7 Best Supplements for Constipation Relief in 2022

Constipation looks different for everyone. But in general, someone has constipation when they have less than three bowel movements per week. 

Hard or small stools, bloated stomach, strenuous or painful bowel movements can all be signs of constipation.

Constipation can be caused by various things: changes in your eating habits or activity level, not enough water, not enough fiber, stress, medication, or even resisting the urge to use the bathroom.

Usually, constipation is not severe and can resolve on its own. However, if you’re having frequent issues using the bathroom, you may need some help to relieve constipation.

Constipation is something that everyone experiences, but nobody wants to talk about. While discussing the best ways to relieve constipation can be embarrassing, we’re here to break the stigma and give you some places to find relief.

Here are the top 7 best supplements for constipation relief.

Quick Look

ZuPooGut ConnectMetamucilCitrucelMiraLAXDocusate
Product InfoProduct that treats constipation using all-natural ingredients and psyllium husk.

A laxative pill that helps treat constipation and remove excess waste and stool.
A constipation solution that also helps with strengthening the gut.
A well-known fiber supplement that helps with constipation using psyllium husk
Helps with constipation by using a mild laxative and softening the stool.Works with your body by drawing water into the intestines to help soften stool.A laxative medication that helps with constipation by treating hard stools and flushing out your gut.
ProsCleans your digestive tract

Increase metabolism
Improves digestive health

Vegan-friendly & Gluten-free product

Natural ingredients

Easy capsule formula

Free of dairy products

Works within 24 hours

Protects and strengthens the gut

Improves weight management

Free shipping

Money-back guarantee
Household name

Different ways to take the product

Tasty flavors

Natural remedy

Works quickly within 12 to 72 hours

Delicious orange flavor

Sugar-free option


Gluten-free & Vegan-friendly
Once a day

No bloating
Stool softener

Works quickly

Cherry flavored

ConsOnly one flavor

Laxative effect

Not vegan-friendly

Side effects of cramping and nausea

Contains aloe vera (which can be toxic)

Not vegan-friendly

Can cause stomach pain and bloating

Can interfere with some medication

May not be vegan-friendly

Laxative effect

Can cause diarrhea

No flavors

Abdominal cramping


Laxative effect

Only one flavor

Can cause abdominal pain

Comparison winner: ColonBroom

7 Best Supplements for Constipation

#1 ColonBroom


ColonBroom is a fiber supplement specially designed to improve bowel movements, gut health and treat even chronic constipation. This supplement is entirely organic, has zero sugar, and uses psyllium husk as the main ingredient.

Psyllium husk is a natural fiber supplement and is one of the best ways to help move your stool. This natural remedy was used to treat constipation well before supplements were even invented!

ColonBroom also helps increase your metabolism, reduce food cravings, and give you a boost of energy during the day without affecting your sleep cycle. And the best thing about ColonBroom is that it’s not a laxative.

ColonBroom has also been shown to help with reflux, digestive issues, weight loss, and even skin issues. When you order this supplement, you get a personalized diet guide that helps you get on the right track with healthy eating.

This non-addictive supplement helps with reducing blood sugar and weight loss.


✅ Cleans your digestive tract
✅ Increase metabolism
✅ Improves digestive health
✅ Treats constipation
✅ Vegan-friendly product and gluten-free product


❌ Only one flavor

#2 UMZU ZuPoo


ZuPoo is a supplement that works to help relieve symptoms of constipation and “flush out” all of the extra pounds of waste in your digestive tract. It has a laxative effect that will help with chronic constipation.

Did you know that some studies have shown that our bodies carry waste from eight meals before they even work their way through our digestive system? No wonder it’s so easy to get backed up! ZuPoo works to help eliminate that extra waste.

This supplement also claims to help with weight loss, flushing out extra pounds of waste and making it easier for you to get an accurate reading on the scale.


✅ Natural ingredients
✅ Easy capsule formula
✅ Free of dairy products
✅ Works within 24 hours


❌ Laxative effect
❌ Not vegan-friendly
❌ A side effect of cramping and nausea

#3 Gut Connect 365

Gut Connect 365

Gut Connect is a blend of nine so-called superfoods that help nourish, soothe, and strengthen the gut lining to help with infrequent bowel movements and gut health. Gut Connect claims to support overall well-being and health.

Gut Connect comes in two different flavors, vanilla cinnamon, and chocolate, and can be mixed with water or added to your morning smoothie. This product can reduce bloating and improve digestion.

One of the main ingredients in Gut Connect is an amino acid called L-Glutamine, which is an essential source of fuel for our stomach lining. This ingredient helps with the strength and health of the gut.


✅ Protects and strengthens the gut
✅ Improves weight management
✅ Free shipping
✅ Money-back guarantee


❌ It contains aloe vera (which can be toxic)
❌ Not vegan-friendly

#4 Metamucil


Metamucil is one of the leading fiber supplements out on the market used to treat constipation. It is well known for using natural psyllium husk to promote bowel movement, help with digestive health, and even control your appetite.

Metamucil comes in various forms: gummies, powder formula, and cinnamon-flavored thins. This product can help relieve constipation, treat IBS symptoms, and increase your fiber intake.

Psyllium husk is one of the best sources of fiber supplements. It softens your stool and helps your body move things along. Taking supplements that use psyllium husk can make you feel lighter and give you a boost of energy.


