How Men Over 70 Are Losing Weight With Keto Without Counting a Single Calorie

Hi, my name is Rob, and I’m a 74-year-old man from Denver, Colorado. 

Until 3 months ago, I didn’t want to take off my shirt in front of my wife… 

I was 60 pounds overweight, and I had a droopy chest. Plump, round, and with nipples that stuck out whenever it got cold. 

Checking myself in the mirror and seeing a body so soft that it stops looking masculine was something else. 

Feeling slow and sluggish, but not understanding why. Snoring badly enough to wake up at night, making me even more tired during the day, making me even less likely to exercise, causing me to grow even bigger. 

My love handles were the worst. They made me so self-conscious. Bursting out of clothes all the time and making me look lumpy naked. 

I didn’t like what I saw… and know no one else did. 

I’m not a professional writer, but what I have to share with you is so urgent that I decided to write this myself.

Like me, you’ve probably been conditioned to believe that losing weight is all about calculating calories, tracking meals, obsessing over eating bland foods, fighting cravings, and constantly trying to trick your body into eating less. 

Here’s the deal. In my opinion, the nutrition industry is hopelessly broken. Instead of helping people improve their health and overall physical appearance, the world is filled with myths, scams, and flat-out lies.

I’ve now personally experienced dramatic weight loss without plateaus, counting calories, worrying about meals, or feeling deprived… 

… And did it all without slaving away lifting weights at the gym or constantly gulping “health” shakes. Frankly, the hardest exercise I did was walking. 

Shaking your head? I would too. But the truth is… no matter how genetically “unlucky” you may feel, or how many diets you may have tried, you absolutely can get in great shape in a way that isn’t nearly as cruel as nutrition and fitness “gurus” would have you believe.

And I’m going to prove it to you right now, in this article.

How I found a plan that works specifically for men over 70.

I met Gustav during one of my evening walks in the nearby park. Gustav was one of those weird people that have an unguessable age. 

He wasn’t bulky, but he looked fit, and he had this light tan that betrays great physical health. If it wasn’t for his snow-white hair and some notable facial wrinkles, he’d easily pass for 40, perhaps younger. 

He was 78. 

Even though we looked nothing alike, over time, we developed a friendship of sorts. It didn’t take long for me to open up and ask Gustav about his diet and fitness routine.

“You must exercise a lot,” I asked. 

“Not so much. Just walking, a few push-ups every other day, and some stretching,” he said. 

“Okay, then your diet must be very strict,” I said, but from the way he smiled, I could see something else was going on. 

“Rob, you may not believe this, but I was very heavy a few years ago. I used to follow mainstream fitness and diet advice, and for a while, I even tried popular programs like P90X, the Warrior Diet, Paleo, and so forth. I can tell you it’s all BS and hype. Losing weight is a lot simpler than that.” 

I admit I got upset when I heard that. I had reached a point where I would eat toothpaste to keep hunger at bay… and forcefully vomit food so that I feel less bloated… and here was a skinny 78-year-old man telling me losing weight was “simple.”

“The trick is to use a plan that works with your lifestyle,” he added. “Something that’s easy to follow and sustainable. I didn’t get fat fast… But I became thin very quickly once I started using something I could stick to.”

No more diets. No more cravings. No more thinking about food all the time.

Gustav went on to explain how the diet that worked best for him over the years was the keto diet. But he didn’t really find his stride until he used an app called KetoCycle.

“Most people lose weight on Keto. It’s extremely effective for burning fat. I lost weight too, but I didn’t like how I had to count how many carbs and calories I ate constantly,” said Gustav.

“KetoCycle is an app designed to make following the keto diet easy. They ask you a few questions about your health history, age, weight, favorite foods, and so forth in a quiz. Then, a professional nutritionist makes a personalized keto meal plan for you.”

“Everything’s done for you. Tracking calories, balancing macros, planning meals. They even offer you weekly grocery lists and thousands of recipes that match your existing food preferences.”

If I’m honest, I was skeptical of the keto diet at first. Eating this much fat flew against the face of everything I knew about eating healthy. 

But after doing a lot of research, I found out Keto is actually the way we’re supposed to eat.

Finding that the rise in heart disease, diabetes, and obesity was directly related to the low-fat diets that the government and healthcare industry have been promoting for so long was eye-opening.

I was worried I’d get disappointed again, but Gustav really urged me to give KetoCycle a try, and so I did.

Just 3 months in, I’m 50 pounds lighter – and I’m proud of what I see in the mirror.

I struggle to believe the results I’ve got – even though I see them with my very own eyes.

