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Benefits of Mint Water: Is It Good For You?

Benefits of Mint Water: Is It Good For You?

As summer approaches, it’s about time to add a variety of healthy and refreshing drinks to your menu.

Do you like the sweet aroma of fresh mint leaves, their spicy flavor, and the cooling aftertaste?

Mint water is a perfect refreshing drink for summer, packed with powerful properties. It’s also a great tea for treating cold and flu symptoms. People who like mint but are allergic to its essential oils like peppermint oil should consider it.

We’ll discuss several health benefits of mint, which make it a superfood, and why you must start consuming mint water this summer. You will also learn how mint can make it easier to get your daily liquid intake, help you detox, improve your stomach health, prevent swelling, and even aid in weight loss.

Read on!

What Is Mint Water?

Mint water is a refreshing drink made of spearmint or peppermint and water to enjoy at any time of the day. It can make it easier for you to stay adequately hydrated, prevent sugar cravings, and keep your breath fresh. 

Regularly drinking mint water can help you improve your digestion, flush out toxins, and lose extra weight. It is rich in phytonutrients to boost your immune system and natural electrolytes and has almost zero calories and sugar.

With just a few mint leaves and water, you’re sure to get a healthy dose of vitamin A for keeping your eye sharp and your skin tight. You may also add other herbs like rosemary or a squirt of lemon juice or fruits for extra delight and health benefits.

mint water


Is Mint Water Good for You?

Mint water is a convenient way to enjoy some of the health benefits that mint has to offer. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of mint, mint water is a proven herbal remedy for treating irritable bowel syndrome. It can help treat stomach pain and support your digestive system.

Taking mint water regularly has the potential to reduce cancer risk since mint, especially peppermint, is a natural source of antioxidants. In this way, mint protects you against oxidative damage and aging.

Mint can help you keep your blood sugar level in check, so it is recommended for managing diabetes. Although it is safe to add mint to your diet, if you are taking diabetes medication, you should still talk to your doctor first.

4 Health Benefits of Mint Water

Mint’s antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and other disease-fighting properties continue to draw researchers’ attention today.

Obviously, mint water can’t offer the same benefits as mint itself, but it certainly shows promise as a therapeutic agent. Plus, mint consumption in large quantities might result in side effects such as heartburn, nausea, and vomiting, but infusing it in water makes it safer.

Here we will explain four compelling benefits of drinking mint water, so next time you are thirsty, you might give it a try.


#1 Helps to stay hydrated

Staying hydrated with mint water is an aesthetic choice. A glass of ice-cold water with soft green leaves and a hint of red berries look as good as it tastes.

Water with mint boosts your brain function, tastes better than plain water, and doesn’t add calories or chemicals. It’s also full of antioxidants, which can help prevent diseases and delay aging.

#2 Supports digestive health

Mint-infused water can be a great replacement for a lot of digestive tract supplements. 

Digestive enzymes in mint provide your stomach with the assistance it needs to break down food, while its antibacterial properties kill harmful bacteria.

#3 Might help to lose weight

Weight loss triggers a lot of processes in your body, including the metabolism of protein and fat burning, both of which can lead to toxin build-up. Mint water, which can also prevent sugar cravings, is a perfect low-calorie drink to detox and lose weight.

#4 Good for your skin

Mint is an active ingredient of many skincare products that cleanse your pores and prevent wrinkles. Why not drink mint water to help your body protect your skin from the inside?

As a bonus, this drink with a strong and refreshing aroma improves your oral health, prevents bad breath, and helps clean plaque deposition on teeth.

Can I Drink Mint Water Every Day?

You can drink tasty and refreshing mint water instead of plain water every day. Drinking mint water will keep you hydrated and help flush your system of toxins. It also improves your digestive system and might even help you lose weight.

Taking a breath of fresh mint leaves or peppermint oil is also good for your mental health. Various studies have shown how mint tea eases anxiety and pain because of its adaptogenic properties, regardless of the severity of a patient’s condition.

Among other benefits, a cup of hot mint tea in the morning will help you keep your breath super fresh, heal bleeding gums, and give you a radiant smile. Who said nothing compares to coffee?

mint water drink

How to Make Mint Water

It’s easy to make mint water, and you can take it with you anywhere.

You need only mint leaves and clean water. For every glass of water, take at least one sprig of fresh mint leaves. 

  1. Wash the sprigs well and take off any brown leaves and crush the mint leaves.
  2. Fill a container or water jug with mint leaves and cover completely with water.
  3. Cover the container and put it in the fridge for at least an hour to let the mint flavor go into the water. 

For extra refreshment, put a few ice cubes in the water and enjoy!

Fruit infused water
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Mint water tastes delicious with cucumber slices, fresh berries, ginger, and citruses too!

You can keep the mint water in the fridge and add more whenever you need it. It stays good for three days.

FAQs About Mint Water

Is mint a diuretic?

Mint tea and mint water can be used as mild appetite suppressants, diuretics, and metabolic stimulants. They’ll help you reduce swelling and prevent water retention in your body.

When is the best time to drink mint water?

You can drink mint water at any time of the day instead of tea and coffee. In the afternoon, mint water will help you digest heavy meals and will boost your energy. You can also make a ritual of having an aromatic mint tea before bed to help you relax.

How long can you keep fresh mint leaves in water?

Keeping mint water in the fridge will keep it fresh for three days. If it’s kept out of the fridge, it’s best to consume mint water in a day as the leaves sage and lose their scent and medicinal properties.

A Word From Our Nutritionist

Life is water, and so it should be abundant in your body at all times, especially when you are going through various changes such as weight gain, weight loss, growth, aging, or pregnancy. Drinking enough water is also crucial when you have the flu or a more serious illness.

In general, it is recommended to drink at least 30 ounces of water daily, but most people do not meet this recommendation.

Infusing water with herbs is a delicious way to stay hydrated if you dislike plain water. Mint and rosemary work especially well. If you don’t like the taste of water because you’re taking medication that changes your taste buds, try this.

Mint water or its variation, Sassy water, made of clean water, a spoon of ginger, sliced cucumber and lemon, and mint leaves, is a powerful metabolism booster.

Peppermint tea, on the other hand, is a killer for cold symptoms and nasal congestion.

Disclaimer: Excessive consumption of fresh mint might make you feel sick and cause headaches, flushing, indigestion, laryngospasm, and apnea. Also, people with gastroesophageal reflux disease should avoid mint leaves as they can cause irritation to the stomach.  


Mint water is good for digestion, weight loss, skin, and teeth. It is especially effective in treating irritable bowel syndrome.

Drinking water with mint is a trick to help you stay hydrated. On a hot day, it helps you stay cool and energized.

The mint flavor in water will help you relax and beat stress better than sweet drinks or coffee. Besides, sorting fresh leaves and colorful berries in the magic potion gives your day a delightful twist.

The relaxing effects of fresh mint leaves can be enjoyed just by inhaling them, but if they are infused in water, they can be even more powerful.

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Edibel Quintero, MD

Edibel Quintero is a medical doctor who graduated in 2013 from the University of Zulia and has been working in her profession since then. She specializes in obesity and nutrition, physical rehabilitation, sports massage and post-operative rehabilitation. Edibel's goal is to help people live healthier lives by educating them about food, exercise, mental wellness and other lifestyle choices that can improve their quality of life.

Benefits of Mint Water: Is It Good For You?

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