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PhenQ Review: Does It Really Help With Weight Loss?

PhenQ review
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Some people want a supplement to boost their weight loss progress.

Not every “weight loss” supplement works, but it’s a good product to have when improving your long-term results. PhenQ is a dietary pill that claims to make your dream physique become a reality. However, it might be hard to believe this statement when you first hear about the product.

The natural ingredients promote fewer cravings throughout your diet, making it suitable for weight loss goals. But what are the main benefits of these ingredients? How can this product actually help you lose some weight? These are common questions we can address together.

In this PhenQ review, you’ll discover whether the product is worth buying.

What Is PhenQ?

  • Supports fat burning
  • Curbs appetite
  • Improves mood and energy levels
  • Supports muscle formation
Our Rating:
It could reduce your cravings 
Caffeine may minimize fatigue 
The product ships to all countries 
Might control your weight loss diet
Has a 60-day money-back guarantee 
The supplement is expensive 
You could have side effects 
Certain ingredients affect sleeping patterns
Limited scientific evidence on the website
Has lots of counterfeit products online

PhenQ is a natural weight management supplement that can boost your metabolic health. It claims to support your natural energy levels while increasing the fat-burning process. The natural science-backed ingredients are the prominent feature of this weight loss product. 

Creators of PhenQ wanted to “ignite” weight loss by making a formula containing metabolism-supporting ingredients. Some of these are caffeine, nopal, and capsimax powder. All you need to do is take one pill with your breakfast and one when you’re having lunch.

There is also a 60-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the supplement. People can judge for themselves if the pills support their weight loss progress. However, just be aware these pills can’t directly burn fat since they only suppress your appetite during the day.

This supplement targets weight loss in five different ways, like suppressing your appetite, boosting energy levels, balancing mood swings, reducing fat accumulation, and helping burn fat cells. These health benefits work to improve your overall metabolism when losing weight.

You can also find 100% natural ingredients in the PhenQ supplement. They claim to be backed by science, although there isn’t much evidence of this. Most of these ingredients are healthy for both digestion and thermogenesis, which could help the body burn extra fat for energy.

PhenQ Bottle
Health Insider image

About the brand behind PhenQ

The PhenQ brand has a “knowledgeable and experienced” team that leads the production of this weight loss supplement. PhenQ is both supplied and manufactured by Wolfson Brands (UK Limited) – a reliable name that wants to positively represent the wellness industry. 

Creators of PhenQ also believe their high-quality pills can help customers achieve satisfying results. Their mission focuses on producing products in FDA-approved facilities, making PhenQ a more trustworthy brand than other companies that claim to sell authentic supplements.

Does PhenQ Work?

Most weight loss supplements work differently for everyone. You might not experience the same results as other people, especially if you follow a personal diet. These “weight loss” supplements don’t directly burn body fat – they only boost fat-burning metabolic processes.

Since PhenQ hasn’t conducted clinical research, there is no evidence to prove these actually work for people trying to lose weight. This might scare off consumers who are looking for a dietary supplement. However, a lack of evidence doesn’t always mean the ingredients fail. 

On their website, PhenQ mentions having over 190,000 satisfied customers. The testimonials page also shows before and after results for different people. However, these reviews are only based on their personal experiences, as they could be doing extra work to lose weight.

Who Should Use PhenQ?

People who are trying to reduce their overall body fat percentage can use PhenQ. These weight loss pills are designed for both men and women on their fitness journey. If you do want to feel safe taking these, talk to your doctor about incorporating them into your everyday schedule.

This brand strictly states that pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid the PhenQ diet pills. The same goes for people under the age of 18, as it could be easy to overdose and make you sick. Always consult with a medical professional if you’re already taking medicine. 

Just be aware that you don’t need weight loss supplements to achieve your fitness goals. You can invest in them if you want to eliminate that stubborn body weight. All you need is a simple routine that involves cardio-based exercise like running and a low-calorie diet plan.

PhenQ Key Ingredients

PhenQ has 100% natural ingredients that claim to support your metabolic health. These weight loss pills target stored body fat and help boost the fat-burning process. Even though there isn’t enough research, these ingredients still have plenty of health benefits for your journey. 

PhenQ Supplement facts
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Let’s take a look at the 7 main ingredients in PhenQ: 

#1 Calcium

Calcium is a mineral your body requires to maintain healthy teeth and bones. It can also regulate heart rhythms and help muscles contract properly. However, some relevant studies show that calcium might actually boost weight loss through increasing thermogenesis

Raising your core temperature can boost metabolism, leading to more calories being burned throughout the day. That stored fat will be used for energy when you’re breathing, sleeping, and even walking around. Having stronger bones also means you can perform intense exercise. 

