How I Managed to Turn My Thinning Hair Back to Long and Luscious Locks

How was this even happening? 

I wasn’t a 70-year-old man. I was a 29-year-old woman standing in front of the mirror staring at my balding scalp. 

This was supposed to be the one thing us women didn’t have to worry about. That was the one thing we were supposed to have going for us. 

And now, all of a sudden, I was cleaning my brush and my clogged shower drain from what seemed like enough hair to make a full wig out of. 

Just a few months ago, I had a head full of hair even Barbie herself would’ve been jealous of.

Now, I didn’t go to the store looking for cool scrunchies or hair clips – I went in to find hats that would cover up the “situation” on my head. The situation that looked like my 4-year-old niece had taken the scissors and went to town on my hair.

I felt let down, as if a huge part of my feminine identity had been taken away from me.

Let’s be fair. From a young age, girls are programmed to think that long, luscious hair is the ultimate sign of beauty. I mean, social media loves to push the “Mermaids” and “Rapunzels” on us as the standards for ultimate beauty.

Hell, even cavemen saw thick and long hair as a sign of fertility, so picking one’s hair out of the shower drain doesn’t exactly feel like channeling the topmost inner femme fatale

Confidence and hair loss don’t really go hand in hand. Well, apart from your confidence, walking right out the door as soon as the hair does.

Needless to say, I felt as dull and fragile as my hair. This, of course, didn’t go unnoticed by my husband.

We had for years enjoyed a little evening ritual of me resting my head on his lap while watching TV and him gently stroking my hair. This could go on for hours until I’d fall asleep.

Now, I would be too afraid that clumps of my hair would come loose in his hands! Not exactly something you’d want your husband to see.

Getting ready for any sort of outing or event took me three times as long as it used to. While he might have thought I was trying to find the perfect dress or shade of lipstick, I was actually locking myself in the bathroom, trying to come up with hairstyles to cover up the receding hairline and thinning scalp.

I felt like some elderly guy, trying to desperately hold on to my youth, combing what was left of my hair over to the other side of my head to hide the hideous bald spots. Unfortunately, nothing could cover up my embarrassment and the sense of losing my femininity. 

I couldn’t even use clip-in extensions to give the illusion of a fuller look. Not only were the clips noticeable, but when I took them out, they always ripped more of my fragile hair out with them. 

Worst of all, at that point, I had no idea what was causing this. I hadn’t really changed my diet or my hair care products. Turns out, there could be a number of reasons, which I’ll get to…

I was yearning for a solution to bring back my hair and help me feel like the confident, pretty woman I once was.

So I went on a manhunt to Google town. 

I spent as much time searching every corner of the internet for everything and anything that could help me as I did in front of the mirror playing with the dull, sparse strands of my hair, trying to style them in a way that would make them look fuller. 

Usually, I’d end up with something that resembled more of a crazy scientist than a young, vital woman. 

Trust me when I tell you, the internet did not come out short on answers. 

Every mousse, shampoo, supplement, diet, serum, and hair mask was supposedly better than the last one and promised to leave me with Rapunzel-like hair after the first use. 

Sounds legit, right?


What I did figure out was that there was no one specific factor that could be blamed for women’s hair loss. There were actually a plethora of different reasons that could leave women in the same devastating spot that I was.

Apparently, among other reasons, female hair loss can be attributed to hormonal imbalances, genetics, over-styling, nutrient deficiencies, and stress.

The last one sure hit home for me.

Just a few months before handfuls of hair started to fill up my brush and shower drain, my husband and I had purchased our very first home and started the ever-so-stressful moving process.

As if that wasn’t enough, I had just received a promotion at work.

Turns out, I paid for the increased square footage and salary with a remarkably decreased amount of hair and a receding hairline.

I can assure you, that hard-earned salary definitely came in clutch as none of these “miracle” hair care  products came in cheap. 

Sadly, most of them didn’t really deliver the promised results either. 

After months of eating hair growth gummy bears, doing light therapy on my scalp, massaging different masks, serums, and mousses into my thinning hair – nothing except for my bank balance had changed. 

I was still picking up handfuls of hair from my brush and shower drain while staring at my thinning hair and feeling more hopeless than ever. 

How could my husband ever look at me the same way? 

I really missed our evening ritual and feeling his warm, calming palm on my head while I fell asleep…

One evening, as we were watching TV, I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across this ad that promised to help me get back my once long and luscious hair with their hair growth set.

Obviously, I was highly skeptical at first. 

I mean, this clearly wasn’t my first rodeo with these kinds of ads. But for some reason, the fact that it was created specifically for women and promised to cover each individual hair follicle with the necessary ingredients for healthy hair growth, gave me a bit more hope than your average one-size-fits-all yummy gummy bear. 

Reading the raving reviews of other users, who had gone from bald spots to healthy and thick hair, I was so ready to write my own #hairgoals success story.

I, as I believe many others, had never thought about the fact that healthy hair needs a healthy foundation, meaning it all starts from the hair follicle. 

No matter how many oils and mousses I rubbed into my hair, as long as the “soil” was not fertile, my scalp was not going to bear any shiny and luscious fruit. 

The Moérie Hair Growth Set promised to tackle my hair loss head-on and start delivering noticeable results in as little as a month. Trust me when I say at that point I was in a hurry to start seeing some results.

The set was created by combining the knowledge of hair growth experts with feedback from the customers. This already reassured me a bit, knowing that women with similar issues had had a say in the creation process. 

The Hair Growth set contains a shampoo, conditioner, as well as the hair mask and growth spray.  The spray boasts over 125 active substances and covers the hair with fulvic minerals and biotin to boost the growth of strong, long and healthy hair.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to see that a month after discovering Moérie, my scalp was welcoming all the strong and healthy baby hairs. 

My existing hair had become much shinier and definitely longer. Oh, and it also didn’t tangle as much as it used to, so brushing my hair didn’t mean pulling out all the tangles that got caught in the comb.

Now, a little over three months of using Moérie, both my hair and confidence have returned. 

I actually tossed away all the silly trucker hats I had used to cover up my thinning scalp and am back to rocking my luscious locks and enjoying my hair being caressed by my amazing husband. 

If you are struggling with hair loss and thinning hair, I can’t recommend the Moérie Hair Growth Set enough. Not to mention it’s a whole lot cheaper than eating your gummies, while doing some laser treatments and rubbing weird mousses on your scalp during the Full Moon.

Us women deserve to feel happy and confident in our skin, and I hate to admit it, but we all know how much of our confidence comes from a head full of luscious hair. 

Moérie helped me regain my confidence and femininity, and I have no doubt it will help you do the same. It’s time for you to reach your #hairgoals.

Results may vary due to personal features


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