DoFasting Supplements Review: Pills For Weight Loss

More people are looking to lose weight and build a healthy lifestyle every day. That may be why the market for supplements and dietary plans has grown so significantly. So much that it may seem overwhelming to find one that works for you. 

One of those big trends right now is intermittent fasting. This lifestyle change is showing great results and leading to happier, healthier lives. 

But during this lifestyle change, many people find themselves dealing with new problems.

This is where DoFasting supplements set out to help. 

On top of the fact that these supplements get rid of fasting side effects, they also help suppress appetite. The supplements provide a satiated feeling thanks to their high-quality and all-natural ingredients.

But do their supplements really stand up to the test when used in everyday life? 

Below we’re going to take a look at the one supplement offered by this company to answer that very question.

DoFasting Supplements Review


This essential fiber complex comes in the DoFasting box. The box contains 30 well-packaged individual packets that should last a month. Designed to ease hunger pains, this supplement will aid in the success of your intermittent fasting.

The combination of ingredients in these packets can also help increase weight loss. The supplement can also help lower cholesterol levels and cleanse the colon. Some users have even shown improvement in their skin health.

Because of its ingredients, the supplement isn’t digested completely. This allows the consumer to feel as if they are full. Each packet is 10 calories only, so it is ideal for those looking to lose weight.

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DoFasting Supplements – fresh line of weight loss supplements

✅ Boosts fat loss and metabolism
✅ Improves natural calorie burn
✅ Curbs snack cravings
✅ Helps regulate cholesterol and promotes gut health
✅ Can prevent bloating
✅ Helps support healthy blood sugar levels


✅ The product is non-GMO, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free
✅ Has a great natural flavor
✅ Boosts weight loss and curbs intermittent fasting side effects
✅ Quick-acting
✅ Low-calorie count
✅ Helps increase energy levels


❌ May cause side effects if the diet lacks the proper amount of macronutrients

What is intermittent fasting and how does it work?

You may wonder why you would need a supplement to help you work your way through intermittent fasting. Like many other diet plans, this type of eating pattern does come with a few side effects.

Having tools at your disposal like this supplement will help deliver better results. The drastic change in one’s eating cycle often finds individuals struggling to maintain fortitude. That is where one of the best fasting supplements like the DoFasting box comes in handy.

Those hunger cravings can be a silent killer of any weight loss journey. That coupled with the keto flu could be even more of a battle. (Keto flu is a collection of symptoms that may occur within the first week of starting a keto diet. These symptoms relate to having a lack of carbs in your body.)

That is the main benefit of utilizing a supplement like the DoFasting Fiber Complex box. It will help you curb the side effects and ensure you will maintain your fasting cycles.

What is DoFasting?

DoFasting is a weight loss company that delivers high-quality products to assist you during your fasting journey.

Next to their DoFasting app, the company offers supplements – this is a bulletproof combination for guaranteed weight loss goals.

It also gives you a comprehensive FAQ section and an informative blog. These aspects all combine to provide you with a ton of knowledge and enable you to navigate prolonged fasting with ease.

The main ingredients of DoFasting supplements

dofasting supplements nutrition facts


Glucomannan is a dietary fabric extracted from the root of the elephant yam, which has been used for centuries in Asian medical practices.

It is a super-fiber. Macronutrients such as fats, proteins, or carbohydrates are broken down and absorbed. Unlike those compounds, this fiber doesn’t have macronutrients. Because of this, it isn’t digested by your body. 

Glucomannan is also a natural fat burner. The soluble fiber found within this ingredient will sit in the digestive tract. While there, it will absorb water and expand, allowing acetate to travel to your brain through your bloodstream.

When this chemical gets to the brain, it interacts with the hypothalamus, a part of the brain responsible for metabolism. That interaction signals the body that it is time to stop eating, which, in turn, allows your body to start concentrating on fat burning.


Cellulose (a polymer of beta glucose) is an ecological dietary fiber. This compound is extracted from “sun-fed” plants. For centuries it has been used to aid in bettering people’s colon health. There are more benefits one can take advantage of by including this in the supplement’s formula.

Cellulose plays a key part in helping your body detox. This fiber works to cleanse the colon, which in turn can help create a healthier digestive tract, making it one of the healthiest, most effective ways to relieve bowel problems.

Along with healing your digestive tract, cellulose is beneficial to your gut microbiota. All this combined can help your body burn fat more effectively and at a more rapid pace. That means you will lose weight faster and be able to keep it off too.

Do DoFasting supplements work?

Let’s start with how you use the product first. Within one box, you get 30 packets which you take one a day.

There are many things that shine on this product. It is vegan-friendly and gluten-free. This can be enticing for those who suffer from food sensitivities or have a vegan lifestyle.

Many times, supplements either have no taste or leave a horrible taste in your mouth. These supplements, however, have a strawberry-like taste. (For those who find the taste a bit sweet, you can add more water). Because both of the ingredients are natural, there is no artificial flavor needed.