Be cautious of taking too much calcium, as it might lead to constipation. You don’t want to go overboard with adding calcium to your meals, either. Just stick to the recommended dosage of having 2 diet pills a day and try not to take any other weight loss supplements.

#2 Chromium

Chromium picolinate is a trace element that can curb your sugar cravings on a diet. It may also increase lean muscle mass, leading to a stronger metabolism. The more muscle you have, the more likely your body burns extra calories to feed those muscles after high-intensity exercise. 

People who have up to 1,000μg/day of chromium may lose an extra 2–4 pounds. This amount might not sound like much, but it still contributes to your end result. Not craving sugary foods can stop episodes of binge eating that may otherwise lead to weight gain or heart disease.

However, you might experience certain side effects from taking chromium, like stomach pain and low blood sugar levels. Those with hypoglycemia or kidney disease need to be aware of this ingredient in weight loss pills, as it can make your current symptoms even worse. 

#3 L-carnitine

L-carnitine fumarate is often found in foods like red meat, leafy greens, and nuts.

This ingredient encourages the body to use excess stored fat as energy sources. You could shed body fat while maintaining high physical and mental strength. Some people also call this chemical compound a “fat burner” due to it boosting your natural basal metabolic rate (BMI). 

However, some clinical trials show that L-carnitine doesn’t actually contribute to a fat-burning metabolism. It might only have a modest effect on those who have a greater body mass index, but it can’t directly reduce body fat or eliminate new fat cells in your system.

#4 Caffeine

Caffeine might be one of the ingredients with side effects, but that doesn’t mean it lacks health benefits. This substance was added to reduce fatigue, boost reaction time, and increase thermogenesis. All of these contributing factors may encourage the body to lose excess weight.

This ingredient especially strengthens the metabolism, further limiting fat production. Since caffeine is a stimulant, it can send signals to fatty cells, telling them to break down. Caffeine also increases the hormone epinephrine – adrenaline that travels through your blood and fat tissue. 

The PhenQ weight loss supplement contains a good amount of caffeine, which might trigger side effects. Stomach pain, nausea, headaches, rapid heartbeat, and dehydration are just a few symptoms. Certain people with a sensitive gut might experience this upon consumption. 

However, you can avoid this by consuming less caffeine in your healthy diet. Only follow the recommended dosage and try not to exceed the 400mg limit per day. If you do go over this amount, sleep problems might arise quickly, which could hinder the weight loss process. 

#5 Nopal cactus fiber

This ingredient is derived from the nopal cactus plant – a common type of cactus that contains suitable nutrients for a low-calorie diet. PhenQ uses this due to the high amount of fiber, as it can help you feel full. The more satisfied you feel after meals, the less likely you’ll binge snack

PhenQ also believes that nopal cactus can reduce fat accumulation by removing body fat through the digestion process. This may help you lose weight around your organs and stubborn parts of the body. Pairing PhenQ weight loss pills with a healthy diet can encourage the process.

High-fiber ingredients can also support digestive health and help control blood sugar levels. If you have too much blood sugar, the excess insulin will tell your body to store glucose as fat, leading to weight gain. However, dietary fiber quickly lowers sugar in your bloodstream.

#6 Capsimax plus blend

The capsimax powder plus blend is a key ingredient that increases your fat-burning production. PhenQ claims it strengthens “thermogenic abilities” by maintaining hormones that control stubborn fat stores. Over time, your body learns to burn fat just to keep energy levels high. 

These PhenQ diet pills focus on improving weight loss efforts through capsimax supplementation. It works to support lipolysis – a metabolic process that breaks down lipids into free fatty acids. This positive change will further help you lose excess body weight. 

Losing weight is all about diets and intense exercise as well. You can strengthen your metabolism with the ketogenic diet – a meal plan that focuses on eating low-carb foods. Pairing this with capsimax can hugely accelerate your progress and lead to better weight loss.

#7 a-Lacys reset

PhenQ has done more research on the a-Lacys reset ingredient – a mix of fat-destroying compounds. Alpha-lipoic acid and other chemicals are used to rid the body of unnecessary fats. It might also increase muscle mass by helping your muscles recover after strength training.

