Fitting Into Pre-Pregnancy Jeans: 5 Ways to Lose Baby Weight Effectively

Most celebrities seem to lose their baby weight just weeks after delivery. Which gives the impression that it’s easy to do. But the following facts might surprise you:

*On average, 75 out of 100 women were still heavier 1 year postpartum than they were before pregnancy.

*Approximately 47 out of 100 new moms were carrying more than 10 lbs of extra fat one year later, and 

*24 out of 100 women were still carrying around 20 lbs of excess weight one year later! (1)

You are not alone!

Those moms who CAN fit into their jeans and have lost the baby weight successfully mainly share the same 5 effective tips you’ll find below. 

There’s also a major solution that will help you reclaim your pre-baby body, so keep on reading, and you’ll find out how to get back into those jeans.

5 Effective Ways to Lose Baby Weight After Pregnancy

1. Set realistic and healthy goals

Yes, the advice below could help you lose 5, 10, 20, or even more pounds. 

But it’s important to remember.

During your pregnancy, your body stores extra fat to make sure you’ll have enough energy to give birth to a new precious life. It also makes you strong enough to keep the baby fed and healthy. 

And you’ve done exactly that! You’ve created a miracle. So go easy on yourself. 

Your body underwent major changes and deserves to be treated with love and tenderness. Only set healthy and realistic goals for your body. Steady weight loss of only 1–3 pounds per week will result in up to 12 pounds lost per month!  

This relatively slow weight loss will guarantee you long-term results without a yo-yo effect. 

And now to the “how” part…

2. Avoid “fad” diets

Stop believing that deprivation and one food group restrictions lead to healthy and long-term weight loss. 

Also, stop thinking that crash dieting (or intense exercise) is the only way to lose weight. It is not.

Counting calories, macros, omitting certain food groups, depriving yourself of your favorite foods might help you get rid of a few pounds at first. But at what cost? You have your family to look after. You don’t deserve to suffer hunger and be moody because of that.

Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean diet, Weight Watchers, and all other names to this restrictive approach to food only lead to the feeling like you’re constantly battling something. 

Instead, approach your body like someone you love. Appreciate it. Listen to it, nourish it, yet let your digestive system rest at the right times. And yes, practice short intermittent fasting intervals.

The benefits of an empty digestive system for at least 12 hours per day include:


✅ Weight loss. If your last meal ends, say, 8 PM, and your next meal does not begin until 8 AM, your body will start using your fat for energy.

✅ Detoxification. When your body is not busy digesting food, it focuses its energy on eliminating toxins and healing. 

✅ Reduced inflammation. This means better blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. Also, improvement in energy and mood.

The 12-hour “gut rest” (no need for longer fasts) is also helpful for women’s hormones and metabolism balances. And that’s actually enough to start feeling your waist shrinking. 

But there’s more. 

3. Good planning is half the battle

You already have your hands full running that family unit. Don’t burden yourself with daily questions like “what’s for dinner today” – plan your meals ahead. 

Yes, it sounds like a lot, but it’s way less tiring than having to open your fridge and cabinets 10 times per day, combining all ingredients in your head to make up a dish, like some kind of a puzzle. 

A plan will not only remove distractions from your day but will also help you stay on track with what you’re eating. Most likely, you’ll end up consuming less processed foods, and there’ll be less mindless snacking. Both lead to a steadier weight loss.

DON’T FORGET to include guilty pleasures in your planner. Remember, we’re not aiming to restrict or deprive. 

Of course, this kind of plan works best if it’s approved by nutritionists. So, for easy and smooth weight loss (and to save you precious time!), you can always use a weight management program that includes personalized meal plans. The one we have in mind has the recipes that are cherry-picked by professionals, and they even include the shopping lists with affordable grocery options.


4. Avoid one-size-fits-all workouts

Jumping jacks will only hurt your joints if your body is not ready for them, crunches might cause pain in your spine (and they don’t reduce belly fat), and burpees…

Movement is important and can highly benefit your health and weight loss, but only if it’s aligned with your body’s state.

