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Personal Trainer’s Guide to Reaching That Summer Body

I have met a lot of women who hesitate to buy that new beautiful bikini because they just don’t like the way they look in it. 

Or even if they do- they go to the beach and see other women with abs and tight glutes, making them even more self-conscious.

The feeling sucks, it really does. And even though women should stop comparing themselves to others once and for all, they can always take that effort and energy to channel it towards self-improvement.

My name is Laura Braziulyte, and I’ve been a personal trainer for nearly 5 years now. 

The most common request I get around this time of year is regarding the almighty summer body and how can it be accomplished without strict diets and intense exercises.

Now let me tell you in advance that I only believe in healthy weight loss. 

No restrictive diet or endless cardio will get you permanent results. And my goal is to teach you about healthy habits that you can actually maintain.

Achieve that toned, feminine physique and get excited about putting on a bikini again! 

Read on, because I’m about to share some information I only give to my clients.

Woman crossing her hands in front
Personal trainer Laura

Before we start, I want you to know…

Having a bikini body is not just about looking good. It’s about the choices and commitments it represents. 

It takes time, dedication, the right coaching strategy, and loads of self-love. 

But the thing I want to emphasize is that this plan has to be personalized.

When I say personalized, I mean that this plan has to be designed specifically for you. That’s one of the safest ways to speedy weight loss. At least in my training experience. 

When I compare people who’ve had their wellness plans made for them and people who are merely following a generic diet that they found online, the results speak for themselves.

In general, people always feel more encouraged when they have a calculated weight loss plan in front of them that doesn’t include foods they hate or are allergic to.

So how is this 4-week personalized plan any different from others?

It’s a schedule you can easily stick to and follow consistently

The personalized plan is part of the app, so you won’t need to open some boring PDF files or bring printed sheets with you like I’ve seen some people do at the gym.

Everything is calculated for you in the app. This keeps you focused, accountable and helps you lose weight without having to think about food all the time. 

It has a convenient meal plan that does all the work for you

Abs are indeed made in the kitchen. That’s why this plan includes a personalized meal plan. No more guessing about what, when, or how much to eat. Professional nutritionists will hand-choose all of your recipes and adjust them based on your preferences. They’ll tell you how to mix and match ingredients for quick, tasty meals and when to eat them, so you’re not starving and relying on your willpower.

It controls your cravings

This plan is not about restrictive dieting – you will be able to choose your meal preferences and enjoy healthy meals that actually taste amazing and keep you full throughout the day.

Plus, everything is calculated so that you would still be in a caloric deficit but could enjoy some of the treats you can’t live without.

Enhanced results with shorter, at-home workouts

The schedule is dialed in the strategy and intensity to minimize how much time you will have to spend sweating for the results you want to see and feel ASAP.

All of the workouts are suitable to be done at home, and you won’t need to buy any special equipment.

It fits your schedule and lifestyle – not the other way around

That’s the beauty of personalization. You can choose a workout routine and a meal plan that fits your current lifestyle. Plus, it guides you through the process every step of the way, so you’re never alone on your weight loss journey (there’s also 24/7 support!).

Personal recommendation

Having a little reminder in the form of an app works like a personal trainer – you will feel accountable if you skip a workout or a healthy meal. And soon you will develop healthy habits.

Yes, habits. You will want to exercise and eat healthy because otherwise, you will feel like something is missing.

Also, it’s about 10 times cheaper than my personal consultations. And I really do want to make healthy living available and accessible to everyone and everywhere. 

Woman in sport outfit
Personal trainer Laura

My personal recommendation is the PerfectBody app. It has all the benefits I have listed above, and it has the best price/performance ratio that I could find. And believe me, I went through a lot of research when picking the best suggestion for my clients. 

You start with a free quiz that considers all of your info before creating your personalized plan. Allergies, meal preferences, current and target weight, your daily schedule – it’s all thought through.

They have 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month plan options. 

The first 28 days are focused purely on the results you want to achieve. Everything is planned – workout regime, meal plan, step counter, water intake counter, etc.

An amazing feature they have is that you can choose the speed of your weight loss again after one month. 
For example, if you lost all the weight you have wanted to lose, you can tweak your plan accordingly and choose to maintain the current weight – your meal and workout plans will be changed appropriately.

If you want to keep losing weight, this app will suggest new workouts and recipes to speed up the process while still making sure you are healthy and happy.

Your body is sacred. Your mind is sacred. Your workouts should be too. Start the program to enjoy your summer body sooner.

Uncovering your bikini body has never been this easy!

Results may vary due to personal features.



  1. personalized at home workouts have been an absolute lifesaver since I started working from the home again. I just don’t have the time for elaborate meals anymore, so the quick and easy recipes keep me from ordering takeaway any chance I get.

  2. I wish I found this sooner!
    I find it so much easier not to binge when I don’t have junk food lying around in my kitchen, and it’s so much easier not to have all that junk food when you plan your meals.
    I got PerfectBody plan a few months ago and it’s fixed one of my biggest causes of anxiety – I don’t get overwhelmed anymore when I go to the grocery store, because I always come with a shopping list for the recipes I pick out.

  3. Amazing tips! And totally agree that personalization is the key, I have lost 43lbs by following a diet like that

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