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5 Warning Signs You’re On A Bad Diet

Who else feels like mainstream diet culture is becoming increasingly toxic and restrictive? If you didn’t steal food from a baby, then you shouldn’t feel guilty about food. Ever.

Yet virtually all “popular” diets enforce super strict regimes and even arbitrary restrictions. These can cause guilt, anxiety, and even disordered, emotional eating. 

When this happens, our body sends 5 specific warning signs. Warning signs we, unfortunately, tend to dismiss or ignore.

We wrote this Health Insider’s guide to help you quickly identify these 5 warning signs. 

Read every word carefully because if you’re experiencing 3 or more of the 5 warning signs, your diet might be doing more harm than good. 

#1 – Weight loss is not just hard. It feels torturous. 

If you keep starting your diet motivated, but by the end of the day, you find yourself deep in a bag of potato chips, it may not be your fault. It may be your diet. 

Of course, willpower does play a role in losing weight. But uncontrollable food cravings and constant emotional eating are signs of something worse.

It’s our body’s cry for help that we’re not giving it all the nutrients it needs. If your diet doesn’t nourish your body, your brain sends a signal to keep eating. 

Even if we resist cravings for a few weeks, eventually, hunger overcomes us. We start emotional eating, and soon we’re back to square one. 

All the weight we lost pours back… and we even add some extra for good measure.

#2 – You’re feeling low on energy. As if you’re frequently running on empty. 

Low on energy

Energy levels are a powerful indicator of whether your nutrition is good for you or not. 

Sure. If you have a particularly tough period at home or work, then feeling exhausted for a time might be normal. 

But if you constantly feel tired, don’t sleep well, or need to keep chugging caffeine to slog through the day — these are almost surefire signs of a bad diet. 

It’s alarming how so many people have grown used to feeling fatigued all the time. Often, their diet plan dehydrates them, they’re low on iron levels, and they get too much sugar.

But when they change their diet, these are the people who experience a positive transformation the quickest. 

Chronic sugar eaters are a great example. They always love how much more energy they get when they start a keto diet which helps the body run on fat, a much more stable fuel source. 

#3 – You experience ongoing constipation, gas, and other digestive discomforts.

Our bowels should move every time we eat a meal. It’s our body’s natural mechanism for making room for new nutrition.

But when our diet is poor, we get digestive discomfort. This manifests itself in all sorts of ways, including constipation, gas, and even belly bloat.

If you experience some of these symptoms, likely, you’re not getting enough fiber. Try bumping it up by eating fiber-rich foods like leafy greens and nuts.

As a general guideline, the recommended intake is 25 grams of fiber per day for women and 38 grams per day for men. 

Please remember that for best results, it’s always better to have a personalized approach to nutrition.

#4 – Your diet restricts your lifestyle and impacts your enjoyment of life. 


Avoiding fun foods at all costs is one of the most toxic aspects of diet culture. 

Raise your hand if you’ve canceled dinners because you didn’t want to tempt yourself with unhealthy options. 

Trying to steer clear of tasty food, even “unhealthy” tasty food is a mistake and can leave you feeling isolated, lonely, even paranoid. 

It may sound counterintuitive, but the only way to experience real and lasting transformation is to make “dieting” enjoyable.

This starts with a personalized eating strategy filled with meals that you ENJOY eating… complete with takeout and restaurant alternative options so that you can enjoy maximum freedom and flexibility.  

#5 – You’re constantly watching calories, counting carbs, and thinking about food. 

These are all good habits to develop, but they shouldn’t overwhelm you or take a lot of space in your life.

If you find yourself feeling consumed by the details of your diet, this is a definite sign that it’s a bad diet. 

A healthy diet helps people develop a flexible relationship with food. 

It actively improves your life, helps you look and feel better, and does it all with minimal friction and deprivation.

The Solution To Having A Bad Diet

For people who have 20 pounds or more to lose, we recommend a personalized keto diet plan that takes age, physical shape, and medical conditions into consideration.

Keto is the most effective strategy for burning fat fast because it helps the body use its own fat for fuel.

And because a personalized keto plan like Keto Cycle is fine-tuned to your body, you will experience less hunger, fewer cravings, and no emotional eating. 

Weight loss will come quicker. Best, it will also be pretty easy. 

Here’s a part of what you get with Keto Cycle:

✅ 1,000+ personalized recipes to choose from, taking no longer than 15 minutes to prepare (plus tips on how to eat out without much hassle).

✅ Weekly grocery lists with simple, affordable ingredients you can find at your local grocery store.

✅ You get to eat snacks and desserts on the regular. You’ll love how they taste but you’ll still lose weight.

✅ You’ll stay full during the day. You won’t have to rely on willpower or battle cravings because our nutritionists will design personalized meals that nourish your body.

✅ Calories, carbs, and other nutrients will all be calculated for you. You won’t have to do any work, yet you’ll always be on top of your diet. 

✅ 24/7 nutritionist support — like having a nutritionist in your pocket. Just send a quick message when you have a question. 

How soon will you get visible results?

Here are the results of people that tried Keto Cycle for at least 28 days.

Margaret, 40
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