The internet is full of generic workout routines; unfortunately, what works for the internet can cause troubles for new moms. 

Personal trainers cost a fortune, but you can always go for a personalized routine created specifically for you and sent to you by email. No need to plan time for a workout (planning time can be especially challenging for moms); just do it when you feel like it. 

Here are a few new-mom-friendly exercises we took as an example from the program: 


Pelvic tilt:

✅ Lie on your back with your knees bent. 

✅ Pull in your stomach, tighten your pelvic floor muscles, and tilt your pelvis by gently flattening your back into the bed. Hold for 3–5 seconds, breathing normally, then relax. 

✅ Progress by trying different positions such as sitting, standing, side-lying.

Single knee fall-out:

✅ Lie on your back with your knees bent, pull in your stomach, and tighten your pelvic floor muscles. 

✅ Keeping your pelvis still and stomach pulled in, allow one knee to slowly drop out to the side. 

✅ Slowly bring your knee back to the middle.

✅ Repeat with the other leg.

Side-lying hip abduction:

✅ Lie on your side with both legs extended. 

✅ Lift your top leg as high as possible and then lower it back down. 

✅ Repeat this movement for the duration of the set and then switch legs.

10–15 minutes of light exercise like this daily is enough to firm your body and boost the weight loss results. Just make sure you follow the right exercise routine.

5. Join a community

Lonely sometimes? 

Countless hours of nursing in another room while everyone else enjoys the company. 

Other countless hours spent alone with the baby in a dark, quiet room helping them fall asleep, then being stuck in a nap trap. 

Not being able to be fully present in a room full of people because you’re the only one being fully present to what your baby needs. 

People don’t know how to relate or help if they haven’t been through this before, and it doesn’t make them bad people. It’s just that community and that feeling of belonging always helps. 


The same goes for weight loss. 

A supportive group of people like you – who have already lost weight or are trying to, can become your biggest cheerleaders. People can teach you and share the knowledge, but mainly they can listen and be there for you. 

So find yourself in a community that has the same goal as you and will be there to support you 24/7. 

This will not only help you if any questions arise but might also benefit your mental state in the process. And you just might find some new friends there!

“If I start following this today, what results can I expect?”

Everybody is different, and the results vary. However…

Women who use a personalized weight loss program that combines the 5 tips above lose the baby weight fastest. Here’s why:

This weight management program:

  • Eases you into weight loss one step at a time (including 12-hour gut rest windows, also called intermittent fasting).
  • Includes personalized weekly meal plans and shopping lists. You will not have to browse the recipes. All of them are easy and quick to make, yet nutritious and tasty. Including desserts for the sweet tooth. 
  • Sends you daily emails by a professional nutritionist Christine with effective tips and guidance. You’ll know what’s happening with your body and the weight loss journey every step of the way. 
  • Has beginner/new mom-friendly workout routines that do not require special equipment and are home environment friendly (there’s also a workout routine in advanced levels).
  • Gives access to a closed Facebook weight loss community, where people can ask questions, share their stories, and bond with people like them. There’s also 24/7 support.
  • Tracks your weight loss progress and gives reports. Also, adjust the program according to the changes in 28 days. 

Many new moms lose up to 20 pounds soon after they begin. And they don’t need to think about what dishes to prepare, what groceries to buy, what workout routines to do. It’s just so much easier. 

The program is called MyFastingChallenge, and it can help your body burn fat more efficiently. 

This weight loss guide is highly personalized. 

To see if it would fit YOU and what results exactly you could expect using it, you can complete a FREE one-minute quiz. 

No strings attached. It will take you only a minute, and you’ll get to see how much weight you could lose in just 28 days! 

The least you will get from this free quiz is the insights and the vision of who you could become. And the most… most likely you’ll be finally able to fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans!

Take this short quiz and see how much weight you can lose in 28 days!

Results may vary due to personal features


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