The Perfect Cardio Workout For Seniors With Stiff Joints

Countless experts tout the health benefits of cardio exercise for seniors. But have you ever thought if that’s true of seniors with stiff, aching joints?

The statistics paint a worrying picture. Over 50% of runners get hurt every year, according to Yale University.1

Harvard sets the number of injured runners even higher. As high as 75%.2

But the most disturbing fact is that these numbers concern healthy runners of all ages. 

Which means seniors with worn-out joints are at even greater risk of injury. 

So what’s a safe and reliable way to stay active, lose weight, and keep your heart healthy as you age?

A stunningly simple cardio workout.

The solution is none other than cycling. 

As you may know, cycling is one of the lowest impact ways to work your cardiovascular system, lose weight, and get fit.

Unlike jogging, cycling moves you in smooth, fluid motions that don’t stress or strain your body in any way.

This means you can keep on cycling for years without harming yourself. 

If anything, cycling will help you age more gracefully. 

A few years ago, scientists compared 125 amateur cyclists aged 55 to 79 with healthy adults who did not exercise regularly. The findings, which got published in the journal “Aging Cell,” showed a surprising anti-aging effect thanks to cycling. And this anti-aging effect even extended to the immune system. 3

This is exciting news for seniors because it means that cycling may be the ideal workout for people who want to age gracefully.

And it completely debunks the assumption that growing weak is a part of aging.  

But the benefits of cycling don’t stop there. 

Easier weight loss, improved mental health, deeper sleep.

Would you like to lose weight fast and radically improve your health? 

Cycling is a tremendous fat burner. According to Harvard Health, a 185-pound individual can burn up to 693 calories during a 30-minute cycling session.4

And heavier people can burn even more, shaping and slimming their problem areas even faster. 

Cycling releases a fantastic cocktail of health hormones in your body, because it provides the perfect balance between exertion and relaxation. 

On the one hand, it activates and strengthens most of your body’s muscles. This helps reduce chronic aches, like knee pain, back pain, and more. It also helps mobilize joints, flushing new blood and healing nutrients to your cartilage, and restoring them to good health. 

On the other hand, thanks to its repetitive, rhythmic movements, it triggers a meditative mental effect, which can reduce anxiety, depression, and other psychological problems.

This meditative effect instantly improves your mood, removes toxins, and prepares you for a great night’s sleep.

But the real beauty of cycling is how it’s such a social activity. It’s the perfect excuse to rediscover your city, enjoy the great outdoors, make new friends, and even get healthy along with your wife or husband.

In short, cycling is a deeply restorative experience, both physically and mentally. Pushing the pedal ushers a feeling of freedom and peace that no other workout can match. 

3 options to get started with cycling. 

Option number one is simple. Get a bike and start cycling. You’ll love the progress you’ll make during the first few weeks, while your body adapts to this new movement pattern.

Then you’ll likely reach a plateau. Your body will get used to your routine and will stop responding to it so well. 

You may still enjoy cycling, but your results will slow down. For some people, results will even stop completely. 

The solution is to increase your workout’s difficulty, frequency, or length. But that can lead to overtraining and injury if you’re a beginner.

This is why some people choose to go with option number two. Hiring a cycling coach. A coach will teach you how to keep advancing your cycling routine to keep making progress.

It’s an excellent way to ensure good health, speed up results, and avoid boredom.

But coaches are also expensive. We’re looking at a minimum $300 fee just to get started for a professional-grade coach. Maybe $1500-2000 for a few months of coaching. 

What to do if that’s outside your budget? 

A more affordable alternative to cycling coaches.

Imagine if you could get some of the world’s most elite cycling coaches and nutritionists to prepare a complete and personalized weight-loss plan just for you… for a few pennies. 

✅ A plan that included easy-to-follow cycling workouts perfectly adapted to your age, fitness level, and current lifestyle…so you could actually STICK to them easily, and over the long term. 

✅ A complete cycling education, including detailed articles, motivation tips, and 24/7 support to ease yourself into your new routine with confidence…

✅ A fully personalized meal plan that includes all of your favorite foods, signed by an expert nutritionist. 

✅ Monitoring of your physical fitness and weight loss progress, ensuring you’re on the right track, and giving you that extra push when you need it. 

Improving your health and losing weight wouldn’t just happen quickly. 

It would also happen pretty easily.

Now stop imagining because such a program actually exists. 

It’s called We thoroughly tested it and it ticks every box. 

Who should consider signing up for

Every senior who’s new to cycling, and would like to lose weight reliably without risk of injury or overtraining…

Every senior who doesn’t know how to begin and would like a simple, step-by-step cycling program that adapts to their needs… 

Lastly, everyone who wants to get better results from their cycling routine… learn expert cycling techniques and tricks… and do it all without overspending on a coach. is a fun, safe, and reliable way to lose weight, work your cardiovascular system, and get stronger as you age.

Best, it literally costs just a few pennies—a fraction of a fraction of a coach’s cost. 

See what the perfect cycling workout would look like for you

Complete the 60-second quiz below to find out the workout and diet’s team finds best for you. 

You don’t have to commit yourself to anything. 

Worse case, you’ll learn what a good cycling workout looks like for you, your optimal calorie intake, and how much weight you could lose in the next 28 days. Valuable free information that’s yours to keep. 

Best case… This may be the moment that starts the most important chapter in your health.

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  1. Cycling used to be my favorite thing! Fresh air, freedom, and it’s really good exercise too. The app got me to start cycling again… And results are already starting to show. My wait is noticeably tighter and I my legs much more toned.

  2. I’m the type that gets really motivated and exercises a lot, but I always mess up the eating healthy part. This is why I love this so much. Everything’s done for me. What to eat, when to it, how to cook it. If you need a little direction to stay accountable with your diet, this is perfect for you.

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