removing one of the biggest hurdles of the keto diet.

Finally, the app also offers a 24/7 nutritional support service, to answer any of our questions for complete peace of mind.

KetoCycle has over 340,000 satisfied users and an average rating of 4.5/5 based on thousands of reviews, making it one of the most trusted keto programs available worldwide.

How Much Will You Weigh One Month From Now?

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Kimberly before and after
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The only thing that separates you from a slimmer, healthier version of yourself is a powerful keto diet made specifically for you.

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