Overall, for what you get, the price is reasonable compared to other supplements, which might be a bit pricey.

dofasting supplements box

When it comes to results, there are plenty of success stories proving its efficiency. DoFasting also provides scientific research and information obtained from their studies. 

They discovered that 60% of participants who followed intermittent fasting battled with food cravings. These scientific discoveries were employed in the development of these fiber complex packets.

The supplement is water-soluble, so that means it activates quickly. Once again, because the ingredients are all-natural, there are limited side effects. However, if the individual’s diet is not balanced or lacks the proper number of micronutrients, there may be side effects. 

Some people have complained of dizziness, light-headedness, and other symptoms. These symptoms are very common when using weight loss supplements. Most people who have tried these packets say that there is little to no chance of any side effects occurring as long as you follow the instructions.

DoFasting supplements vs competition

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to appetite suppressant supplements. That makes it quite difficult to choose one. So, we thought we would take a look and compare the DoFasting box with a couple of similar options. 

DoFasting BoxSkinnyMintFast Bar
Main featuresBoosts fat loss and metabolism

Improves natural calorie burn

Curbs snack cravings

Helps regulate cholesterol and promotes gut health

Can prevent bloating

Helps support healthy blood sugar levels
Helps support weight loss and curbs cravings

Helps combat your sweet tooth

Uses clinically proven dietary fiber to give you a full feeling

Designed to help promote your metabolism
Designed to trick your body into thinking it is still fasting

Crafted with premium grade ingredients that are rich in nutrients

Curbs intermittent fasting cravings

Helps maintain weight loss
ProsThe product is non-GMO, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free

Has a great natural flavor

Boosts weight loss and curbs intermittent fasting side effects


Low-calorie count 

Helps increase energy levels
Added ingredients can help promote a good night’s sleep

Prevents bloating

Offers increased energy

Uses a wide range of all-natural ingredients to deal with more than weight loss 
Vegan-friendly and promotes a healthy lifestyle

Helps curb intermittent fasting cravings

Utilizes high-quality, all-natural ingredients

Created by respected dieticians and nutritionists

Has a nice assortment of flavors
ConsMay cause side effects if the diet lacks the proper amount of macronutrientsUsers have to take multiple products for efficiency

Must take several doses in a day
Has nuts, so is unsuitable for those with nut allergies

Some may find these bars a bit pricey

Comes with 200+ calories

The SkinnyMint company offers a ton of options to choose from that ranges a whole breadth of issues. They have two offerings – the Crave Crusher and the Crave Control bundles – when it comes to fasting cravings. 

Both of these supplements include a variety of substances. This exposes them to more allergic interactions. These bundles include a large number of dosages that must be taken on a regular basis (unlike the DoFasting supplement, which only requires one dose a day).

Both the DoFasting and SkinnyMint products contain glucomannan, though. The DoFasting box is also significantly cheaper than the bundles offered by SkinnyMint. This makes it not only helpful for weight reduction but also cost-effective! 

Fast Bar is, as the name suggests, an intermittent fasting bar. This bar can be eaten during the fasting cycle without breaking the fast. The product has tons of flavor options and is crafted with all-natural ingredients. Depending on the bar, the calorie count is much higher than the 10 calories you intake with the DoFasting Box.

This might be due to the ingredients used to make the bars, which include fats and carbohydrates. However, the price point is appealing. With this bar, the natural components will impart a lot of fantastic things to assist in a healthy lifestyle. It was designed to help relieve cravings. However, unlike the DoFasting Box, it does not have as broad an impact on your general health.

These competitors use high-quality ingredients to focus on relieving intermittent fasting cravings. However, we still think that the simplistic, scientifically-backed formula used in the DoFasting Box is more effective.


The DoFasting Appetite Suppressant supplement helps boost fat loss and increase metabolism. This will assist you throughout your intermittent fasting to lose weight quickly and in a healthy, natural way.

It also helps increase calorie burning naturally. Because of that, you may find that your energy levels and performance are optimized. Above all, it is crafted to help deal with dieting and intermittent fasting side effects. It’s been proven that this is the main culprit when it comes to the lack of results in any weight loss system.

On top of all that, there are tons of other benefits you can take advantage of. These benefits include things like improving skin health, regulating cholesterol, and supporting healthy blood sugar. It can even help with your gut health.

DoFasting is a company that aims to assist individuals in achieving success in these activities. So, in order to do this, they also provide other fantastic benefits. They have excellent customer service, prompt US shipping, and an easy-to-follow fasting guide. This is to guarantee that they provide you with as many tools for success as possible.

With the excellent results that have been reported and the company’s use of all-natural ingredients, it is definitely worth a try.

And we think you will get that with these DoFasting supplements.


DoFasting Supplements


Designed to ease hunger pains, DoFasting supplements will aid in the success of your intermittent fasting diet.

  • The product is non-GMO, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free
  • Has a great natural flavor
  • Boosts weight loss and curbs intermittent fasting side effects
  • Quick-acting
  • Low-calorie count
  • Helps increase energy levels
  • May cause side effects if the diet lacks the proper amount of macronutrients
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