These PhenQ weight loss pills claim to help you drop 3.44% in overall body weight using a-Lacys reset. Some people could lose 7.24% of just pure fat. PhenQ’s evidence is supported with before and after graphs, but these all depend on gender, age, and personal routines.

Although a-Lacys reset is the main ingredient, you might not lose a significant amount of weight. PhenQ pills with alpha-lipoic acid have been shown to slightly impact weight loss. People who took a supplement with the ingredient only lost around an extra 1.52 pounds over 14 weeks.

What Are the Main Benefits of PhenQ?

These PhenQ pills not only support weight loss, but they help to strengthen natural functions in your body. Ingredients like alpha-lipoic acid, calcium, and cactus fiber all contribute to your goals. Supplements might not work for everyone, so keep that in mind before buying them.

Here are the 3 main benefits of PhenQ:

#1 Reduced appetite

Some people may notice fewer food cravings after taking the supplements. This is due to the nopal cactus fiber and chromium picolinate suppressing your appetite. Both of these ingredients can help you feel full after meals, which decreases the chance of you binge eating or snacking. 

You might also have better mood and energy levels throughout the day. Those who feel good usually stick to their diet plans and prevent unwanted weight gain. If you do have a reduced appetite, make sure to still reach your daily calorie intake to stay fit and healthy.

It’s very easy to not eat food while burning fat, but that could harm your progress. Realistic weight loss goals need to introduce high-density meals containing lots of nutrients. Even though PhenQ can suppress appetite, you should focus on eating more healthy foods.

#2 Increased metabolism

A stronger metabolism means your body can burn more calories just through daily physical activity. PhenQ contains lots of fat-burning ingredients, like calcium and a-Lacys reset, that eliminate stubborn fat. This further encourages the body to let go and break down fatty cells.

If you want to lose fat, eat other products alongside this supplement. Peppermint, ginger, tea, and protein-rich foods can boost metabolism. Having these on your diet could burn extra body fat without you realizing it. Just make sure to consume plenty of important nutrients. 

Even small amounts of caffeine are good for raising your core temperature and reducing fat production. Lots of people shed excess weight just by having a couple of doses of caffeine each day. However, pairing this with long-distance running could also increase metabolism. 

#3 Natural ingredients

The PhenQ supplements only contain natural ingredients that fuel the body. Other pills might have non-organic substances that disrupt a weight loss diet. PhenQ truly believes its “science-backed” formula is the key to limiting fat production and reducing food cravings.

This brand also works with an FDA-approved manufacturer that only promotes natural compounds in supplements. Wolfson Brands UK uses “time-tested strategies” to make these wellness products. Natural production may encourage consumers to purchase the pills.

Possible Side Effects of PhenQ

Dietary supplements often come with side effects that occur for certain people. 

Those with a sensitive digestive tract might experience stomach pain or severe constipation. Ingredients like calcium, caffeine, and chromium picolinate might affect your regular bowel movements. If this does happen, stop taking the supplement and drink lots of water. 

The PhenQ weight loss pill may also trigger headaches and restlessness. Dietary supplements with caffeine will give you high energy levels, but that can disrupt your sleep schedule. You should avoid these pills if you already suffer from insomnia, narcolepsy, or sleep apnea. 

It’s very possible to feel sick after taking the PhenQ diet pill. However, if you swallow a pill without eating food, this can upset your stomach. Nausea is one of the common symptoms, but you should always take supplements with meals and never exceed the 2 limit dosage.

Just remember to seek medical help if you experience lots of side effects. A doctor can examine your condition and determine whether PhenQ pills are suitable for your health. You may stop taking the supplement whenever you want, as it won’t disrupt your body’s natural processes.

Is PhenQ Safe?

These PhenQ “fat burner” pills seem to contain safe, 100% natural ingredients that might encourage you to lose weight. Vegans and vegetarians may enjoy this PhenQ supplement due to the organic substances that can’t harm the human body in any way. 

On their official website, users also claim to experience a few common side effects. People who gave this supplement a five-star rating said PhenQ helped them reach their goals when paired with exercise and diets. This further suggests the fat loss supplement is safe to consume.

If you don’t like the product or experience too many uncomfortable symptoms, you can always return the product. PhenQ has a money-back guarantee that reassures many consumers. Not everyone will gain the same weight loss benefits, even if they follow the exact dosage. 

However, just be aware that taking too much of the supplement is not safe. You could have adverse side effects that won’t go away after consumption. To stay completely safe, read the recommended dosage on the PhenQ official website and never exceed that. 

