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Home Psychology Affirmations for Weight Loss: Don’t Miss This Information!

Affirmations for Weight Loss: Don’t Miss This Information!

Affirmations for Weight Loss: Don’t Miss This Information!

​​Losing weight isn’t just about exercise and diet, it’s also about your psychology. You can do a million crunches a day. You can jog for an hour at the gym. You can cut out all of the cakes, sodas, and ice cream. But after a few weeks (or maybe months), if you eventually fall off the wagon and get back into the old habits, then none of it really matters. 

So what’s the real secret to achieving your weight loss goal? The secret lies fundamentally in your mental outlook, which is absolutely essential to dominating a weight loss plan. If you “think” you can, then that attitude will translate into action.

And believe it, positive affirmations can help you boost your confidence and help you develop the mentality of someone who truly takes charge of their body and health. 

Here is a list of hand-picked affirmations that will help carry you not only through the toughest diet plan you’ve ever encountered but also through those dog days of summer. Try these affirmations as they are, or customize them to suit your own personality!

What Are Positive Affirmations? 

Positive affirmations are self-motivating statements that can have a profound impact on your psyche. Uttered silently or out loud, repeated in writing or visualization, affirmations can help program your subconscious mind into believing something is possible and that you can achieve it. 

That’s right, acknowledging and practicing the power of affirmations can have a tremendous effect on how you look at your life and the world around you. Put simply, affirmations are like a vaccine – in order to be effective, you have to inject them into your mind and let them act. 

Many studies have shown that, when used consistently, affirmations can ease anxiety, contribute to optimal health, increase your sense of empowerment, and help you feel more meaningful in your life. Similar to working out, positive phrases help you stay on track by elevating your feel-good hormones and triggering your brain to form new clusters of “positive thought” neurons. 

When that happens, we feel happier and much more confident. Our self-talk becomes positive and uplifting and eventually takes us toward our goals and dreams. And guess what else happens? We begin to observe positive changes in our behavior in response to these positive thoughts. 

It can be challenging to change your behavior overnight. If you feel that you need help, seek help. DoMental changed the world of therapy and showed that online therapy might be as useful as a face-to-face therapy session.



How Can Affirmations Help for Weight Loss?

Affirmations are a powerful tool for shaping your psychology, and that’s especially true if you’re targeting weight loss. Just a couple of minutes every day can help improve your attitude, perspective, motivation, and focus when it comes to healthy eating.  

Rather than thinking, “I’m never going to lose weight,” try saying, “I eat healthily and exercise every day so I can reach my goal of a healthy lifestyle.” While it might seem silly at first, repeating these statements over time has been shown to have amazing effects on self-esteem and mental health.

Remember, you do not need to be so harsh on yourself. You just need to follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and be patient, loving, and kind to yourself. Eventually, as you focus and speak life-affirming truths, you’ll feel great in your own body, a body that’s moving closer to the vision in your head. 

Best Affirmations for Weight Loss


Well, you might be wondering what kinds of positive, encouraging, and uplifting phrases you can say to yourself. Fret not, here are our top picks of positive weight loss affirmations you can use today.

  1. I am working out every day so I can look and feel my best.
  2. I make healthy food choices that help me feel stronger and more energized.
  3. I’m happy to say that each day, I come closer to my ideal weight.
  4. I love and accept my body shape the way it is. And I choose to surround myself with positive people who love me for who I am.
  5. I’m putting my best weight loss efforts by changing my eating habits from unhealthy to healthy.
  6. I’m enjoying my weight loss journey; I’m determined to stay positive and reach my goal this time.
  7. Chocolate (or fill in any other food item that you have a tough time resisting) isn’t my enemy. It is just a dessert indulgence, and it has no power over me. 
  8. I feel good when I’m out in public. I feel good at the supermarket. I feel good at the beach.
  9. I’m an athlete. I love working out. It feels good to stretch my muscles and see the pounds dropping off.
  10. When I wake up, I will be thinner, stronger, and close to my ideal weight. I take a moment to celebrate this fact by sleeping well.

Tips for Using Affirmations

While positive affirmations won’t magically make you lose weight, they can help you develop the mindset that helps you achieve your weight loss success. Follow these tips to seamlessly incorporate these nuggets of positivity into your daily routine.

#1 Repeat, repeat, and repeat

Try reciting these positive weight loss affirmations out aloud, every day, in front of a mirror in a quiet room, or even in front of friends and family to help yourself feel more confident. 

You can also add these affirmations to your cell phone contact list or as your cell phone’s wallpaper to pause for a moment to read them. 

Remember that this is practice, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t get them right the first time. Just keep repeating them to yourself over and over again until they become deeply embedded in your psyche.

#2 Write your affirmations down 

Sometimes, when you’re practicing new thoughts or perceptions of yourself, it may feel uncomfortable or weird saying them aloud. In that case, you need to write your weight loss affirmations down. That way, the affirmations feel more like my own thoughts and less like a foreign concept that you have to learn to accept. 

Pro Tip: Don’t try to memorize an affirmation into your subconscious mind in one sitting. It is much more powerful if you write your weight loss affirmation(s) on something tiny like a Post-it Note and hang it where you will see it every day. 


When choosing a place to put your favorite weight loss affirmations, think fridge door, microwave, mirror, or anywhere you may be stuck waiting – and then put affirmations up there. 

#3 Take one baby step at a time

Losing weight takes time, and a big part of that time is spent trying to change negative self-talk into positive beliefs. Instead of diving right in with your new plan, take it one step at a time. By breaking down your goal into smaller steps, you’ll be more likely to follow through on it over time. 

Each week, take stock of your progress and celebrate what you’ve achieved. If a week slips by and you don’t see your success, simply recommit to believing in yourself until the next great achievement comes to pass.

To learn more about the strategies that millions of people use to stay resolved to their weight loss goals, read this article!

A Word From RD

Weight loss is a mind over matter game. You need to adopt a specific mindset in order to shed those excess pounds. Be honest and positive, but don’t forget to go after your goals with determination and action.

One trick to help keep your mind focused on what you want is to make affirmations practical – so instead of just saying I can do it, turn it into I will do X or I can achieve Y.

We may not always be able to achieve a healthy weight by looking at it abstractly, but if we imagine it in more practical terms (i.e., what steps we need to take), it becomes easier to achieve. 

For example, rather than thinking about losing weight with only an “I will” statement – try combining it with a concrete goal and a timeframe for completion using I will lose 2 pounds by June 1.”

The second part (by June 1) helps give a sense of when you’ll accomplish something. The first part (I will) helps keep your goal within reach because we find it easier to think about completing something now than later. Plus, giving yourself some specific time parameters lets you feel like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Final Word

Eating well and exercising is a great way to lose weight, but that’s easier said than done. Affirmations for weight loss are more than just words – they are powerful thoughts that plant seeds of positivity inside your subconscious.

They help you set your mind in the right frame, focus on what you want, build confidence and work on your mindset to keep going. 

And to help get started on your path to losing weight – these aforementioned positive weight loss affirmations will get you motivated and help you live a healthy life.

Written by
Edibel Quintero, MD

Edibel Quintero is a medical doctor who graduated in 2013 from the University of Zulia and has been working in her profession since then. She specializes in obesity and nutrition, physical rehabilitation, sports massage and post-operative rehabilitation. Edibel's goal is to help people live healthier lives by educating them about food, exercise, mental wellness and other lifestyle choices that can improve their quality of life.

Affirmations for Weight Loss: Don’t Miss This Information!

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