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Grab a copy of the world’s first personalized wellness book and a powerful wellness formula written just for you, including… 

✔️ How to squeeze more fat loss from your diet.. even when your schedule gets hectic… eating the foods you enjoy eating today (burn up to 4 pounds a month extra). 

✔️ A personal training plan with exercises designed to sculpt YOUR problem areas. Fitness beginner? No problem. You’ll propel yourself up to the next level of fitness in 28 days flat. 

✔️ How to improve blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels… or almost any other health condition you currently experience… while living a MORE social, MORE active, and less stressful life.

✔️ The rare “Wake Your Body” skin glow technique. After you try this once, you’ll want to throw your beauty creams in the trash. Plus hundreds of total-body beauty tips made just for YOU. 

Dear Reader,

Take a look at the number at the bottom of my photo.

48 Pounds Overweight

48 pounds.

That’s how overweight I was 3 months ago…

48 pounds I’ve since lost, thanks to the powerful wellness formula enclosed in my Beyond Body book.

And I have 3 reasons to believe that if you struggle to stick to a diet or exercise plan…

Beyond Body’s wellness formula may be exactly what you need, regardless of your age, weight, gender, or even health conditions. 

And I’ll show you why in just a minute.

But first… A disclaimer.

Please understand my weight loss results are exceptional. 

I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter).

Personally, I had the benefit of working from home, part-time, because our family is well-off.

This means I was able to follow Beyond Body’s wellness formula without distractions.

And so my unwanted weight came off at maximum speed. 

Depending on a variety of factors… 

You may lose weight even faster, slower, or the same. 

And if you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT keep reading.

With that said… Let me jump right in and show you…

Exactly what Beyond Body’s book is.

Beyond Body’s book is dramatically different from any weight loss and wellness book you’ve ever read. 

The reason why is because it actually gets written just for you. This means there’s no fluff or filler. 

It immediately gets to the point, showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why.

✔️ Giving you “fast-burn” strategies to combat your personal problem areas — such as flabby arms, belly fat, thick thighs, double-chin, and more…

✔️ Optimizing your calories and macros depending on your sleep and work schedule (for example, a night shift vs. a day job)…

✔️ Adapting your nutrition as per your gender, food preferences, stress levels, alcohol consumption, health conditions, whether you’re pregnant or not…

✔️ Providing you with 500+ meal recipes that include ALL your favorite foods (and take no more than 15 minutes to prepare). 

✔️ A personal training plan adapted to your body type so you make progress and stick to your workouts, whether you’re a total newbie or an experienced athlete.

A top nutritionist signs every page.

It all starts with answering a few easy questions on Beyond Body’s free quiz. 

Then, using a proprietary personalization technology that was 5 years in the making… 

Your answers are used to generate your unique wellness formula. Your personalized Beyond Body book.

Everything is then delivered to and reviewed by a top nutritionist from Beyond Body’s team. 

They approve every page to ensure you’re truly getting 100% premium, personal attention.

Such as… 

✔️ Simple tactics to prevent binge eating and sugar cravings

✔️ Nutrition-tips based on your body shape and health conditions.

✔️ Techniques to minimize stress, sleep deeper more quickly, and optimize your fat-burning hormones.

✔️ Tips to combat bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and other digestive issues, so you experience incredible lightness in your gut

✔️  Natural hair health “fixes” for a salon-like shine that actually lasts.

✔️  Powerful strategies to deal with social pressure and eating out without getting extra calories.

✔️  How to get your loved ones involved… get them to support you… and even join you in your health transformation.

3 reasons why Beyond Body may be exactly what you need.

Earlier, I promised you 3 reasons why Beyond Body may be exactly what you need if you struggle to stick to a diet or exercise plan. 

Reason #1: No diet’s easier to follow. I know this because Beyond Body’s meal plan will include ALL your favorite foods. 

So you’ll stuff your face with delicious snacks and desserts and still drop pounds without much effort.

Reason #2: Personalized training. You’ll find the workouts fun, short, and superbly effective because they’re optimized for your body type.

Trust me: You’ll love how quickly they’ll shape your problem areas… even if traditional workouts didn’t work for you. 

Reason #3: Everything in one resource. Frankly, there’s nothing like Beyond Body’s book. Because along with your diet and workouts…

… You’ll also receive a ton of other health and wellness tips, made just for you, based on your unique, personal traits.

You’ll never need another health book, diet, workout, coach, or any other resource at all.

Beyond Body’s book has all the info you need to build yourself up into a fortress of vitality and health.

How will you know Beyond Body’s book is working?

You’ll know it’s working because the weight won’t just come off quickly.

It will also be pretty easy. 

You’ll look at your mirror and struggle to believe your very own eyes. 

And just when you start doubting yourself and think you’ll stop losing and gain all the weight you lost back… you’ll keep losing until you achieve the dream body you want.

The personalization technology used by Beyond Body is still new. But people are beginning to wake up to it. 

This is why the book is starting to spread like wildfire across the country.

Soon, even mainstream media will pick up the big news.

There’s a new way to lose weight, get healthy, and live the good life… and it works better. 

Personalized nutrition is the diet of the future. 

And Beyond Body’s Book is making this diet possible decades ahead of its time. 

In 40 years, people will look back and think “mass diets” were so primitive. 

They’re going to look at us and laugh for how long it took us to figure it all out. 

But you can jump on Beyond Body’s wagon right now. 

And start reaping the benefits of personalized nutrition as soon as today… 

Because if you’re reading this, then you can… 

Get your personalized Beyond Body Book designed today.

Complete the quiz below to get your Beyond Body Book designed.

When your design is ready (free), you’ll have the option of purchasing it in print or digital form (or both).

You don’t have to commit yourself to anything. 

The worst that can happen is that you’ll spend a couple of minutes of your time. 

Best case… This may be the moment that starts the most important chapter in your health.

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