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How This Anxiety-Repair Tool Helped Me Find My Inner Peace

One afternoon, my heart started racing while sitting in the office chair. It came along with chest pains and restlessness.

These complaints started with rapid heartbeats and profuse sweating during my uncle’s hospitalization.

Everyone gets restless in certain situations, for instance, before an interview or going on the first date.

The difference in my condition being the restlessness didn’t subside. 

My uncle had a massive heart attack, and this situation shook me to my core.

An otherwise healthy person in his mid-40s got a heart attack. 

Seeing his 8-year-old son coping with this situation troubled me even more.

I started getting chest pain and breathlessness, along with the jitters.

Busy with running errands and taking care of my family and hospital rounds, I ignored my symptoms. 

I thought that my problem would subside on its own

But I couldn’t be more wrong!

As days passed, the problem only got worse. I had difficulty concentrating, I was avoiding social interaction, my appetite decreased, and sleeplessness came along.

One day, I felt stabbing pains in my chest. 

I thought I had a heart attack!

I called my husband, who rushed me to the hospital. After checking my entire history and ECG, the doctor confirmed I had big problems.

That was when I learned how dangerous panic attacks could be

I am Anna, a 40-year-old mom, and journalist. This was my first experience with a panic attack, and it deeply unnerved me.

I’ve always had an anxious personality – as far back as my memory goes.

As I conducted interviews, I had trouble fighting against anxiety almost daily. I would feel mentally paralyzed, and the confidence to work would sink.

Talking to strangers and frequent traveling made me uncomfortable around work. I would fumble, or my hands trembled during the interviews. 

My boss would always shout at me for making these mistakes. Even after explaining to him about anxiety, he would insult me in front of everyone.

This embarrassment would further aggravate my anxiety and discomfort. 

But a panic attack was something I experienced for the first time. 

While treating the panic attack, the doctor told me to treat my anxiety – or else these attacks would be frequent.

I battled anxiety for a few weeks, and I couldn’t think straight. I felt out of control and had this sense of imminent panic.

Woman holding a cup

I would forget keys, take a wrong turn while driving, and couldn’t sleep. At one point, I felt like losing my mind.

This constant state of anxiety freaked me, and I consulted a doctor who suggested taking a pill. 

But after a few days of taking the pills, I noticed mental confusion and weird sensations in my body. They also affected my libido.

It was like I was being pushed from one problem to another. 

I knew there had to be some better solution.

I researched my problem on the internet. I looked for available solutions. I soon realized that I had two options, medicines or therapy. 

Naturally, I opted for the second. I booked a session with a therapist, but it was too costly, about $150 for a single session.  

For the next 6 months, I went through multiple sessions. I almost spent five thousand dollars on these sessions.

Besides, the experience was overwhelming. The therapist asked so many questions at one go that I couldn’t deal with the emotions.

I was so frustrated and had nowhere to go. 

Now, again, I had to start from scratch

While staring at my room walls aimlessly, I figured out that I didn’t explore one more option: virtual therapy.

Many people had mentioned in the forums about managing anxiety with virtual therapy using mental health apps.

They discussed the convenience of virtual therapy. One could select the number of sessions and types of therapy they are comfortable with.

And these apps were really affordable. 

This gave a new ray of hope. I gathered a list of apps that would help me and shortlisted a few based on their features.

While most apps seemed to help, they all lacked the personalization factor. It was as if one size fits all. I wasn’t convinced at all with this idea.

They gave me multiple therapy options to select from, but, again, it was overwhelming for me.

But there was one app that offered multiple plans, and the app would tell me what to do according to my condition instead of me deciding what I wanted.

This caught my attention.

So, I downloaded the app and followed all the instructions.

Frankly, after what I have been through, I was skeptical whether the app would help. But this was my last resort. And not trying this meant taking pills, which wasn’t a suitable option for me.

The reviews were awesome. Plus, the app was a pocket-friendly option.

Considering all the pros, I decided to go ahead with it.

My Experience With This Restlessness-Relieving App

It started with a short quiz, and it turned out like a friend who listened to what I had to say.

Based on my answers, it gave me a personalized action plan. I really loved how the app gave me a plan of action tailor-made for me to manage my anxiety and improve sleep and overall sense of well-being.

I just had one small task to do every day according to the plan.

These tasks were really simple but helped me improve every day.

It worked as a gentle reminder to care for yourself.

Here’s How The App Helped Me

Over a period of time, the app helped me cope with stressful situations by altering my interpretation of the problem. It gave me a nudge to just keep going without blowing things out of proportion.

For instance, I realized anxiety during interviews was just my belief in incompetency. And with a rationalized approach using the app, I realized that it was just in my head.

Smiling woman in striped blouse

The principles I learned in the tool got embedded subconsciously in my mind. 

But the main factor that helped me ease anxiety problems was that the tool was about ME.

Frankly, some days I just felt like giving up. But those gentle reminders were there to guide me. And I felt like someone was there to take care of me and never let me feel alone ever.

And the app is called Sensa.

However, it won’t work if you’re looking for a miracle

Mental health problems develop over a period of time. Managing them thus needs patience and practice. 

The app will help you deal with problems step-by-step, dealing one thing at a time.

It helped me build healthy behavior, which will stay with me forever.

I do feel anxious sometimes, but it’s more manageable. Besides, the anxiety episodes decreased over time.

You can find a personalized approach, too

If you have anxiety and relate to my problems, I’d recommend trying the Sensa quiz.

Find out your triggers and alter your behavior to manage your symptoms.

Gradually, you can get back on track the way I did.

Woman holding plant pots

All you have to do is take a short, simple quiz and receive your very own tailor-made plan.

There’s no commitment. Worst case, you’ll understand behaviors that trigger your problem.

But best case…

You can have a life free of jitters, constant worry, and palpitations. Free of negative thoughts that affect your confidence.

And get in touch with the real you.

If this app has helped hundreds of people like me, it can help you, too.

You deserve this!

Take a free 2-minute quiz and reclaim your inner peace with your own personalized step-by-step Sensa plan

Always consult a professional for medical advice.



  1. The daily lessons are really helpful actually, it’s nice being reminded to look after myself

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  3. I love being able to feel better without paying mega bucks to therapists. Good app

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