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“I Feel Like Superman”: How Keto Helped Alex (41) Lose 125 Lbs, Get His Dream Career, and Regain His Masculinity

“I am living a life I never thought was possible”, Alex smiles as he hands me a cup of coffee. “I’m in the best shape of my life! And I did it without the gym.”

Alex Petrovich’s (41) body and mind were suffering until an accidental discovery paved his way to long-term physical, mental, and financial success.

His transformation is truly astonishing, in the best way possible. 

And today, he’s sharing his story with Health Insider.

“I needed to change.”

Many people these days struggle with their weight, but looking at Alex, it was surprising that he was no exception. 

Seeing him smile with confidence, it was hard to believe that this muscular, 6’ 3 man could have ever been overweight. “The pounds really started to pack on in college,” explains Alex.

Alex before keto diet

After countless summers of trying to get back on track, he lost his steam.

“I gave up. I felt that I needed to be more present in my daily life for my family. I put myself last, and my weight began to climb quicker than ever.

My weight climbed up to well over 300 lbs,” sighs Alex. But it wasn’t just a physical struggle. It also took a toll on his emotional well-being. 

“I had big dreams, bigger aspirations, and I was always driven. But I noticed that my ambition was fading.”

Alex needed to reignite his passion and find something that would help him find success and purpose in life.

“I had so many mental roadblocks. I was crying on the inside. No one knew I was suffering emotionally, in silence.

Alex posing before keto diet

I needed to change. I didn’t know as much as I thought I did about the true keys to losing weight,” admits Alex. 

This realization led him to discover his answer to success.

“This was 4 years ago. And I have not looked back since.”

After a lot of research on dieting, Alex came to the conclusion that many people misunderstand weight loss on a fundamental level.

He gets out a notepad and starts listing the many sources of our misconceptions about food and fat. On paper, I see popular brands, advertisers and media outlets, the food pyramid, and even the North American Food guidelines.

“I quickly understood that fat was not the cause of weight gain. 

Cutting out the sugar and understanding how it gets stored as fat became the new rabbit hole I needed to explore. And so I did.”

Alex dove deep – he spent months researching low-sugar diets, and the ketogenic diet in particular. 

“I devoured and consumed every book, every article, every podcast, and every research paper on the ketogenic diet so that I would be able to understand specifics, and WHY it actually works.

After that, I jumped in. This was 4 years ago. And I have not looked back since.”

“I wanted to be healthy. That was the main goal.”

Alex is smiling as he shows me pictures of his journey: “The byproduct of my health transformation was extreme weight loss. But not in the scenario of loose skin,” and indeed, I can’t see any on him.

“No, my body was being re-compositioned entirely. Fat was melting, and my muscles were getting bigger,” he says as he pulls out a ‘before’ picture.

The difference is immediately apparent. Instead of the dad-bod in the picture, I now see an athletic and confident man.

Alex’s weight loss timeline is nothing short of surprising. In the same amount of time that it takes to grow and birth one human baby, he lost the weight of eleven – 85 lbs.

Alex during keto diet

 At that point, Alex was already past his goal, but he kept going.

“I’m 125 lbs down, and I’m in the best shape of my life. I have done this strictly with a keto approach, and no gym,” Alex laughs and continues with the benefits.

“This diet was not about cutting calories, or some wonky point system, where foods get a fictitious numerical value to keep your calories low. No, this was about eating to satiety.”

“As the days went on, I was able to eat way less than ever before, because what I was eating was so packed with real nutrients. My life changed more drastically than I could ever have imagined,” beams Alex. 

Indeed, Alex now attributes many of his successes to the keto diet. “I quit my day job to pursue my lifelong goal of being an actor, and that is my career now. I am an actor, touring musician, and an author.”

“This is all about reinventing yourself into the greatest human you possibly can be.”

And Alex is not kidding: “That’s not being hyperbolic. That is the truth.” When asked about the advice he would give others, he lists a few things, one of which is education.

“Understanding how the keto diet works will absolutely give you the tools to sustain this for the long haul. Knowing how it works is so important for ongoing success,” stresses Alex.

“I think at the start it’s important to have your macros under control. You can journal what you are eating, when you are eating, and what the outcome is.

The whole idea of keto is to eat the right foods, and whether you want it or not, you will be in a caloric deficit because you’re eating the right things.

Having a coach or a support system is incredibly important as well because there is a lot of misinformation out there. There are a lot of “arm-chair” experts who think they know what they’re talking about. Yet, they operate on old information that has since been debunked and proven false,” sighs Alex.

Alex keto diet results

As Alex starts getting ready for an audition, I ask him for his final thoughts on this revolutionary eating principle.

“It reinvented me,” he laughs. “An absolute game-changer. And I feel it has given me confidence. And true confidence at that.”

And, according to Alex, if he could do it, so may you. “Believe in yourself. You can reach your goals, become confident… And you really can feel like Superman.”

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