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How I learned to manage my gut health and get back on the court

My name is Sophie, and I want to share my story with you.

It has its ups and downs, I will admit. 

From losing my love for netball, my social life, and even my job, to where I am now – it is quite the rollercoaster ride!

So strap in and let me roll back the clock, and take you back to happier days.

I was enjoying life, living every day like it was my last (I liked to have fun.)

I worked as an accountant at a law firm in Chicago, it was hard work, but I loved it and felt proud of myself.

My friend group was also something I cherished dearly, we all looked out for each other and constantly planned things together.

It may sound pretty straightforward, but it was perfect for me.

On the weekends, I played for a local netball team, and that was what I loved the most.

In fact, during my younger years, I came close to playing at an international level, but those hopes soon disappeared, and I settled for the local team.

Things were going well in life

I had a long-term relationship at the time. Not relatively high school sweethearts, more a college couple – but we envisioned our lives together.

We often spent Sunday afternoons discussing our plans for the future and what lay ahead for us. I thought he was the one.

He wasn’t.

Things started to get heated between us.

We became more and more distant and started spending more time apart than we did together.

We both had relatively intense jobs, so we were accustomed to it.

But this time, it felt different.

To cut a long, long story short – we broke up

His late nights at work were revealed to be nothing more than a casual fling with a woman ten years my junior – classy, I know.

But something in the back of my mind just kept repeating the same thing, over and over.

‘It’s your fault.’

The more these thoughts occurred, the more I started to believe them.

Maybe I had let myself go, or perhaps I wasn’t good enough for him.

The more these thoughts took over, the more depressed I became.

How could I trust someone again? 

Allow them to get close to me and then just be dumped for a younger model.

No thanks.

So like women do in the movies, I turned to ice cream, sweets, and junk food

I also cut myself off from the things I loved. 

Friends, family, and even my beloved netball.

I just told them all I had an unspecified personal matter and left it at that. I didn’t want them to know the truth for some reason.

But in reality, I had gained around 20lbs in the space of 4 months, and I didn’t have the guts to turn up to netball looking larger than ever.

And so, the vicious cycle remained. 

Eat, feel sorry for myself, eat to feel better, and repeat.

I was larger than ever before – hardly surprising considering I ordered in for breakfast, lunch, and dinner one weekend.

I started to struggle with bloating and constipation. I constantly felt like I needed to use the bathroom but could never get it out (sorry to be so vulgar.)

Something needed to change

I knew full well that I could not continue in this vein – drastic changes were needed.

Hell, I was nearly a professional netball player – where did it all go so wrong?

That evening, I was determined to find a solution, so I fired up Google and began my search.

One product that seemed to keep popping up was ColonBroom.

It had glowing reviews online from thousands of satisfied customers

The reviews I found online for ColonBroom were overwhelmingly positive – it gave me that peace of mind before purchase.

I have been using ColonBroom for the last six months, and the results speak for themselves

The weight I had gained following my personal setback was a mere blip in the past.

After just four months of use, I had shaken off the weight I initially gained – I was so pleased with myself, and it seemed to install that old confidence back in me.

Smiling blond woman behind the train

Not only had my weight begun to normalize, but my gut was thanking me too.

No more bloatedness or constipation, painful trips to the lady’s room.

Just good old-fashioned, regular pooing (sorry again.)

Since my impending recovery, I have had what seems to be a new lease of life.

My cravings seemed to disappear overnight – gone was the sad Sophie who would make frequent late-night trips to the snack cupboard.

Let me explain how ColonBroom works, for those of you who may still be doubting:

The main ingredient is Psyllium Husk, a natural type of dietary fiber that is completely non-harmful.

I was also relieved to find out it is 100% organic and contains no sugar!

The product has a lovely taste (I opted for strawberry flavor) and is non-addictive.

And please, do not mistake it for a glorified laxative – this is not the case. 

Your run-of-the-mill laxatives will help you empty yourself out (sorry) but do not have anywhere near the same positives of ColonBroom.

I also found that my hunger pangs and cravings began to disappear.

No more late-night trips to the fridge and cupboard, scavenging for snacks.

So those are some of the many benefits you can hope to achieve – I must also say, since I have started using this product, my skin has never looked better.

It is no longer oily and greasy feeling – a big yes from me!

In terms of the results, you can expect to start to see regular bowel movements in 24-72hrs.

I started seeing progress after around a day and a half.

So there you have it – that’s my piece on the matter.

If you have experienced anything similar to what I have, whether it be weight gain, constipation, or significant food cravings (they help with those too), take the free quiz on their website and see how ColonBroom can help you.

It takes a matter of minutes to fill out, and you get to learn some pretty helpful information for free – not bad, right?

I wish you all the best on your journey to a better gut!

Results may vary due to personal features.



  1. A great read! Glad you are on the up with your gut health. ColonBroom helped me lose over 20lbs, cannot recommend it enough!

  2. Great to see someone else is benefiting from ColonBroom. It was a game-changer for me, completely got rid of my constant bloatedness!

  3. So pleased things worked out well for you. I have been using ColonBroom for about a year now, and I am thrilled with my progress! Keep up the good work.

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