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5 Ways Food Can Affect Mental Health

Your brain is like your body’s car engine, and your engine performs only as good as the fuel you place into it. A diet rich in high-quality nutrition is like nourishing your brain with premium fuel. 

It can even be a little overwhelming with the vast number of different diets out there. 

But life can look drastically different when you have full control over your diet. It could help you become more energetic, lose weight, and enjoy life more.

Here are the 5 negative effects a poor diet can have on your mental health.

1. Responding Poorly To Stress 

Bad habits like emotional eating & bedtime procrastination are common problems here.

A poor diet can amplify & worsen the effects of stress on your body. A notorious cause for this is society’s dependence on junk food to survive. Processed foods are high in flours, sugars & synthetic chemicals. And they come with a laundry list of negative effects on your brain.

For example, junk foods cause inflammation, which causes persistent ‘brain fog’ during the day and leads to poor decisions in stressful situations. 

Which is why a poor diet can easily lead to bedtime procrastination and other bad habits at the end of your day. 

This can result in a lack of sleep which compounds into your poor diet. As you’re more likely to go for sugary foods when you’re sleep-deprived for an energy-boost but it’s always followed with a crash afterwards. Which makes it even harder for you to get out of this cycle. 

2. Rapid Mood Swings 

There is an abundance of research pointing to the link between gut & your emotional wellbeing. 

Foods that cause poor gut health: 

👉 Fried foods 

👉 Foods high in added sugars 

👉 Artificial chemicals & preservatives 

A poor diet leads to an unhealthy gut, which manifests in mood swings and feeling ‘down’ frequently. This can get serious when these feelings begin to interfere with your life in a big way and start affecting your work & social life. 

An unhealthy gut can also lead to negative effects on your brain, heart, immune system, skin, and weight. 

But the opposite is also true. 

When you take good care of your diet, ‘normal’ life will start looking very different for you. High levels of work productivity and solid self esteem will start being a new normal for you.  

3. Low Levels of Motivation 

Having a poor diet can cause your motivation levels to suffer. Which often leads you to be vulnerable to depressive & anxious mental states.  

High-sugar foods & carbohydrates can mess up the brain chemicals responsible for motivation. This can be better understood when you take a closer look at what it means to have ‘high levels of motivation’. 

Dopamine is a feel-good neurotransmitter in our brains that keeps you motivated.With a balanced diet, you’re giving your brain plenty of healthy fuel to function at full capacity & stay alert all day. Which also keeps your dopamine levels at an all time high. 

A balanced diet also means a diet rich in vital nutrition like fatty acids, antioxidants & vitamins. 

Fatty acids like monounsaturated fats aid in the production of acetylcholine which is the chemical in the brain responsible for memory and learning. 

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s possible when your food is on point! 

4. Weight Gain 

Your diet also affects your hormones! Especially the ones responsible for weight gain. 

Ghrelin is the hormone responsible for your cravings & feelings of hunger. Processed & carb-rich foods cause frequent spikes of ghrelin throughout the day. 

This causes you to develop frequent & uncontrollable food cravings. 

Another hormone is Leptin. It signals to your brain that you feel full after a meal. Foods high in proteins & healthy fats make you feel full even in low amounts. 

Foods high in starches, carbohydrates & simple sugars do the opposite. You need to eat a lot of them to feel full. 

You can see how easily this leads to an endless cycle of never-ending hunger throughout the day. 

Foods excellent for reducing ghrelin & increasing leptin levels: 

  • High fiber foods that stretch your stomach and balance your hormones
  • Foods high in protein like meat & eggs that make you feel full a lot faster 
  • Healthy fats like coconut oil & olive oil

5. ‘Mid-Afternoon Slumps’ & Constant Fatigue 

The answer again, lies in your diet. Because your body relies heavily on the foods you eat to function. 

Foods that are rich in sugars and processed grains cause a big spike in blood sugar. This spike then leads to a sudden drop in your blood glucose and energy levels as a result. 

And because you often overeat on these foods because they don’t make you feel ‘full’ so easily. You tend to have crashes due to large meal sizes. 

How it works: 

Your brain is also busy digesting the heavy amount of foods you just ate. It leaves little to no energy reserves for your brain to work or concentrate. 

On the other hand, a diet high in proteins & healthy fats are amazing for this. It keeps your energy levels constant throughout the day. And it does this in a very stable, consistent way which makes it easier for you to enter a ‘flow’ state.

So… What Could We Consider a ‘Good’ Diet? 

With a little bit of research, you’ll find that almost all the evidence points to the Keto diet. There’s virtually thousands of keto weight loss transformations all over the internet. 

And there definitely is a good reason to be excited – because it really does work 🙂 . 

The problem is people dive into it with too little information. 

They do not do it with the right guidance, resources & community, and so naturally they end up failing. 

Making a change in your diet is never easy. 

Most people go into the diet blindly without preparing ahead of time. Which is where they often find themselves running into super common mistakes: 

  • Not having a specific daily calorie intake goal. 
  • Unrealistic expectations of how much weight they can lose in a week or a month 
  • Not knowing which foods are silent killers & ‘sugar bombs’ 
  • The right foods to eat so they don’t go over their carb limits 

Just one of these mistakes will instantly kill your momentum. 

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