7 Reasons Why Intermittent Fasting Is WAY Harder Without An App

There’s no reason to make things harder on yourself then they need to be. This goes for everything, and it also goes for intermittent fasting.

1. Eating Times Can Get Super Confusing


Keeping a strict schedule is tedious and requires a ton of attention. Knowing at what time to eat can present a challenge when you’re super busy.

On top of that, there are several different ways to fast. Depending on your goals and your body’s needs, timing can change. Remembering when to start fasting and when to stop can become a real chore after a while. 

An app makes it easy to know when it’s time to pig out or hold tough. App’s often consider a users’ age, weight, goal, lifestyle, tastes in food, and so on to create a fully customized program most professional nutritionists would charge hundreds of dollars for. It figures you out and builds a schedule for you.

Can’t remember when you should have dinner? Unsure if you’re still in a fasting window or not? Just check your phone.

2. It’s Hard To Hold Yourself Accountable

Tailor made program

Staying on top of yourself requires constant surveillance and effort. You always have to be ready to adjust or go out of your way to stick to your fasting plan. An app can nudge you when it’s time to act so you don’t have to stress, worry, or always have your fast on your mind.

“Ring, ring! It’s time to eat!”

“Ring, ring! Check out this cool recipe!”

“Ring, ring! Grab a glass of water and get ready for a fasting session!”

Using an intermittent fasting app is like having a personal assistant by your side day in and day out – but WAY less expensive.

3. Save Time In The Kitchen & Grocery Store

Delicious food

Knowing what is best for you to eat and how to prepare it in a tasty way takes a lot of knowledge, time, and skill. We know you’re busy, and you don’t want to allocate all that extra time you need to cook healthy homemade meals. It’s ok.

Some fasting apps analyze each user’s food preferences to create a meal plan they will actually enjoy. And if they don’t – which is rare – there are always a few alternatives ready to save the day.

Just pick up the items posted to your app’s shopping list and cook the provided recipes. That’s it! No thinking, no additional research, and no reading labels in the middle of the aisle.

4. It Makes Exercising Fun and Convenient

Fun workout

Working out doesn’t have to be a punishment. It doesn’t have to involve a gym full of strangers or classes that don’t fit into your lifestyle. Exercising can be fun and relaxing, provided that it’s done your way and on your schedule.

Make your workout your very own personal time. Just you, yourself, and your fasting app. Add a little music and enjoy the sweat. You won’t need any fancy equipment, or fashionable activewear, or a live personal-trainer. Pick out any recommended exercise when you have some free time and make fitness casual.

With dozens of different types of workouts to choose from, many app’s busiest (and laziest) users will find something that works for them – and their results improve accordingly.

5. Constant Reinforcement Of Good Habits


The best thing about an intermittent fasting app is that they uses various methods to encourage the brain to accept this new way of eating and make it a habit. 

Since most apps are extremely user friendly and easy to use while also extremely simple to follow, you’ll find yourself thinking less and doing more

Once that happens, the rest of the journey is a walk in the park. Fasting will eventually become a way of life, and the scale will keep moving in the right direction.

6. Professional Help When You Need It

Professional help

A few of the better apps even come with professional help. The DoFasting app was created with the help of a certified nutritional therapist, Christine Ellis. Their new 18-day challenge will give you the willpower you need to tackle the various fasting methods provided to help you get lean and stay fit. 

Each day you’ll get a professional tip written by Christine, and you can even upgrade so you’re able to reach her team directly. You’ll also find many useful articles and infographics, helping you better understand fitness, nutrition, and fasting. 

Follow along with the pros to learn what you need to do to lose your weight effectively, with the least amount of effort.

7. How Do You Track Progress Without It?


Not many things in life feel better than taking a look back and realizing how much progress you made. Unless you’re someone who journals or loves to take stats, you’ll find it hard to track your progress. 

A user updates the tracker as often as they can, and that’s that. An app tracks and remembers every smallest milestone a user completes on the journey to share and celebrate their success with others. 

Here are people results that did try the DoFasting App for at least 28 days:

“Ok, intermittent fasting sounds great! But is it great for ME?”

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