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Here’s a Proven Method That’s Helping Women in Their 40s Lose Weight AND Maintain It (Even if Other Popular Methods Have Failed!)

Was this really me?

When I used to see myself in the mirror and that bulge on the stomach… Or the excess fat on my hips and arms…

I used to wonder what had happened to my previously lean body.

I always felt confident in my skin and with any dress I wore.

Even if I’d gain some pounds, it was easier to shed them and maintain my ideal weight. 

But a few months back, the numbers on the scale peaked.

I got promoted, and there was too much on my plate. The constant stress at work changed my eating and sleeping patterns.

As a result, I went up two sizes, and none of my dresses could fit me well.

I tried moderate-intensity aerobic exercises, 20 minutes a day for almost a month. 

Waking up early and listening to motivational music, I’d work out until drenched in sweat.

But the numbers on the scale hardly moved.

Besides, increased workload and pressure at the workplace further reduced the will to do the exercises daily.

I also realized that I needed to change my diet. So, I tried modifying my eating habits.

Paleo, Atkins, you name it – I’ve tried them all. However, after a few days, I’d find it difficult to stay on track. 

Deciding which food I could eat daily became more and more challenging. I did lose some weight, but once I stopped following it – like a yo-yo, the weight came back again.

I started feeling weak and ate everything mindlessly. 

As a result, my condition worsened.

But too much work and weight loss frustration made me irritable.

Trying so hard to lose weight with little to no success frustrated me all the time. I was tired of people passing unsolicited remarks on my weight.

To make things worse, I was embarrassed of myself whenever I saw myself in the mirror.

I wanted to be the old me: where I could wear dresses I loved without worrying about my bulges.

My loving husband and kids tried the best they could to encourage me, but in vain.

After coming home from work, I couldn’t enjoy time with my family as my mind was stuck on not being able to lose weight.

I started feeling embarrassed about my actions.

What’s more… to avoid the pain of trying to fit in a beautiful dress, I started avoiding people.

And no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t lose those excess pounds, which affected how I behaved around people.

One night, before going to bed, my husband found me sobbing near the bed.

I felt helpless, and the guilt of not being able to maintain my weight had taken over me.

He tried soothing me and asked why I was crying.

To avoid the discomforting talk about how I felt about my weight, I shouted at him.

That night, my husband told me one thing that really kicked me, “I miss the old you.” And he went back to bed.

His words hit me like a ton of bricks.

Was this really me?

I’d never felt this low till that moment.

The only thought in my mind while lying down was, “I need to lose weight.

I wanted to follow a diet plan without giving up, but…

I had no idea how to go about it.

That’s when I decided to have a heart-to-heart chat with my best friend, Anna.

About 11 months back, Anna underwent surgery to remove her ovaries due to cysts. Since then, she had been finding it difficult to lose weight. Or at least that’s what I thought.

Being in my situation before, I knew she’d understand my problem.

Besides, I take her help with all my problems. Basically, she’s my wing woman.

When I met her the next day, I told her about my struggle and how it had been affecting my relationship.

Anna was surprisingly calm. In fact, she had a “sly” smile on her face, which meant… she already had a solution to my problem!

When I heard her secret, I couldn’t believe something that simple could help me get rid of those excess pounds.

I mean, I’d tried so many types of diet plans and hadn’t succeeded, which had made me skeptical.

Anna read my thoughts and made me understand why it had been a difficult journey till now.

She helped me understand why losing weight in your 40s can be difficult

Here’s what she told me:

During this phase, women go through a valley of emotions. You may notice weight gain thanks to estrogen. Even the most disciplined factors don’t seem to reverse these changes.

Metabolism Changes

She went on to explain how the body’s metabolism slows down as one ages.

As you know, you lose weight when you burn more calories than you consume. With a slow metabolism, your body burns fewer calories during activity.

No wonder the methods that helped me before weren’t working now. 

So, I needed a personalized approach for boosting my metabolism.

Hormonal Changes

Anna also talked about how hormonal changes, especially a decrease in estrogen levels, are linked to increased body fat.

As I was nearing menopause, I was gaining body fat, especially around the belly.

The solution to the problem should target the excess fats without depriving you of other nutrients.

Anna concluded that If I could take care of the mentioned factors, I would lose weight even if I had tried various things before and haven’t succeeded.

The solution that finally helped me

Knowing that the mentioned factors can be managed gave me a ray of hope.

I was curious how Anna was able to go down three sizes without crazy regimens or atrocious diets.

I wanted to discover how she got her confidence back. And how she could fit in her favorite dresses.

Anna revealed that her solution was an app, “Keto Cycle,” which provides a personalized keto meal plan.

As I mentioned before, I was skeptical about using something as simple as a mobile app to lose my stubborn weight.

But I trusted Anna and decided to give it a try.

Fast forward to my current situation:

Keto Cycle helped me lose 22 lbs.

And this was the first time I could lose weight and be able to keep it off. 

Now, before sharing more about the app, a quick word on how the keto diet helps:

The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, moderate-to-low protein, and high-fat diet. Here’s how it works:

Usually, your body cells get energy from carbs.

In their absence, your body cells are forced to use stored fats by breaking them down into ketones, a process known as ketosis (the heart of a ketogenic diet).

Gradually, as you start eating fewer carbs than usual, your body uses stored fats, resulting in weight loss.

It significantly helps fight stubborn belly fat.

When I first found out about keto, my initial thoughts were: but how could including fats help with weight loss? Aren’t fats unhealthy?

And then, I discovered that not all fats are the same. Besides, having them in the right amount is crucial.

Taking the right foods in the right amounts aids in weight loss. This may sound like too much work, counting calories and deciding what to eat.

That’s where Keto Cycle helps.

About Keto Cycle:

Frankly, I didn’t expect the app to be so detailed and easy to use at the same time.

It asked for my details, including my age, weight, height, favorite foods, and medical conditions. 

And now I realized that’s what makes it so effective – everything’s personalized and built specifically for you, after all.

The plan was easy to follow, making it easier for me to use and stick with. Unlike many other diet plans, it didn’t make me feel hungry, and I could eat what I loved.

Besides, as professional nutritionists curate the diet plan, all the macro and micronutrients support ketosis.

And the best part? The app took care of everything, including the calorie count and grocery list. So, I just had to follow the plan and leave the complicated things to the experts.

Some things I love about Keto Cycle:

✅ 1,000+ personalized and easy-to-cook recipes to choose from 

✅ Weekly grocery lists

✅ Eating meals I love while losing pounds

✅ No hunger pangs or cravings

✅ 24/7 nutritionist support

After using the app for the last three months, I feel happy and comfortable in my skin every time I look at the mirror.

I am back to wearing my favorite dresses…

Now, instead of worrying about my weight, I spend my time with my loving family.

I am no longer stressed about planning my meals, starving myself, or giving up my favorite meals to lose weight.

And now, when I look in the mirror, I can proudly say…

This is really who I am!

If you are also in your 40s, Keto Cycle can help you get your dream body (just like it helped me and hundreds of other women).

Margaret, 40
Debra, 43
Virginia, 47

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