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Sensa App Review: Will It Make You Feel Better?

Written By
Edibel Quintero, MD
Fact checked by the medical team
Sep 12
Reading time: 11 min
sensa health review

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Mental health is important, and it’s gathering steam as a new horizon for better self-care. There’s more than one app for that. Today we’re looking at the Sensa Health app.

This is a mental well-being assistant with a unique approach. Sensa offers daily guidance using proven psychotherapy techniques and self-education. 

We’re looking at what the Sensa health app does, why you should care, and what it can do for you. We’ll wrap up with our verdict on the app and who should use it.

Let’s start by looking at the basics.

What Is Sensa App?


Sensa Health calls the app a mental health and well-being assistant. It’s a smartphone app that uses established therapy practices to build a healthier lifestyle. The activities and lessons come from clinical psychology to help you change how you think, act, and feel.

Sensa’s basic design is centered around a trio of key processes:

– Self-education
– Self-awareness
– Habit building

It uses the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) framework as the foundation of effective therapy. This is about improving thoughts, feelings, and actions – which all improve each other. This results in a change in your perspective and mood over time.

The app offers a range of features that make this simple and easy. It’s great to take the complexity out of mental health practice. Sensa is also a discrete and accessible service for those who don’t have access to comprehensive care or just need a helping hand.

sensa health app
Sensa Health – find your inner peace
  • Mood journal to build conscious, reflective habits for better self-monitoring
  • Self-management lessons that are scheduled and explored by you (the user)
  • Regular activities to help you maintain healthy habits and mental well-being
  • Tips, strategies, and other resources for self-education
Daily guidance and activities offer education and self-learning
Access to reading material and other resources to support your journey
Addresses lifestyle in many areas
The quick-relief segment offers support during stressful moments
The variety of content can be intimidating at the start
Paid app

How does Sensa app work?

Sensa relies on a few key features:

  1. Self-management lessons & quick relief exercises
  2. Regular activities
  3. Mood journal
  4. Resources for self-education

The idea is to improve a few essential skills that control your mood. Things like your ability to understand your emotions, to understand where they come from, and to build healthy habits. These changes empower you to take control of your own actions and establish the link between doing and feeling

sensa app interface 1
sensa app interface 2

Sensa’s primary goal is to put you back in charge of your mental health. It does this with easy-to-digest resources. The schedule provides a flexible reminder of what you need to do, tasks are achievable but significant, and the CBT focus is very effective. It helps to create healthy lifelong habits easily.

Improving your grasp on yourself and building awareness is a self-care tool. Simply changing your habits and implementing deliberate action can completely change your mood. Sensa does the planning for you so you can focus on healthy practices.

Key features: what does Sensa app do?

Sensa app suggests progress tracking, self-education, self-care, and lifestyle improvement. You build better habits for mental and physical health with consistent practice. This app also offers quick relief exercises to calm you down.

Tracking involves an easy-to-use everyday Mood Journal to track progress and link feelings with causes. You’ll also perform a weekly DASS-21 assessment for in-depth anxiety level monitoring. This helps offer awareness and guidance on major themes or concerns. These help you understand triggers and vulnerabilities to protect yourself in the future.

The My Plan feature is a flexible 84-day course of lessons that help you better understand yourself and your mood. It is an educational resource that you can tailor to your schedule and take at your own pace. Lessons teach you how to control your thoughts and behavior to support a better mood.

Activities are the main habits that help support your mental health, and Sensa’s prompts help you build a great routine. These include physical and mental health practices, reflection, and CBT exercises.

Quick Relief resources are small, instant tasks you can use to reduce anxiety and improve overall well-being. They help you when things are going badly and you need a little extra support. 

sensa app review inner peace

Who are the minds behind the app?

The advice and guidance found in the Sensa Health app come from trained experts in the field. Behavioral psychiatrists work around the clock to provide credentialed and up-to-date information.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a mainstay of effective therapy and counseling. It’s an established and well-regarded psychology practice focusing on doing, thinking, and feeling.

Sensa uses this framework to guide your activities and lessons.

Evidence for CBT is extensive and is especially useful for people who don’t have direct, acute psychological concerns. Sensa uses CBT to help you manage your own health. It’s perfect for being proactive and improving your mood.

