Keto Diet

Hunger attacks? It is a biological addiction to sugars. Here’s how to defend ourselves now, even if we do very little exercise

Secret getaways to the kitchen…

That desire to eat your entire pantry, including furniture…

That impulsive desire for sweets and salted, giving up to temptation and then regretting it…

All of this may not be the fault of our gluttony

David Ludwig, a recognized American endocrinologist and writer, has shown how foods with more sugar – not just sweets – but also foods like white flour, potatoes, and refined starches – have what’s called a high glycemic index.

This is responsible for activating a special region in the brain called the “nucleus accumbens” which is known to be as the responsible for all addictions, precisely because it secretes dopamine, the pleasure hormone.

In fact, several experiments carried out by the academic have shown how a sugary drink or a dish high in carbohydrates* activates the same area of ​​the brain recalled by drugs.

*Yes, sugars and carbohydrates are the same for our body.

On the left, a brain scan after the intake of sugars, on the right, a brain scan after the intake of drugs.

You have probably noticed. 

When we have been fasting for many hours.

And we find ourselves in front of a soft piece of chocolate cake…

filled with velvety chocolate cream and next to it a beautiful and light strand of freshly whipped cream…

we imagine ourselves sticking our fork through the fragrant layers…


Immediately our salivation increases…

our pupils dilate…

our sweating increases…

and we start rubbing our hands or fingers compulsively

They remind us of the abstinence symptoms, right?

Listen, please continue following this thinking

This is very important, because it will relate to the “keto revolution” that I will share in a few moments.

You see…

When sugar enters into the bloodstream, your body releases an insulin spike.

Insulin is an essential hormone for our body. It is the necessary bolt for sugars to enter cells and is used to produce the energy necessary to fuel the functions of our body.

The insulin mechanism becomes “wicked” when too much is produced, as in the case of the intake of sugars.

In this case – after a spike – blood glucose and insulin drop abruptly, the brain goes into a crisis and sends stimulations to the body to introduce new fuel = (HUNGER).

fast food

Is there an anti-hunger path?

Now we have understood that insulin is responsible for sudden hunger attacks, especially when we have continuous high and low spikes.

The solution is obvious and undeniable. Eliminate sugars and carbohydrates!

Think about it, it’s simple:

  • Less Sugar
  • Less Insulin
  • Less Hunger

For this reason, low-carb diets, like Keto – which we will talk about in a moment – have become so popular…

Because it is all about eliminating the root cause that causes our willpower to fail. Maybe now it starts to make sense why all the diets you’ve tried so far have failed. Because the problem is not about how many calories you eat, but about how many of them come from carbohydrates and sugars.

Ketone Bodies: hunger block compounds

At this point, the ketogenic diet is probably a term you’ve already heard.

This is one of the most loved diets by Hollywood’s stars such as Halle Berry, Kim Kardashian or as Jillian Michaels, the celebrity trainer.

The diet gets its name from the self-production of ketone bodies in our organism.

When these compounds are produced, it means that we are in the “ketogenic phase” and therefore we are changing our cells fuel.

The reason why “Keto” is so popular is simple,

Change the body’s source of energy from carbohydrates… which the body breaks down into “wicked” sugars and leaves us hungry, tired, and irritable. To the healthy fats that will teach our body to feed on our “reserves” that often cling to the waist, legs, and buttocks.

Unleash a virtuous cycle that leads us to reach our desired condition sooner than you think.


If you’ve tried this diet before, but it didn’t work out for you, then you should read this testimonial.

Elisa, 54 years old from Sondrio

I was really excited to start the ketogenic diet.
For the first time in years, I was convinced that I could find the shape I was looking for and maintaining the results over time.
I was motivated, I was ready to work hard… and then…

I was very disappointed.

When I started the diet it was great, I lost the first 2.7 kg in 9 days…
And mentally I felt very good because I kept seeing the numbers go down.
However, I soon discovered that the traditional ketogenic diet has some major problems.

First of all, I was very confused, at first I started with the “do it yourself” reading information on the internet, but I do not recommend it because it is full of misleading sayings.

Then I received guidelines from my doctor.
I was told to eat about 65% fat, 10% carbohydrates, and 25% protein.

But keeping track of all of this was exhausting… basically, I had to keep a diary in which I wrote down everything I ate and had to be doing the math all the time.

Also, as I found out later, many foods that I thought were suitable turned out to contain hidden sugars

In the end, it was too difficult to follow, and at certain times, venting on food was the only thing that could calm me down!

Fortunately, last year I discovered that there is a website or phone app called Keto Cycle.
Keto Cycle is a personalized meal plan, which is developed after taking your online identification test. In fact, each woman, depending on their age, lifestyle, and habits must have a specific food plan adapted to her specific needs.

After answering their simple questionnaire that you can find here, I received the 28-day food plan tailored to my needs, including ready-to-go recipes made with easy-to-buy ingredients and automatic macronutrient counting.

It’s almost like having a nutritionist in your pocket.

Everything has changed for me because it is so easy to go on and to stick to this personalized version of the Ketogenic Diet and I don’t have any further obstacles towards reaching my goal.

That’s right, for most women, following the generic ketogenic diet without personalized guidelines is not only much more difficult, but is also inefficient.

It’s like having to get to Paris by car, without a map, without a compass, without a navigator and without roads to follow. Just an infinite uniform white expanse.

Instead, a direct path exists to a life without sudden hunger attacks, with more energy, with normalized blood sugar levels, and to help reach the desired shape. It’s called the Keto Cycle.

Now, take this completely free questionnaire and answer simple questions such as age, habits, allergies, favorite dishes, etc.

In less than 60 seconds you will receive your personalized 28-day diet that has already helped 3,547 women to:

  1. Get into ketosis quickly
  2. Stay in long-term ketosis without difficulty
  3. Thrive in ketosis for as long as desired

Keep in mind: you will find simple, super tasty recipes with easy to find natural ingredients.



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