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Getting the Most Out of Intermittent Fasting: 6 Things You Need to Know

The scale isn’t moving in the right direction, or moving but not as fast as you’d like? We know it can be daunting, especially when you do ‘everything right’ but continue to see no results.

In cases like these, only intermittent fasting can budge things.

IF is the best option for those who want to lose those extra pounds and maintain a healthy weight.


Intermittent fasting not only allows you to enjoy delicious meals and lose weight quickly, but it also helps optimize your metabolism and the functioning of your body in general.

But you have to be very careful: doing intermittent fasting the right way on your own is not that simple! 

We recommend following these 6 major lessons for the best intermittent fasting results. 

There’s also a foolproof solution that could help lose fat more easily and without stress, so keep on reading, and you’ll find out exactly how.

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1. A Protocol That Suits You Is More Important Than the Diet Itself

Knowing the benefits of intermittent fasting – positive hormone, cell and gene changes, fat loss, reducing insulin resistance and inflammation in the body, and more – hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of men and women worldwide have followed it…

However, many make a mistake: it is NOT enough to find a fasting protocol on the internet (or listen to what others do) and just blindly do the same. 

When this approach is followed, this is what can happen:

Cravings, fatigue, anxiety. 

You will not choose the right timing and food options that best suit your body and metabolism.

In short, if you try intermittent fasting without a plan, chances are you will not lose weight. You could even gain!

For this reason, we recommend that before starting intermittent fasting, you choose a personalized and professional plan based on your body type, age, physical condition, and food preferences.

The results indicate that having a personalized intermittent fasting plan is a great option for weight loss. Having guidance like that can help achieve the desired weight faster and easier. 

2. Get Enough Vitamin B

Your body is not used to going long periods without food. YET. Think of your stomach as something that needs to be trained. At first, fasting will be challenging, but your body will become more comfortable operating with less food over time. 

There is, however, an early side effect that comes with intermittent fasting – fatigue. The actual reason behind this might be not consuming enough vitamin B.

B vitamins are mostly found in whole grains. Lacking them can lower your energy levels, and slow down your weight loss progress.

Fortunately, you can still get plenty of B vitamins from a correctly balanced diet. You just need to eat the right foods.

What to do if you still feel tired? Talk to your doctor about taking a B vitamin supplement to boost your energy levels.

3. Don’t Over-Restrict Yourself 

Intermittent fasting differs from other weight-loss methods since eating too little can do more harm than good. It is not a deprivation diet like Paleo, low-fat, Mediterranean, or any other diet that restricts food groups. 

IF does not restrict any food groups.

Practicing Intermittent fasting for longer naturally leads to consuming fewer calories than usual. Therefore, deliberately forcing yourself to eat less than 1,200kcal during your eating window might slow down your metabolic rate. 

Not only will this lead to plateaus, but it might also have a negative impact on your overall health and mood. 

The best way to avoid over-restricting yourself is to eat well-balanced, nutrient-dense foods. 

This leads us to the following lesson:

4. Eat Nutrient-Dense Foods and Filling Meals

Making a balanced meal can be very tricky. 

It’s an ideal mix of protein, healthy fats, fiber, and carbs, which is also a secret to any weight loss method and health in general. 

But there’s a huge BUT in suggestions like these. There is no way of knowing what a well-balanced recipe is exactly, unless you are sure professional nutritionists create it. 

That’s why the best way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your food is to have a meal plan or recipes approved by nutritionists and gathered to fit intermittent fasting protocol. 

Having nutrient-dense recipes always at hand will not only help you lose weight most healthily, but it will also save you time planning and shopping.

Also, don’t think a healthy meal plan only consists of salad. It’s a myth that healthy food is not tasty or bland. 

On the contrary, it can surprise you. Here’s a great example of a balanced, nutritious, and delicious recipe from a very popular and well-rated intermittent fasting guiding app

(Vegan) Bagel Burgers With Sweet Potato Patty

Vegan burger

Nutritional value:

Calories: 486

Fat: 15.3g

Carbs: 57.1g

Protein: 28.1g

Ingredients (2 servings)

  • 90g plain unsweetened yogurt (or soy yogurt)
  • 80g whole-wheat bagel
  • 68g nutritional yeast
  • 66g raw sweet potato
  • 56g canned black beans
  • 30g mayonnaise (or vegan mayonnaise) 
  • 26g dry rolled oats
  • 20g cucumber
  • 10g chopped scallions
  • 10g fresh dill
  • 10g lemon juice
  • 8g olive oil
  • 2g curry powder
  • 2g salt

Step-by-step preparation:

  1. Grate the sweet potato. Squeeze it with the paper towels to remove excess moisture; place in a large bowl. 
  2. Put oats in a food processor until finely ground; add to the bowl with the sweet potatoes. 
  3. Add beans, scallions, mayonnaise, curry powder, and salt to the bowl; mash the mixture together with your hands. Shape into an ½ inch thick (13mm) patty. Place the patty on the plate; refrigerate for 30 minutes. 
  4. Stir yogurt, dill, and lemon juice together in a small bowl; set aside.
  5. Heat the olive oil in a large cast-iron skillet over medium-high heat. Add patties; cook until golden brown – about 3 minutes per side.
  6. Divide yogurt sauce evenly among the top and bottom bun halves. Top the bottom bun half with the patty and cucumber slices, sprinkle nutritional yeast, then place the top bun half. Enjoy! 

5. Eat Enough Fiber

There’s a lot of fiber in fruits and whole grains. But the issue is that only a few people consume enough of these products. 

So you need to be extra conscious to get a nice amount of fiber during your eating window. 

According to Dr. Blackwell, “Fiber is essential to help regulate digestion, hunger, and fullness cues. It helps provide long-lasting energy and a steady blood glucose level.”

In other words, fiber is critical. If you don’t eat enough, you may feel hungry, break your fast, and ruin your hard work.

The recommended approach is to eat more whole grains and vegetables. All kinds are great. And yet again, a well-set meal plan could do a great job here. 

Don’t like eating vegetables all the time? Consider trying fiber supplements.


6. Keep Leptin Under Control

Leptin is a powerful fat-controlling hormone. 

It sends a signal to your brain that says, “you’re full,” so you know when to stop eating. It diminishes hunger pangs naturally. If your body produces leptin correctly, your appetite will stay in check. 

But when your body produces too much leptin, your brain stops receiving the signal. 

So you don’t feel full easily, which causes overeating and eventually excessive weight gain. 

How to avoid that? Fix the underlying root causes of leptin resistance:

  • Irregular or poor sleep patterns
  • Too many processed foods 
  • Overeating during your eating window
  • Too much stress

One of the many benefits of intermittent fasting is that it can help fix leptin resistance. 

Fasting helps reduce the inflammation that causes leptin resistance and resets leptin receptors, encouraging weight loss.

Every Person Is Different, and So Is Your Eating Protocol 

Don’t fall into the trap of following some random restrictive diet you find on the internet. 

One of the worst mistakes that can be made is following an eating plan that is not adapted to your gender, age, health status, physical conditions, and food preferences.

If you follow intermittent fasting with the right eating protocol and have guidance every step of the way, there’s a greater chance of reaching your weight loss goals, and you’ll be less anxious and won’t feel hungry. 

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