We Tested Fitter’s Mega-Popular Fitness & Meal Plan For 28 Days (It Works)

If you follow wellness trends, you may have seen the new “Fitter” app that recently went viral. 

Fitter’s team makes some pretty bold claims. 

Like promising to get you fitter and healthier by cutting out 90% of your usual exercise time…. working out with no equipment… eating foods you enjoy eating… and do it all in as little as 28 days. 

Obviously, we thought that was hype. 

So we asked 47-year-old Jessie Holmes from our editing team to test out the app’s workouts and meal plan and report her results… and even called Health Insider’s personal trainer Laura to evaluate the workouts.

As you’re about to discover… 

There’s actually more to Fitter’s program than meets the eye. 

First things first. What’s the Fitter app, and how does it work?

Fitter claims that signing up to their program is like having a personal trainer and nutritionist, only a hundred times less expensive. 

In practice, this means you get a fully personalized exercise plan, complete with beginner-friendly instructional videos to follow along. 

On top of the exercises, you may also receive a list of meals with pre-counted calories and nutritional values to help you lose weight with minimal hunger.

What does personalized actually mean? 

It means that an expert trainer ensures that the exercises you get are ideal for your fitness goal, body type, problem areas, fitness level, daily routine, and schedule. 

If you try their meals too, you will receive hundreds of recipes to choose from, including delicious healthy snacks and desserts to satisfy your “sugar tooth,” meals ready in under 10 minutes, a vegetarian menu, low-calorie burgers, healthy pizzas… and a whole lot more.  

This is perfect because it ensures your diet has enough variety to keep you motivated, while also ensuring you fully cover your nutritional needs. 

Jessie Holmes’ experience with Fitter’s optional meals: I was prepared to go hungry, but it’s really not a “diet.” In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. Fitter encouraged me to eat. In the right portions, so I don’t feel miserable and deprived. That really took the guesswork out. 

But what caught me off guard was how delicious the meals were. I’d never think I’d be able to eat burgers and pizzas and still lose weight. Knowing that a tasty meal was right behind the corner really helped motivate me. All in all, adhering to the meals was a lot easier than I expected.

Trainer Laura’s opinion: Physical exercise is amazing. But no matter how much exercise you’re doing, if your nutrition is not dialed in, you’re not going to shed body fat easily. Fitter is definitely doing their users a big favor by adding this new meals feature, as this will speed up the results of their training a lot.

What else is included in the Fitter app?

What stood out in the Fitter app was the program’s philosophy. Every single feature serves a single purpose.

To make sticking to your weight loss goals as easy and streamlined as possible.

One of the main reasons people don’t stick to their health and fitness goals is how tracking progress, counting calories, and constantly watching what you eat feels like a chore.

Fitter’s answer is, “we do the legwork for you, so you focus on what matters.” 

The app automatically tracks the time you spent working out, the calories you burn, how many workouts you’ve completed, and how much progress you’ve made. 

But if you sign up for the meal feature, they will also count the calories you eat, your macros, and even the amount of water you drink (if you want to). 

On top of that, they’ll provide you with an easy-to-follow cooking guide and ingredient lists, so you won’t have to think about food at all. 

Every single one of the meals they propose is made of simple, affordable ingredients you can find at your local grocery store. 

You have the option of choosing how many servings you want to cook, and the ingredients will automatically be adjusted for your recipes. You don’t need to calculate anything. 

The only thing you need to do is show up. Results will follow. 

Jessie on whether Fitter is easy to follow: My biggest concern with Fitter was whether I’d be motivated enough to actually stick to the program. If we’re honest (I hate to admit this), I’m inherently a bit of a lazy person.

Even though I was skeptical of how much I could accomplish in such a short time frame, I decided to try the 3 times a week, 15-minute workout option. 

I did feel some resistance during the first few days, but over time it became easier. They lay out everything for you, down to your rest breaks between exercises. Plus, it’s only 15 minutes total. So I stuck to it. 

Taking care of my calories and macros went a long way in helping me stay consistent. I just followed my daily menu without having to worry about what I should eat. Having everything prepared for me made me feel supported.

