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How to Slim Down in Time For Summer: Avoid These 5 Keto Mistakes

Is it really possible to eat whatever, not watch calories, and melt away fat at home without sweating at the gym?

Is it possible to slim down just in time for summertime without restrictions?

What to do in these cases of “stubborn” fat?

According to experts, the ketogenic diet can be the answer to these questions.

Reduced Hunger, Cravings, And Belly Fat…

The ketogenic diet allows you to enjoy delicious meals and lose weight, and feel more energized. 

BUT… There are a few reasons other people fail to reach their goal with the keto diet…

If you want to smoothly transition into a keto diet and lose fat faster (and keep it off), keep reading.

In this article, health and wellness expert Dr. Alexander H. Blackwell shares how to avoid 5 common keto mistakes and burn fat without restricting yourself.

Mistake #1: Rushing Into KETO

Surely you’ve heard of the stories of people slimming down with keto (when doing it right). 

Thousands of men and women, all over the world, have used this eating strategy. It’s proven, and the results speak for themselves. Many people are able to lose flabby arms, big thighs, and stubborn body fat. 

Keto diet

But before you get too excited, look at this change with responsibility. 

According to health and wellness expert Dr. Alexander H. Blackwell, “Keto is a very knowledge-based diet.” 

“Rushing in without a plan is short-sighted as it will most likely fail,” Blackwell says.

Keto weight

If you rush in without a plan, here’s what might happen: 

  • You will keep craving sweets because you won’t know enough about healthy dessert substitutes.
  • You will keep snacking on unhealthy food because you won’t have a well-thought-out meal plan that keeps you pleasantly full.
  • The weight won’t go down. It might even go up!

Instead, Dr. Blackwell recommends a professional, custom plan based on your body type, age, and eating preferences.

“Look for support and ideas on how to manage the diet correctly,” he says. “Your health is the number one priority – take care of it!”

Mistake #2: Not Getting Enough Nutrients

People report reducing carbs and then feeling tired. Nutritional imbalances might be the reason why this happens.

“If you choose to do keto without professional guidance, you run the risk of not getting enough nutrients, for example, vitamin B, which is mostly found in whole grains,” explains Blackwell. 

“Lacking them can make you feel tired, reduce your energy levels, and slow down your weight loss progress.”

Vitamin B

Fortunately, you can still have a nutritious and balanced diet with keto-friendly foods. You just need to eat the right stuff.

Try upping your seed, nut, and leafy vegetable intake. 

If you still feel like you’re not getting enough of something, speak with a professional to get your diet tailored to your needs.

Mistake #3: Eating Too Many Carbs

The reason why the ketogenic diet can be so effective for many people is ketosis.

Ketosis is an intense, fat-burning state. Instead of using carbohydrates for energy, our body starts to use our fat as fuel. This can double our weight-loss results. 


But to enter ketosis, we need to limit carbs. 

And here’s the problem. “Many people don’t realize how many carbs are in common, healthy foods,” says Dr. Blackwell.

Eating too much fruit is a common example. You think you’re doing a great job, but actually, you’re blocking yourself from entering ketosis. Keep reading to see how to avoid such mistakes.


The recommended carb intake is around 5% of our total calories. Finding this carb reduction tough when first getting started on the keto diet is normal.

However, it is essential if we want to reach and maintain ketosis. That’s the way to start burning off fat and achieve the body of your dreams. 

And thankfully, things get easier after the first week or two because our body starts to adapt. 

Don’t give up early! To make sure you reach your intake goals, consider tracking your macronutrients.

Mistake #4: Not Being In Control of Your Food

Sometimes the scale stops moving because we unknowingly lose control over our food. 

“There are so many reasons why the number on the scale won’t move. If you ate out at a restaurant,” explains Blackwell. “You’re not in control of your food.”

With keto, it’s very important to know exactly what you’re consuming. So, try to eat at home whenever possible.

Keto diet cravings

However, it doesn’t mean that you absolutely cannot eat out. There are ways to stay lean AND enjoy a restaurant dinner. 

And they don’t involve bothering the waitress with questions like “Is this keto-friendly?”.

All you need to do is be aware of what’s in your meals and simplify your choice-making process.

A great way to do that is to have a handy tool with an eating-out guide, which will make your keto weight-loss journey smooth and temptation-proof!

The one we have in mind combines tips on dining out, all the necessary tracking metrics, and a ketosis tracker, for the ultimate way to succeed on keto.

Mistake #5: The “Google Curse”

With a bit of light research on Google, you’ll find thousands of keto weight loss transformations. The proof is everywhere, and it’s easy to get excited. 

Many people read a few articles, note a few keto recipes, then try to get started on their own. 

But this can be ineffective. Just knowing you need to reduce carbs is not enough.


According to Dr. Blackwell, the meals you find online are good by themselves yet may cause problems when combined.

“An incorrect combination of foods can lead to nutritional imbalances and weight gain”, he explains.

Don’t start the keto diet without help, especially if you don’t know the answers to questions like these: 

  • “How many calories should I eat to lose weight?”
  • “Which healthy foods are sugar bombs?”
  • “Which foods are sugarless yet delicious?”
  • “How will I get enough fiber without exceeding my carb limit?”
  • “How will I get enough minerals and vitamins to sleep well and have more energy?”

How can we answer these questions and slim down faster WITHOUT feeling restricted?

The Solution to Start Dropping Clothes Sizes Before Summer

According to Dr. Blackwell, the solution to burning fat without feeling deprived is a personalized keto diet that takes your age, physical shape, and medical conditions into consideration.

“To achieve great results, your keto plan should be crafted by professionals. This will ensure your nutrient intake is at the optimal level. As I mentioned before, an incorrect combination of foods can lead to weight gain”, explains Dr. Blackwell.

The tailored keto diet plan that we have in mind offers an expert-balanced menu with over 10,000 tasty recipes, which can help you lose weight without feeling deprived. 

And you can get this custom keto meal plan in only a couple of minutes!

Then, simply follow it for at least 28 days…

And see what you can achieve!

Summer is right around the corner and the quiz only takes a minute.

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Results may vary due to personal features.



  1. Hes right you cant just eat random foods – i tried but then i ate too much protein and it made my kidneys worse. I recommend getting a plan like he says

  2. I gained over 50pounds during winter. Trying this now.

  3. Keto diet made my life so much easier, lost 15 lbs

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