How People Over 60 Are Using Keto to Lose Weight After Decades of Fad Diet Failures

After tens of fad diets left her frustrated and hopeless, Sarah, 64, finally discovered how to achieve her dream body, improve her health, and live her life to the fullest. Today she shares her story with us.

One evening in March, I stepped on the scale and wondered: what the hell happened?

I felt a lump in my throat.

To see those numbers was disheartening… 180lb!

But that’s not even the worst part…

That weekend in March, we were celebrating our granddaughter’s 6th birthday. I watched her running around in the backyard, chasing her little brother, both of them laughing, so care-free and happy….

“Grandmaaa, coooome… come play!”

with my granddaughter

I don’t see my grandkids as often as I’d like to. So whenever they visit, I want to enjoy every single moment with them to the fullest.

Imagine how heartbroken I felt when I realized that I couldn’t keep up with them anymore… They were running in circles around me while I was standing there, out of breath and barely able to move…

Every time I looked at my kids and my grandkids, I thought there was so much more to do and see in my life. I wanted to finally live my life fully. To be there for my family. To be able to play with my grandkids. Not just sit and watch from the sidelines.

I desperately wished I could just lose that excess weight that’s haunted me for years and get my health back on track.

You see, I’d been trying to lose weight for years…

I tried EVERY diet out there

❌ Atkins, paleo, even a crazy grapefruit cleanse…

❌ Different programs like Weight Watchers, Noom, Nutrisystem…

❌ Exercising till I was blue in the face!

You name it – I tried it. 

But the results were always the same.

I’d lose a couple of pounds in the first few weeks only for the weight to come right back on.

I got SO tired of losing and regaining the same few pounds. Tired of failing even though I was literally doing everything right

counting calories and macros

… cutting out carbs and fats

… even starving myself till lunchtime

But nothing worked.

It was like my body just wanted to keep the weight on.

If you’ve ever felt this way and you’re fed up with the constant weight loss rollercoaster… 

Tired of worrying about the right foods, the wrong foods, how much food, or when to eat…

Getting your hopes up only to have them destroyed as you fail at another impossible-to-follow diet…

Then pay close attention to this next part.

Because I’m going to share a simple weight loss solution that has helped me drop pounds of nagging fat and live a happier, healthier, and more energetic life – WITHOUT crazy dieting, feeling hungry all the time, or depriving myself of the foods I love.

And it’s especially effective if you’re over 60. 


You see, I found out that when you hit 60, many of the critical functions your body once excelled at decline drastically. One of the most important when it comes to weight loss is your metabolism – as you age, it starts to slow, and losing weight becomes especially hard.

But this particular weight-loss method can boost your metabolism AND increase fat burning at the same time. Actually, scientists found that it can help you lose 2–3 times more weight compared to other diets.

Believe me – I didn’t think it was possible either!

Here’s how I finally melted away my fat…

Well, I met a friend for coffee, who I hadn’t seen for months.

So I was STUNNED that she lost 24 pounds. I felt a bit envious, I have to admit…

She said it was thanks to this personalized keto meal plan that her doctor recommended. It was called KetoCycle.

It wasn’t the regular one-size-fits-all approach you see with other diets. She said professional nutritionists personalize everything for you based on your eating preferences, age, weight, health history, and so on.

My friend could still eat chocolate, peanut butter, bacon, and all these other delicious foods, AND was dropping pounds at the same time.

At first, I was skeptical…

When I heard that you have to reduce your carb intake, I got a little worried. I tried cutting out carbs before only to find myself craving and emotional eating. Soon enough, all the lost weight would start piling back on. I thought this was pretty much the same…

The last thing I wanted was to be disappointed again.

But what really surprised me was that this keto meal plan wasn’t overly rigid around food. You don’t have to cut carbs altogether, nor fuss around counting how much of them you eat. 

Sure, you might be having less, but before you ask – no, it does not make you feel deprived. Or crave things obsessively.