What areas does Sensa guide you through?

There are 3 key areas that Sensa helps guide you through: tracking, education, and habit formation.

Tracking is key to building a better understanding of events, stressors, and lifestyle patterns that affect your mood. Mood journal and weekly anxiety assessments let you do this effectively with a few minutes a day.

Education is a great way to develop long-term wellness. It’s a roughly-3-month course that helps you understand yourself while monitoring and improving your mood. 

Habit formation helps you build a healthier lifestyle. Habits are split into 4 categories: healthy, physical, mindfulness, and relaxation. This helps you structure your behavior and focus on each area of your life. The things you do regularly are key to mental health, and improving them with Sensa drastically benefits your mood.

Quick relief is about improving your immediate mood during stressful situations. This helps you cope with life’s inevitable challenges. This is immediately useful for improving mood but also builds long-term resilience. Dealing with stress well is critical to long-term peace of mind and anxiety control.

Sensa App Cost

Sensa pricing is – like many apps – a trade-off between price and commitment. Longer commitments to the app have a lower monthly cost. You have 3 options: 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months.

At the time of reviewing this product, the pricing was as follows:

1 month: $29.99

3 months: $59.97 (under $20 per month)

6 months: $89.94 (under $15 per month)

Mental health is a long-term consideration, and these prices are reasonable. The longer commitments are great value, saving you one-third and one-half of the monthly price for 3 and 6 months, respectively.

At the least, we recommend trying the 3-month block. Not only is this a great price, but it also tracks with the 84-day My Plan course. It’s a 3-month commitment, but that’s also good because it commits you to use the Sensa Health app for a longer period of time to see the best results.

The price is excellent and outperforms some of the market’s rivals. The 3-month block is our choice for getting the most bang for your buck and experiencing what Sensa can do for you.

Who is the Sensa app for?

Sensa is for anyone who doesn’t have an immediate mental health crisis but wants to feel better. Anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle and mood should try it out. 

It’s a perfect choice for a healthy person who has depressive or anxious episodes, thoughts, or feelings. These are incredibly normal human experiences, and Sensa can help you manage and overcome them. 

We recommend Sensa to anyone experiencing repeated bouts of depressive or anxious traits. It’s also a great way to simply build resilience to these events and feelings. You can use Sensa to take care of your mind.

Sensa is for anyone who wants to improve mental health at their own pace, on their own schedule, and for the purposes of self-management.

Is Sensa App Worth It?

Based on many reviews online, this app is an actual mental health coach in your pocket, and it is worth your money. This app is built upon the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), so you can identify emotional triggers, explore stress-free activities, and build healthy lifelong habits without any struggle.

Sensa vs alternatives

Sensa is a solid stand-out on the market for focusing on CBT-based mental health management. 

BenefitsSelf-management guidanceRelaxation and meditation Therapist /counselor live chatPersonalized treatment plans
ProsDaily guidance and activities offer education and self-learning

Access to reading material and other resources to support your journey

Addresses lifestyle in many areas

The quick-relief segment offers support during stressful moments
Suitable for beginners & experienced meditators

Lots of informative content

User-friendly app interface

Online access to therapists

Ability to stay anonymous when talking with your therapist

You can change your therapist easily
Simple design

You can talk with the therapist online

Therapy is b ased on cognitive behavioral therapy

ConsThe variety of content can be intimidating at the start

Paid app
You have to pay for many features

It requires times
High price point

Therapists will not diagnose conditions

Therapists can’t prescribe medications
Paid app

Might not be for everyone
LinkVisit SensaVisit CalmVisit BetterHelpVisit Brightside

Sensa has a solid design philosophy and really stands out as the best quality app for self-management. It foregoes the therapist model of BetterHelp and expands on the simple “relaxation” apps like Calm.

Sensa doesn’t have much direct competition. The focus on self-management and the contribution of daily tasks and education is unique. The app’s design integrates this unique approach and makes Sensa the stand-out choice for mental health guidance.

How to get the most from Sensa Health

First, consistency

Using Sensa Health daily is the route to getting the best results if you experience any mental health issues. Daily tasks and education work together to provide a better mental health environment and habits, giving you the real “bang for your buck.” However, you have to practice self-care everyday to see some changes.

