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The Running Paradox: Why People Struggle to Lose Weight Running

Losing weight is supposed to be simple. You just burn more calories than you eat, right? That may seem like an easy recipe. Unfortunately, many people fail to lose weight although they do a lot of running.

How much we eat is connected to how much we move. To burn more calories, we need to run more. But to run more, we need additional energy from food. And most of the time, runners aren’t able to outrun those excessive calories. This leads to not losing but gaining weight.

Wait! But When I Started Running, I Lost Weight

One of the most common reasons running seems great for weight loss is that at the beginning, it really is.

For many beginners, during their first few weeks or months of running, they tend to lose quite a lot of weight. This is because your body responds to a lower stress level, so you don’t have to run very far or very long to see results.

Unfortunately, soon it takes more and more stress to get your body to respond. In other words – when your body learns to adapt to your new running routine, you stop losing weight.1

Your body doesn’t need as much energy to function as it did when you were heavier. So the energy your body burns at rest (or your basal metabolic rate) will start to become lower. 

And there are two parts to this. First, your overall body mass is decreasing. Because of that, your body burns fewer calories in the same amount of time.

Second, scientists have found that you most likely lose not just fat but also muscle mass when you run. Your body needs more energy to maintain muscles. It means that when you start losing muscle mass, you are also reducing how many calories your body burns at rest.

Researchers also discovered a phenomenon called metabolic compensation. As people start to lose weight, their resting metabolism can slow down. 

So the amount of calories you burn while at rest is lower. The study made in 2012 measured the energy burn among a group of hunters in Tanzania.2 They are super-active people who spend all their time moving. 

But what they found was very surprising. There was no difference between hunters in Tanzania and people who sit all day by computers in the US!

So even though the hunters are much more active physically, they weren’t burning more calories.

Don’t get us wrong! Running is very beneficial for your health, and you can lose weight by running. But you have to implement HIIT workouts into your routine or run longer and quicker.

And for many of us, this just isn’t realistic and not what we want. We just want to enjoy our casual run and lose weight in addition!

The Running Paradox

Let’s say you decide to step up your running and exercise routine. You start implementing HIIT and strength training. 

Somehow, your body is still on the plateau, and you’re not losing weight. 

This is mostly because you eat more – and it’s normal! 

The more you exercise, the more food you need to include in your daily meals and around exercise. A demanding exercise regime will use up your stored energy from food quickly. This means you’ll become hungry sooner. 

One study found that if a 200lbs man ran for an hour, 4 days a week for a month, he’d lose about 5 pounds at most, assuming everything stays the same! 3 

But most of the time, everything doesn’t stay the same. 

We make all kinds of behavioral and physiological changes when we start exercising more. 

Exercising tends to make people hungry!

And you know the feeling. You go for a run in the morning, and by the time you eat your breakfast, you’re so hungry, you double the size of your regular breakfast portion.


“We naturally assume hunger is the enemy, but what this really means is that your body is working very efficiently that it’s metabolizing and storing your food as fuel,” says clinical nutritionist and exercise physiologist Lindsea Burns.4

Many beginner runners start to starve or go on a calorie deficit to start losing weight again. But this isn’t a long-term solution. Your body knows best when you need to get food and more energy. So respect hunger, and don’t starve. 

Another study shows that people tend to simply slow down after a workout. To put it differently, if you go for a run in the morning, you are likely to use the elevator more than taking the stairs.5

This is what we call “a running paradox.” To lose weight, you need to run more and quicker. But if you want to run more, you need to have the energy which you get from food. In other words – you need to eat more. And after a run, your body feels tired, so you tend to slow down and don’t move your body very much. 

As a result, you not only did not burn more calories at the end of the day, but you may have gained weight!

Hidden Calories

Moreover, after a run, we sometimes think we burned more calories than we actually did. Or that we can eat whatever we want because we have already burned many calories during our run.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

While running does burn calories, you have to be careful not to eat them back with calorie-dense foods. It would take about an hour of running to burn off a single burger!

It’s impossible to know how many calories you’ve burned simply based on how hungry you are.

Because of this, many people who run tend to overestimate the number of calories they’re burning. And they also underestimate the number they’re consuming.

One study found out that people overestimated calories burned 3–4 times. As a result, they ate 2–3 times the number of calories they actually burned! 6

To keep energized and full, runners tend to eat energy gels and consume sports drinks. Especially when they want to keep running for a longer period of time to lose more weight.

Unfortunately, here’s another paradox.

Most sports drinks and energy gels are the best examples of hidden calories. They are often crammed with way too many stimulants, chemicals, and sugar.

This means that the total number of calories you will burn from your runs will also be less than you might realize.

Is There an Easier Way to Lose Weight With Running?

Many of us don’t wait to change our running habits and routine. Running brings so much joy, and we want to continue running OUR way and still see results.

The good news is that modern technology and science have improved so much that we can use advanced and safer ways to reach our weight goals with running.

Joggo is a natural and safe supplement specially made for new runners.

It’s primed to boost your metabolism and help with fat-burning processes in your body.

The formula is made to help runners in every way possible. From recovery, hydration, and immune health to energy production and weight loss.

Joggo could very much be the game-changer you’ve been looking for!

The all-natural Joggo Fat Burner formula helps to:

  • Boost your metabolism and help burn fat faster
  • Improve oxygen supply and calorie burn
  • Boost your energy levels and performance
  • Build muscle strength and endurance

There are basically two parts to this.

One part of it helps to kickstart your fat-burning functions like thermogenesis. Thanks to ingredients like Yerba Mate.

And the other part makes it easier for your body to produce energy. It also gets your body to use more energy from stubborn fat stores. Thanks to ingredients like Flax Seed and MCT oils.

Which makes Joggo a solid choice to shrink and reduce your waistline faster!

Joggo also contains a powerhouse ingredient called L-Citrulline. It turns into Nitric Oxide once it enters your body.

And what Nitric Oxide does is flood your blood flow with a lot more oxygen than normal. So you’ll feel a lot less tired and run for longer distances more easily!

Another Joggo superstar ingredient is high-grade coconut water.

Coconut water is packed with the electrolytes your body needs. Electrolytes are the best form of energy your body uses when running.

And when your body has enough electrolytes, it’s far easier for your body to recover.

This alone can elevate your energy levels for the rest of the day post-run. It also means that your body is way less likely to burn precious muscle for energy. This results in being more active after your run and burning more calories during the day.

Why Over 200,000 Runners Love This Supplement

What’s seriously cool about Joggo is that they do NOT hide behind “proprietary blends.”

Every ingredient in the product is clearly listed on the label.

Supplement facts

Plus, the company places a priority on ethics and safety, which they really go the extra mile for:

✅ Vegan

✅ Gluten-free

✅ Non-GMO

✅ Sugar-free

✅ Organic

Many companies will struggle to meet even one or more of what’s listed above!

There’s no artificial filler, appetite suppressant, or shady chemical insight. Only high-quality natural ingredients and a science-based approach.

What’s also great is that the Joggo Supplements team does everything for you. All you need to do is take a quick 1-minute quiz that asks questions about your height, weight, gender, age, activity levels, and health condition.

Based on your responses, Joggo Supplements will create a Fat Burners formula for you.

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Results may vary due to personal features.


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