And no, introducing more fats into your diet does NOT make you gain weight – that’s one of the biggest misconceptions (I fell for it myself!).

Well, since I had nothing left to lose at the time…

I was willing to at least give keto a shot, hoping it would finally help me lose that excess weight around my waist, hips, thighs, and arms…

And give me back the energy of my youth so I could finally go out and play with my grandkids.

I just wanted to feel confident and free in my body again.

So I took a leap of faith and signed up for KetoCycle’s plan.

Did it work?

When I got on the scale after the first week, I couldn’t believe it.

I lost 5lb, and I could hardly contain my excitement.

Look, I wasn’t super slim or anything yet, but I must say that I was seriously impressed. And not just about the results I was seeing already.

When I first signed up for KetoCycle, I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to avoid cravings and late-night snacking (I’ve been struggling with that for years). That I won’t be able to stick with it and stay consistent.

To my surprise, I went through the first week with no setbacks or problems. I didn’t feel hungry, deprived, or restricted like with other diets I’ve tried before (OK, maybe a craving here or there, but nothing that a glass of water wouldn’t fix).

Plus, it was easy to follow and stick to because all the hard work had been done for me. 

I didn’t have to think about what or how much to eat – they track everything for you and have weekly grocery lists that are tailored to your liking! I could choose from hundreds of tasty yet simple recipes made specifically FOR ME – they took less than 15 minutes from start to finish. AND I could enjoy delicious snacks and desserts – without feeling guilty.

before after

Then came the big test – will it last?

Well, after the first month, I was still dropping weight (was down 15lb and no plateau for me!).

Even better, I was bursting with energy. My mind had never felt clearer. My skin had cleared up, and it seemed like some wrinkles had faded. And that late-night snacking habit I was struggling with before? Long gone (and so were my pounds).

And to be honest, when I looked in the mirror I couldn’t feel PROUDER!

Even my friends and family noticed a difference and showered me in compliments, asking for my secret. But most importantly, I could FINALLY go out and play with my grandkids.

So what makes KetoCycle so effective? Here’s my honest review

✅  It’s a diet you can easily stick to and follow consistently

No more unrealistic yo-yo diets. I feel like I can finally relax and breathe… I don’t have to obsess over calories and macros. Or guess if I’m doing everything right – they tell you everything! It’s like a personal nutritionist in your pocket – it keeps you focused, accountable and helps you lose weight without making you think much about it. 

✅  It’s an easy solution to control and kick cravings

I was a snacker and emotional eater for years. Trying to rely on my willpower and avoid cravings just never worked. But adding more healthy fats into my lifestyle kept me full and satisfied throughout the day – no more hunger, no more cravings, no more belly fat. With KetoCycle, you get hundreds of healthy meals that actually taste amazing. Plus, you can still enjoy delicious desserts and snacks.

✅  It’s a convenient meal plan that does all the work for you 

No more guessing about what or how much to eat. Professional nutritionists choose all the recipes for you and adjust them to your tastes. They’ll tell you how to mix and match ingredients for quick, tasty meals so you’re not starving and relying on your willpower. The best part? They take less than 15 minutes to prepare, and there are so many of them that you never get bored.

✅  You’re not doing it alone or relying on your willpower

Unlike generic plans on the internet that leave you all on your own, KetoCycle guides you through the process every step of the way. Plus, they offer 24/7 support from professional nutritionists. And there are TONS of educational, science-backed tips to help you ease into it — you even get a complete keto diet guide. And it’s yours, forever.

Ready to Live Your Own Success Story?

If you want to finally lose weight without obsessing over calories, macros, or constantly doubting yourself, here’s the good news:

You can get your own personalized keto meal plan today and experience for yourself the amazing fat loss results that many of KetoCycle’s customers rave about.

Just like:

Sophia, 62

before after

Emma, 60

before after

Isabella, 64

before after

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