Second, make sure you think about the lessons and activities throughout the day. Reflect on the lessons and tips, rather than just browsing them. Try and focus on implementation – not just collecting bits of knowledge.

Third, make sure you’re always reflecting on why you feel a certain way. Adding comments to your mood journal on the triggers and factors in your mood are important habits. You can look back on the month and use them to understand why you feel the way you do. We recommend using your anxiety assessment every week and reflecting on your notes.

Finally, commit to the 3 months. It sounds like a long time initially, but it’s perfect for getting results from Sensa. The My Plan timeline is perfect for testing it out and improving your mental health. These things take time, and the 3-month subscription is a perfect measure for whether Sensa fits your needs or not!

How we tested the Sensa Health app

We don’t review every product or service with the same criteria – everything has to be judged independently. We’ve reviewed Sensa as part of our research in the wider mental health app market, and we have a few key pointers that stand out:

  • Is it effective? Does it make users healthier, happier, and better at taking care of themselves?
  • Is it intuitive? Can you use it without too much complexity or trial-and-error?
  • Value – does it offer value for money? How does it compare to others on the market?
  • What role does it fill in the market? Is it ten-a-penny, or is it a unique stand-out?
  • Who is it for? Is it appropriate for that demographic? Does it serve a real need?

We’ve also been reviewing Sensa in the context of the alternatives on the market and the needs of their demographics in general. We’re looking at the role mental health plays in people’s lives and what role or function an app might offer them.

We put hundreds of hours into our research. Our tests cover the most important factors, what Sensa does, and what makes it relevant to you and your needs.


What is the Sensa Health app?

Sensa is a self-management app for mental health – specifically mood and depression/anxiety guidance using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. Expect tracking, education, and lifestyle activities to improve mental well-being.

Is Sensa Health a therapy app?

No. Sensa is not a replacement for therapy. It is designed to help you improve mental health and well-being but is not a treatment for diagnosed disorders. Sensa helps adjust your lifestyle to promote better mental health. Sensa does not replace therapy or the advice of your appointed medical professional.

How can Sensa improve my mental health? 

Sensa helps you help yourself. It educates and provides prompts, activities, and reflections to help you understand yourself. You will learn about the causes and solutions to anxiety and stress. Sensa uses a range of clinical psychology tools to help you control your mental well-being and build a healthier life.

Can Sensa help with a crisis?

Sensa is not designed for acute mental health crises and other medical problems. Quick-relief tasks help deal with everyday stress and anxiety. They do not replace acute care provision. Sensa can help with a stressful situation or bad mood, not a mental health crisis.

Does Sensa put me in touch with a professional?

Sensa is built by experts, but there’s no 1:1 contact. The goal is to empower you to control your own habits through CBT rather than incurring the expense of pricey expert live chats.

Sensa is designed, reviewed, and improved regularly by experts in psychiatry and psychology. All of the programs and advice/guidance are built on solid clinical practices with a history of success across a wide range of patients.

Our final thoughts on the Sensa App

Sensa fulfills a very specific and important role in the market. It offers an app for people who want to feel, think, and do better in everyday life. It’s a way of improving mental health with conscious, deliberate learning and practices.

We love Sensa because it offers something unique on the market, but with an enormous appeal to a wide range of people. You don’t have to have a diagnosed condition, you don’t need to perform 1:1 therapy, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Sensa puts you in control of your mental health, one day at a time, empowering you to improve your own life and health.

sensa health app
Sensa Health – find your inner peace
  • Mood journal to build conscious, reflective habits for better self-monitoring
  • Self-management lessons that are scheduled and explored by you (the user)
  • Regular activities to help you maintain healthy habits and mental well-being
  • Tips, strategies, and other resources for self-education
Written by
Edibel Quintero, MD

Edibel Quintero is a medical doctor who graduated in 2013 from the University of Zulia and has been working in her profession since then. She specializes in obesity and nutrition, physical rehabilitation, sports massage and post-operative rehabilitation. Edibel's goal is to help people live healthier lives by educating them about food, exercise, mental wellness and other lifestyle choices that can improve their quality of life.

Fact checked by the medical team
sensa health review

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