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Obese to Healthy BMI in 5 Months: Here’s Exactly How I Did It

Walking past the nurse post, I heard the nurse that helped me get scolded by the charge nurse for spending “excessive time” with me because “we don’t have enough time to do that kind of education with every patient.”

The 20 minutes that the nurse talked to me changed my life completely.

I was told for years to lose weight, eat less, eat healthier and I had genuinely been trying, but I didn’t know what I didn’t know, so I never succeeded. 

Until then. 

My name is Daniel, I was 234 lbs. 

I met my partner, a food-loving Canadian, at 25. He introduced me to the world of North American meat: chicken wings, ribs… I could sense myself expanding throughout the years, but somehow, I became more alienated from my own body. Also, at the same time, I was deepening my relationship with running, which I occasionally did, and even ran a marathon. I thought, hey, big people can be athletic! And eat whatever they want! 

NOT. For 10 years, my eating habits made exercising less possible and enjoyable. I would have to break running every 10 minutes. Also, occasionally, I was restricting food to lose weight, but eventually overeating in the evenings at the same time. It had a cumulative effect on my mental health: I would have insomnia, I was becoming conscious about how I looked, and yo-yo dieting became my “thing.” 

As I approached 40, I realized I wanted more mental and physical resilience. I wanted to live my best life, and so I bought a scale for the first time in my life. 

I stepped on it, and sure as day, I was 234 lbs. This was a distant number in my wildest imaginings of where my weight had gotten to. I immediately opened the NHS BMI calculator, and there it was: BMI of 32.7. 

“I’m in an obese category…”

I was in denial for the first couple of days. I googled things like “BMI says I’m obese, but I don’t look obese” to distance myself from the truth. 

After a couple of days like this, peppered with anger and despair, I finally decided I was going to fix this. I calculated that I needed to lose 56 pounds to get to a “healthy” BMI. 

I went to my doctor, he ran some tests to make sure I didn’t have any health conditions, which luckily I didn’t, and simply told me to “eat healthier.” 

I WAS trying to eat healthier for a long time, and I exercised. Still, I piled on this weight. As I was sitting outside the doctor’s office, waiting to sign some papers, I started weeping. The nurse came to me and asked if I was alright. 

“Each time I visited a doctor, I was told to eat healthier, but no one ever sat down with me and elaborated on what that means and how to make those changes in my own life. Sure there is the internet, but there are so many ‘weight loss truths,’ I’m lost finding what really works.

I AM eating healthier, but it doesn’t make any difference.” I broke down. 

The nurse asked me what I ate regularly and how I cooked it. 

I explained I ate a lot of vegetables, especially leafy greens and that I switched to cooking them in margarine or bacon drippings because I had heard butter was unhealthy. I also admitted I ate a lot more bacon and other pork products because I was previously told to cut down on red meat, and I remembered those TV ads that called pork “the other white meat.” 

She raised her eyebrows.

“I was told to eat less, and I did. It doesn’t work. Honestly, I don’t know what an appropriate portion size actually looks like. I eat a lot of chicken breast, it’s healthy, isn’t it?”

“Show me the approximate size of that one breast,” she said.

And I showed it with my hands… I saw the nurse’s eyes widen. 

It turns out, I was consuming 4–5 single servings with that one breast.

So what that nurse said next… turned my life around. All I did after that was make small changes here and there that would add up eventually to a healthier diet without having to do a major overhaul of my lifestyle.

If you’ve ever felt like me – grumpy and uncomfortable because of your weight, lost in too much information on weight loss, over the healthy BMI range, and tried multiple methods to lose weight – keep on reading. The information can potentially change your life, too, if only you implement it in your life.

A 20-minute lesson for healthy BMI (as explained by a nurse)

*Start with cutting the portions in half. This was a piece of genius advice. I had never thought about it myself. I’m bad at counting calories, but I knew exactly what a half was. And I could easily manage to cut everything I was eating by half. 

*Drink more water. I didn’t do that before. I quite literally couldn’t understand the point (so alienated from my body and its needs). Anyway, I started drinking at least two liters a day, and it seemed to help everything on its way!

*Eat loads of fiber and supplement it. The nurse told me to start making brown rice, sweet potato, or quinoa as the primary fiber sources and eat lots of green veggies like broccoli and spinach. She added that I should supplement with natural fiber because people rarely ever eat enough fiber.

Also, she promised that I would feel the difference almost immediately by supplementing in fiber because it’s healthy for the gut and fiber is filling. It eliminates hunger pangs and prolongs the feeling of satiety. 

She explained that there is a 100% natural fiber supplement made in the US that many weight loss patients use, which helps them prevent overeating and get into a healthy BMI, which I really wanted. At the end of the conversation, she told me to try DoFasting Fiber Supplement.

I ordered the supplement the same day. Never looked back. Besides eliminating cravings for sweets and generally overeating, I also noticed that my bowel movements became more regular, and I was no longer constipated (sorry for the TMI, but I suppose that was also why my weight started going down so steadily).

I don’t feel sleepy after meals (I thought this happened to everyone after eating). Instead, I feel energized. Almost like… food can be fuel, and a good source of a natural fiber supplement can… heal my gut?

Besides that, as I was taking the supplement daily, I started feeling the direct effects – significantly fewer cravings in the evenings, a prolonged feeling of pleasant satiety, and my skin condition visibly improved.

As I witnessed these results, I dug deeper to learn more about the possible effects this fiber appetite suppressant could have on me. According to the description of what it does, at least 6 of these promises have come true for me so far: 

✅ Naturally kills hunger and speeds up the weight loss process

✅ Visibly improves skin health

✓ Lowers “bad” LDL cholesterol (I didn’t have the chance to compare the results, yet)

✅ Cleanses the colon, lowering the risk of colon cancer

✅ Works as a prebiotic and nourishes healthy gut bacteria

✅ Reduces bloating, digestion, and constipation problems 

✓ Lowers the risk of diabetes by slowing down the absorption of sugar (will talk to my doctor about this, but since fiber generally slows down sugar absorption, I guess it’s happening to me too)

✅ Helps clean your intestinal tract, making it work smoother than ever

It’s a tasty drink I like to have once or twice daily. And the results are very promising. 

They offer a free quiz to evaluate if the supplement is right for you and how much weight you could lose with it. It’s risk-free. So if you’re struggling with excess weight and wish to move towards a healthier BMI you should give it a go. This fiber supplement works by healing the gut, so there are no side effects to it. 

Since starting the simple changes that the nurse encouraged me to make and taking the fiber supplement, I gradually lost the excess weight without straining myself. Now I’m in the range of a healthy BMI for the first time in 10 years! I feel and look better than I remember I ever did. And I’m not going back!

Take this quiz to see if DoFasting Fiber Supplement is the right fit for you

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