How We Tested PhenQ

Judging the several characteristics of this brand and product is very important. You need to understand if PhenQ is worth your money and whether the pills suit your preferences. We took the time to evaluate each contributing factor, including both the pros and cons of PhenQ.

Let’s take a look at the below factors in more detail: 

Quality 8/10 

The quality of the product is essential to evaluate before you buy it. PhenQ has high-quality standards and ingredients when manufacturing the pills. People often look at their website and judge consumer testimonials, details about the ingredients, and even the packaging efforts. 

You also get 60 pills in one tub, which can last you at least one full month. This amount shows how PhenQ considers longevity and practicality when it comes to having these supplements every day. A high-quality brand usually attracts more potential consumers to its products.

If you are choosing between PhenQ or Instant Knockout, we recommend taking PhenQ as it is a natural supplement.

Effectiveness 8/10 

PhenQ seems to have effective “fat burner” ingredients that prevent weight gain. Some people might notice good results after taking the supplement, but others could notice nothing at all. The effectiveness of this product all depends on your age, gender, workout routine, and diet. 

This brand also has over 190,000 satisfied customers who claim to enjoy the pills. They don’t have to say goodbye to their “favorite treats” when taking supplements. However, only you can judge the outcome of PhenQ, as everyone else will experience different physical results.

Price 6/10 

The price of PhenQ is one of the things bringing it down. 

One tub costs $70, meaning you’ll have to spend that amount each month. If people wanted to stay on this supplement in the long term, they would pay $840 for PhenQ supplements every year. Expensive dietary pills often put consumers off from even buying them again.

Only spend money on this fat-burning product if you’re willing to re-purchase it every month. You could get two bottles for $139.99 and get a free tub with it. However, there might be other supplements in the market that are cheaper and still contain the same ingredients. 

Brand reputation 9/10 

PhenQ is a brand that wants to produce the “highest-quality supplements” in today’s evolving market. They focus on releasing a well-researched formula that helps people reach their goals. A brand that cares about the needs and mental health of customers is important.

Their reputation scores high due to the clear mission of the company. PhenQ understands what nutrition could encourage further fat loss among consumers. You can navigate their website to learn more about healthy living, exercise, and the right time to take supplements. 

A Word From Our MD

PhenQ dietary pills are there to support your fitness journey, not directly reduce body fat. The only way you can achieve your goals is by going for a daily walk or run and eating low-calorie foods. Following this strict routine should boost your physical results each week. 

Remember that supplements aren’t made for everyone. One person might notice they have a smaller stomach, and someone else may not see any progress. Taking a pill every day can only do so much for your body, so try to create new habits that make you feel healthy.

Most importantly, speak to a doctor if you have trouble with PhenQ pills. A medical professional can tell you how to relieve side effects or common symptoms. If you do have a severe reaction upon taking the supplements, avoid them completely.


Is PhenQ FDA-approved?

Yes, PhenQ was made in FDA and GMP-approved facilities, making it a reliable weight loss product. Supplements that are manufactured by FDA companies usually contain safer ingredients. It’s always better to do your research before buying expensive dietary pills.

Where can I buy PhenQ?

You can buy the PhenQ supplement on their official website page. This should be the only place consumers purchase it from, as other websites could sell fake supplements. Consumers can’t get these supplements in a physical store, so only try to get them online through their official links.

Is PhenQ legit?

PhenQ is a legit brand that produces authentic supplements for weight loss. You can read the “about us” page on their website to gain a sense of their mission. They also have a blog that contains information about weight training, fat loss tips, and more about their PhenQ product.


So, should you buy the PhenQ supplements?

You can try these fat loss pills if you need that extra support. They don’t directly burn fat, but they might boost metabolism and suppress appetite. Not all “fat burner” pills work for everyone, so keep that in mind before buying. There’s always the chance to send them back for a refund. 

If you are still not sure if these pills are for you, read more about RazaLEAN, Phen24, or Keto Charge supplements. Maybe they will catch your eye?

Just remember to perform cardio-based exercises and go on a calorie deficit to lose weight. Taking supplements alone won’t do anything for your fitness journey. You need to plan a proper workout routine before spending money on these PhenQ supplements.

Written by
Edibel Quintero, MD

Edibel Quintero is a medical doctor who graduated in 2013 from the University of Zulia and has been working in her profession since then. She specializes in obesity and nutrition, physical rehabilitation, sports massage and post-operative rehabilitation. Edibel's goal is to help people live healthier lives by educating them about food, exercise, mental wellness and other lifestyle choices that can improve their quality of life.

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