I’m immeasurably happier. No. Maybe happier isn’t the right word. None of the road bumps in my life are gone. What’s radically different is how I react to them.

The daily success of achieving my weight-loss goals over and over again has translated into a new kind of confidence I’ve never had before.

Negative self-talk has reduced massively. I’ve grown closer to my family and more in-tune with myself. I buy clothes from pretty much anywhere, and look good in them.

I’ve stopped worrying about the image I’m projecting, or how tight the seats will be, or if people will look at me funny when I eat my lunch.

It’s as if all the energy I put into bringing myself down has suddenly been diverted in improving my life. 

My joints ache less. My cholesterol levels are in a much better place. Instead of constantly feeling sidelined, I feel an almost childlike excitement for new things.

Naturally, all that didn’t happen overnight. When I first signed up for KetoCycle, I had my doubts. I like carbs such as bread and pasta, but I had to reduce them and increase my fat intake to enter the intense fat-burning state of ketosis.

That meant loading up on eggs, bacon, steak, peanut butter, and so on. 

The first few days were a little harder, but I made sure to drink enough water, and the carb cravings would go away. The meals were so delicious and satiating that the constant need to snack had disappeared altogether – and I haven’t had a single hunger pang.

Plus, it was really easy to stick to consistently because literally everything had been done for me.

✅ I had 1,000+ personalized recipes to choose from that took no longer than 15 minutes to prepare (and there’s tips on how to eat out without much hassle).

✅ I got weekly grocery lists with simple, affordable ingredients I could find at my local grocery store.

✅ I could eat snacks and desserts regularly – all while droppings pounds without much effort.

✅ I didn’t have to count calories, macros, or measure portions because they did everything for me.

✅ KetoCycle’s meals kept me pretty full during the day – so I never felt hungry and didn’t have to rely on willpower or battle cravings at night.

✅ I felt like I had a personal nutritionist in my pocket, which kept me focused, accountable, and motivated.

✅ I had 24/7 nutritionist support, so I’d just send a quick message whenever I had a question.

All I had to do was follow the simple instructions KetoCycle’s team gave to me.

Why did KetoCycle work so well when all else failed?

Unlike other diet plans, KetoCycle is customized to your needs on a deeply personal level. They even consider your food preferences, so they provide meals that you’ll legitimately enjoy eating. 

But it’s not just that the meals taste great. Because the plan is personalized, it fully covers your nutritional needs. I’ve found that this leads to a significant reduction in hunger and cravings. 

However, for me personally, the biggest advantage was how everything is calculated and prepared for you. 

My biggest concern was whether I’d find the motivation to actually follow the plan. But when they do all the hard work for you, following the plan gets MUCH easier. 

Plus, I found out how my past nutrition was way off. I always thought I mostly ate healthily, but I wasn’t, and Keto Cycle showed me the costly mistakes I did, then proved them with the steady weight loss I’ve experienced since I started.

In short, whereas 99% of diets feel like a chore and have you jump through constant hoops, KetoCycle fits your lifestyle without friction.  

Whereas you’re typically left to “figure it all out” and run calculations by yourself, KetoCycle instantly gives you precise and perfectly accurate calculations for your calories and macros. 

Other diets have you go hungry eating meals prepared for the masses. KetoCycle has you losing weight by eating delicious and balanced meals made just for you.

Hell, even when I got demotivated, I could just reach out to them for support. They’re available 24/7. 

I’ll NEVER follow another weight-loss plan. Because KetoCycle is the only weight-loss plan that made me feel better on it than off it. 

So if you’re a man over 70, just like me… close your eyes for a moment.

Try to imagine having your dream body. How it looks. How it feels. Having that tight skin that looks and feels masculine.

The youthful energy you had back in the day… rushing back through your veins. Feeling younger and more energetic, both inside and outside.

Wouldn’t that be worth trying KetoCycle?

I know how hard losing weight is. And this is why I’m so glad I took a chance with KetoCycle. I couldn’t feel prouder of my body than I do today.

And if 90% of men like me manage to achieve their body with KetoCycle, then I know you can too.

This app will have you enjoying life to the fullest. Just like I’m doing right now. Without shame, negative self-talk, or guesswork. 

Just consistent, steady results every week, like clockwork. 

I want you to have that. 

You can get your own personalized keto meal plan today… and experience for yourself the fantastic fat loss results that KetoCycle’s customers rave about.

Just like:

Zac, 75

Brandon, 70

Nathan, 72

Take a free 60-second quiz and see how fast you can achieve your weight loss goals with your own personalized keto meal plan

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