Why More Older Men Are Switching to Intermittent Fasting to Lose Weight

Do you find yourself piling on the pounds as you get older? Well, you are not an exception and I wasn’t either. 

But only until I learned how to take advantage of intermittent fasting. By accident. 

Now I understand why more men are choosing this method to lose weight or get back in shape.

As we get older, our metabolism slows down. This means sticking to the same eating habits leads to weight gain. 

But there’s a way around it.

How conventional dieting made me gain weight

My story

Losing weight used to be easy. Working out was enough.

Everything changed after hitting 35. Even though I followed a balanced diet, the weight started piling on. 

Working out also got harder. My muscles and joints felt stiffer and I needed longer breaks to recover. 

But what really pushed me over the edge was realizing my wife didn’t find me as attractive as before. 

Our bedroom was dead.

And I became increasingly conscious of how I looked naked. 

Of course, at first, I didn’t go out without a fight. I started weighing my macros like a good boy every day.

That helped a bit, but if I’m honest, it also made me paranoid.

I would constantly think about food. This made me rigid, frustrated, and irritable. 

The worst was when I tried reducing my food portions by a lot. My mood got nasty.

I’d go back and forth from feeling angry to feeling lethargic to feeling miserable to feeling angry. 

It worked for a time, but I eventually plateaued. Lost weight for a few weeks then suddenly stopped losing. 

Motivation soon died out, and I found myself snacking late at night.

So, in the end, I ended up being fatter than when I started.

I had pretty much given up until…

I ran into an old buddy of mine while out shopping for groceries.

He looked a lot leaner than I had ever seen him. 

Not particularly muscular, but he had veins popping in his forearms. His face looked more defined too. 

I asked him about his diet plan thinking he’d tell me he started some crazy restrictive diet or workout.

What he told me caught me completely off guard.

He actually threw dirt on popular diets like Keto, Paleo, and Atkins.

All hype, he said, and not sustainable. You lose the weight then put it back on.

Basically a waste of time. 

He started getting real results only after he experimented with intermittent fasting. 

In a nutshell, intermittent fasting isn’t about what you eat. It’s about when you eat. 

You stop eating for 12 or 16 hours, then eat within the remaining time frame.

I could see how well it worked for him, so I wanted to know more. 

He said that when he started intermittent fasting, he lacked a sense of direction.

Sometimes he would over restrict himself, losing a lot of weight in the process, but come crashing down after a few weeks.

Other times, he would pig out during his feeding window because he felt really hungry, slowing down his weight loss.

He didn’t really find his stride until he started using an app called DoFasting, which saved him from trial and error. 

It all started with a short quiz that asked him some basic questions. Questions such as existing eating habits, level of exercise, height, and weight. 

DoFasting’s nutritionists then used this information to send him a personalized intermittent fasting plan.

Fully optimized for his individual needs.

That sounded like bunkum to me, but on his insistence, I decided to try DoFasting too.

This is what I experienced when I started fasting…

I had really low expectations when I tried DoFasting. I was sure I’d go hungry. And sure enough, the first week was challenging.

I started with a 16-hour fasting plan.

It felt weird to not eat in the morning, but I found that drinking black coffee and lots of water kept my cravings under control. 

What I really liked was the flexibility. I didn’t have to restrict myself from eating certain foods, like with most other diets.

In fact, DoFasting’s nutritionist included most of my favorite foods in my diet. So I basically was eating meals I enjoyed. This helped keep me motivated. 

They say it takes around 21 days to form a habit. But it only took me around a week before my body was fully adjusted. 

The cravings I had faded away, and I found myself enjoying the plan and sticking to it more easily than I thought.

My initial goal was to lose 8 pounds.

Jumping on the scales again was a nerve-wracking experience.

I did feel lighter, but I wasn’t 100% sure that I had achieved my initial goal of losing 8 pounds. 

This was partly due to my past experiences where I’d lost very little or stayed the same weight even after sticking to a diet for a month…

Surprisingly, I had lost 11 pounds!

To be honest, I couldn’t believe the results. 

I look a lot leaner, but I also felt healthier.

I had to punch an extra hole in my belt to keep my pants from falling.

Other diets I had tried in the past did help me lose weight, but I felt drained both mentally and physically, which would eventually take a toll on my health.

This time around, it was different. I knew that this was a way of eating I could sustain indefinitely. 

The app did a lot of the legwork. It counted calories, macros and logged them automatically. What felt like a chore and used to make me paranoid was now done for me. 

Now you can try DoFasting’s quiz too, completely risk-free

DoFasting worked really well for me. 

I feel more in control of my cravings. My body’s much more efficient at burning fat.

Most importantly, I’ve now developed healthier eating habits that I’ll maintain for a lifetime. 

It paid off nicely. 

Trying DoFasting’s quiz is risk-free because it’s completely free. 

Here’s what you’ll get after you complete the quiz.

✅ An intermittent fasting plan you can easily stick to and follow consistently.

✅ The option to choose a fasting routine that fits your lifestyle.  

✅ You’ll be guided through every step of the fasting process.  

✅ Thousands of personalized recipes picked by professional nutritionists. 

✅ Your calories and macros will be calculated for you. 

There’s also 24/7 support plus a TON of tips and educational articles to help you quickly master intermittent fasting. 

Get started with your weight loss by completing this 1 minute DoFasting quiz

Results may vary due to personal features


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