✅ Household name
✅ Different ways to take the product
✅ Tasty flavors
✅ Natural remedy


❌ It can cause stomach pain and bloat
❌ It can interfere with some medication

#5 Citrucel


Citrucel is a fiber supplement that works to help with chronic constipation and improve your gastrointestinal health. This supplement comes in three different options: orange flavor liquid, a sugar-free liquid, and a capsule.

This product encourages bowel movements with a mild laxative effect to soften stool. With the powder formula, you can mix it with at least 8 oz water or any other fluid of your choice, like a delicious breakfast smoothie.

Citrucel uses methylcellulose fiber, which is 100% soluble fiber and 100% non-fermentable, which means that the fiber supplements found in Citrucel won’t cause any gas or bloating.


✅ Works quickly within 12 to 72 hours
✅ Delicious orange flavor
✅ Sugar-free option


❌ Laxative effect
❌ Can cause diarrhea

#6 MiraLAX


MiraLAX is another household name used to treat constipation. This well-known product uses the water already within your body to help encourage relief from occasional constipation. This reduces the laxative feeling of having to go all at once.

Many supplements for constipation work by either producing a laxative effect or encouraging fiber into your digestive tract. But MiraLAX works differently by working with your body rather than stimulating your bowels to move.

It is taste-free and sugar-free and comes in a powder formula that you can mix with water. This once-a-day constipation relief is designed to be as easy on your body as possible. MiraLAX is both gluten-free and vegan-friendly.


✅ Sugar-free
✅ Gluten-free and vegan-friendly
✅ Once a day
✅ No bloating


❌ No flavors
❌ Abdominal cramping
❌ Nausea

#7 Docusate


Docusate is a laxative medication used to treat constipation and help with hard stools. Given in the form of both capsules and liquids, Docusate only takes 24–48 hours to begin working.

Docusate can either be prescribed by a medical professional or over the counter. Docusate is used to clear out your digestive tract while also helping to soften your stool and make going to the bathroom more accessible.


✅ Stool softener
✅ Works quickly
✅ Cherry flavored


❌ Laxative effect
❌ Only one flavor
❌ Can cause abdominal pain

How to Choose

With so many supplements for constipation out on the market, how do you decide which one is best for you? Here are some ways we decided whether or not a supplement was worth being listed here.

Side Effects

Some supplements listed above have side effects. When it comes to taking supplements, you gamble on whether or not you’re experiencing side effects, especially when moving waste through your digestive tract.

We took a look at the side effects and made sure that they were minimal or infrequent. When looking for a product to help relieve constipation, it’s essential to decide if the minimal side effects are worth the outcome, and they usually are.


Some supplements out on the market have filters that don’t do anything to help with your constipation. Some manufacturers also use supplements that aren’t scientifically proven to have any effect whatsoever.

As far as our list is concerned, we went out of our way to ensure that these supplements were beneficial for your health without any added fillers.

Cost Value

Nobody wants to spend an arm and a leg just trying to relieve constipation! Other supplements can be costly, so we made sure that the value of what you’re getting matches up with the cost of the supplements.

These products can be found in small and easy-to-consume doses or in larger packages to always have them on hand when you need them. And the best part is, they’re never overpriced.

A Word From Our RD

Constipation happens to everyone, but many people are afraid to say anything about it, even to their doctor! However, constipation can mess up all sorts of things, including your gut bacteria. Dietary changes, medication, or illness are some of the root causes of constipation.

One of the best ways to avoid constipation is to get enough fiber, especially dietary fiber. The recommended fiber intake for women is 20–25 grams a day, while men should aim for 30–38 grams.

Drink water, too. Hydration is one of the best ways to keep your body regular when it comes to going to the bathroom. You might want to take a look at your food, too. Eat more healthy fat, vegetables, and high fiber foods.

If you’re not using the bathroom for longer than seven days, contact your doctor for professional medical advice.


Does fiber help with constipation?

Yes. Fiber helps increase the weight of your stool while also softening it. The bulkier stool is easier to move through your digestive tract. Hard, small stools can get stuck and cause constipation.

Does magnesium make you poop?

Yes, magnesium supplements and magnesium, in general, can help you go to the bathroom. It works by drawing water into your intestines, which then helps with the movement of the bowels.

Are supplements for constipation safe?

In general, most supplements to help with constipation are safe to use. However, extended use of laxatives can often worsen constipation. Talk with your healthcare provider before extended use of supplements.


If you ever find yourself struggling to use the bathroom or using the bathroom only once a week, you might be dealing with constipation.

Constipation doesn’t have to be an embarrassing secret. If you’re struggling with using the bathroom, one of these great supplements for constipation relief will help you with all of the frustrating symptoms.

The clear winner here is ColonBroom: it’s completely organic, sugar-free, is very easy to use, and is NOT a laxative.

Make sure that you follow the recommended daily intake of any supplement. It’s crucial to look at your diet, as well. Make sure you’re getting enough dietary fiber and eating food that has healthy fats and vegetables.

Edibel Quintero, MD
Edibel Quintero is a medical doctor who graduated in 2013 from the University of Zulia and has been working in her profession since then. She specializes in obesity and nutrition, physical rehabilitation, sports massage and post-operative rehabilitation. Edibel's goal is to help people live healthier lives by educating them about food, exercise, mental wellness and other lifestyle choices that can improve their quality of life.

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