Our personal trainer reviewed Fitter’s workouts

We asked Health Insider’s personal trainer Laura to review the workouts Fitter made for Jessie in detail. She shares her thoughts below. 

Trainer Laura: In my opinion, Fitter holds up to their claims of personalized workouts. 

The workouts become more challenging in an intelligent way, as you grow stronger. There are complete beginner-friendly level workouts and some intermediate options for those who want to take it up a notch. 

So Fitter meets you at your current level and stays with you as you increase your fitness. I also liked how they incorporate bodyweight resistance exercises and cardio. 

Everybody can follow this. You’ll break a sweat, but you won’t feel wiped out by the end of your session. My advice: Power through, do what you can… then pat yourself on the back and be patient. Your body will get stronger quickly.

It’s a complete fitness routine, similar to what you would get if you worked with me directly, in the comfort of your home.

Jessie’s results after 28 days of Fitter

“Since I didn’t find the meals to be particularly strict, I wasn’t expecting this to end with a huge transformation. 

Yet I’ve lost 3 inches off my waist and a further 4 inches off my thighs. 

For some, this may sound unexceptional. For me, it’s been completely eye-opening. 

You see, I tried Fitter keeping my expectations VERY low. Thinking it would be yet another gimmick. 

Gyms, diets — I’ve lost weight on more programs than I care to count, only to come crashing down and gain all the weight I lost back.

Why would this be any different?

Well, it was. Because Fitter made me LIKE being active. 

The problem with the standard approach to getting fit is that it’s just too much work. Too much sacrifice. 

Because how many people can (or even want to) spend hours and hours each week, doing the same repetitive work at the gym or on the yoga mat?

Fitter turned this into 15-minute bite-sized workouts. 

Interesting and varied no-equipment workouts that kept changing and challenged me without overwhelming me. 

At home, without anyone watching like a creep or judging me. 

All this made the program SO much more bearable for me. Something I could wrap my head around. 

And well, it worked too. I just showed up, did the workouts, ate the meals they recommended, and now look at me.

I look better than I’ve looked in a looong time. 

I’m definitely sticking with Fitter in the future.” 

Trainer Laura’s verdict on Fitter

Laura: If you’re a person who wants to get fit and improve your health but needs a bit of direction to be held accountable, it’s very likely “Fitter” will be well worth your time. 

Try it. It’s an affordable alternative to a personal trainer. The workouts are effective, designed intelligently, and very easy to follow. Plus you get a handsfree meals feature option, which is great because the meals will help you squeeze more fat loss out of your workouts.

The bottom line: If you follow Fitter’s program, you’ll likely get results. 

How to get started with Fitter

The first step is to complete Fitter’s free quiz. 

It takes around 90-seconds to complete. You answer simple questions about your height, weight, and fitness levels. They then get advanced and ask you about your preferred body type (lean, athletic, curvy) and your number one target area.

These clever little questions allow them to make a custom program just for you.

For example, if you ask for a toned butt or slimmer thighs, they adjust the workouts to help you achieve that.

This makes Fitter’s fitness program easier to follow than fitness options made for the masses… and significantly speeds up the results of your workouts.  

As soon as you receive your personalized exercise plan, you’ll have the option of trying out their meals too, so you can transform your body while enjoying the foods you want.

You’re moments away from hundreds of nutritious meals that will spice up your life and help you achieve your goal weight. 

Trust us. The weight won’t just fly off quickly. It will also be pretty easy.

But don’t take our word for it. Try it out and see for yourself.

Tap the big button below, start Fitter’s free quiz and receive your personalized workout and Fitter meals. 

Daisy, 37

Jamie, 40

Evelyn, 48

New Update: Special deal for Health Insider Readers

Jessie’s Fitter review received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our readers, so we had to contact Fitter’s team and let them know.

Amazing! They agreed to approve a one-time special deal just for our readers through the link below. 

Click the big button below and complete Fitter’s free quiz. 

Then you will receive a 73% OFF discount on your personalized workout and meals list. 

This is a one-time offer so make sure you claim your discount before you exit the page. 


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