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How I Lost Weight and Got Closer to My Kids by Revitalizing My Gut

“Why don’t you ever eat with us, mommy?”

“Oh, she’s dieting. This isn’t the first time. She’ll start eating with us again soon enough.”

This exchange between my kids, ages 4 and 7, made me stop in my tracks. I know they’re smart but being called out like this wasn’t easy on me.

Even my own children noticed a pattern in my life that I couldn’t get rid of. Until I did.

I’m happy to have found something that has helped me. I’ve now reached a healthy weight, worry less, and have meals with my kids anxiety-free.

I’m Jessica, I’m 36, and, like many of my peers, I feel like I’ve tried every diet in the world. I’ve followed every plan that was supposed to work.

Jessica in her 30s

I wasted a good 20 years of my life depriving myself of foods I loved when I wanted them the most… Missing social gatherings with my friends… And skipping quality time with my kids.

And then, after “being good” for a while and battling endless cravings, I would give in to binges.

At my worst, I would clear a pile of junk food that cost a week’s worth of groceries for the whole family. Saying I felt awful would be an understatement.

Sometimes I would keep myself together, stick to a diet, even exercise consistently. My weight would go down, and the numbers on the scale would excite me…

Until they’d stop. And then, no matter what I did, they just wouldn’t budge.

I’m sure you’ll know how disappointing it is.

So guess what I’d do?

I’d binge again and get right back to where I started.

I was stuck between the “good” periods and the binging sessions. 

And my body would feel the inconsistency. Especially my gut.

I kept feeling heaviness and discomfort with constant constipation and irregular movements. And the time I’ve wasted on the bowl! These are some of the most frustrating parts of my weight-management-failure journey.

I’m so glad those days are gone. I am at a normal weight, and the constipation issues have, well… passed.

I felt like a bad mother. I couldn’t lead by example and show my kids what a healthy body and healthy eating looked like. I was binging, so they would ask me for treats all the time too.

And mismanaging my cravings only to binge in secret wasn’t doing anyone any favors.

I’m happy to say that I now eat socially – with my kids and friends. I don’t get cravings anymore. Even when I do indulge, I don’t fall off the wagon and end up eating everything I can get my hands on.

I haven’t changed my diet. I’m not excluding particular food groups. I’m not fasting, neither am I strictly restricting calories.

I’m not exercising like an athlete either. Just the recommended three sessions of moderate exercise a week.

And I’m at the healthiest weight I can remember myself being at.

But of course, I’m getting ahead of myself here!

Jessica on the beach

After the last time I quit yet another diet with a huge binge (which was more than a year ago!), I realized I needed to seek help.

So I reached out to my friend Stacy who seemed to have gotten out of the diet cycle. After years of complaining about all the same things as me, she looked fitter, healthier, and a lot happier.

She gave me her nutritionist’s number. But she also hinted at one product that she’d started using that worked for her. She wasn’t going to give it away until I talked with the nutritionist, just to ensure it was the right fit for me.

So I went to see the nutritionist.

We talked about my eating habits, what I liked and how I felt about food. The nutritionist listened to me listing all the diets I had failed over the years. How I couldn’t sit down to eat with my children anymore, afraid I would binge again after.

I told her about my heaviness and constipation with a sense of unease.

It felt like a therapy session. I was talking my heart out. I went through feelings of shame, anger, and sadness – all in one conversation.

She let me talk, and when I ran out of words, she sighed.

She said she’d heard this story before. She was disappointed that this was still happening to people.

The nutritionist reassured me that it wasn’t my fault. After all, I had all the best intentions – I just wanted a healthy body. But the way I was trying to get there had the odds stacked against me.

She said we would have to change my body’s relationship with food. And that it’s barely going to take any effort from me.

She told me we needed to revitalize my gut.

She told me about a study1 that concluded that the healthier your gut is, the more productive your weight loss efforts will be. To simply put it, if the bacteria in your gut aren’t doing their job, you’ll end up absorbing more nutrients than you need.

So to help me reach my weight loss goals, we needed to ensure that my gut bacteria was healthy and food in my gut didn’t stay too long.

“And what about my cravings?”

She said that a gut revitalizer would help with all the issues mentioned previously. It would also help stabilize my sugar levels, so I don’t get cravings!

The only question was… 

“Do you like strawberries?”

It took me by surprise.

But of course, I nodded. Who doesn’t love strawberries?

The nutritionist wrote down a name that would quickly become a part of my routine.


Little did I know that this name would change how my body dealt with food.

I ordered the strawberry-flavored powder before I got home that day. I couldn’t wait to see what this gut revitalizer could do for me.

The supplement broke my constipation cycle soon after I started using it. I started feeling lighter.

I’ve been using it for 14 months now, and it’s become a part of my routine. I couldn’t imagine going back to a life without it.

Woman having a coffee

I would notice that I stopped getting my evening cravings. It became so much easier not to indulge when I’d surprise my kids with a sweet treat.

And soon enough, the weight started coming off.

I revitalized my gut and ensured that my whole body was healthier and ready to get down to a normal weight.

Feeling lighter and looking better in the mirror has had a huge impact on my mood too.

Now I’m just a happier, fitter, better mom.

And I feel so much closer to my children too. Now we have long, fun conversations at the dinner table.

To make sure they understand, I talk about my relationship with food. In a way, they understand.

We make up stories about the adventures of bacteria living in my gut. 

And I just smile as they babble on, taking sips of my strawberry-flavored ColonBroom.

Take This Quiz to See if Colon Broom Is the Right Fit for You

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  1. https://journals.asm.org/doi/10.1128/mSystems.00964-21


  1. What a touching article. I can relate a lot to what you went through, and I am so glad you found ColonBroom too. It really got my life back on track. Wishing you all the best!

  2. Wow, what a transformation. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I’ve been looking to take the next step myself, but had no idea where to start. Can’t wait to share my results with everyone!

  3. So pleased to see another person ColonBroom has helped. It took me months to find the right product for me, but I am so pleased I persisted. Can’t imagine my life without it now.

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