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3 Lessons I Learned Losing Weight With A 16:8 Intermittent Fasting Routine

Today some would describe me as a health nut, but I wasn’t born this way.

Just a few years ago, I was overweight and struggling. 

Huffing, puffing, and always having to “take it easy.”

I was very limited in my movements for a very long time. 

And these limits started weighing on my mind, too. I felt like I couldn’t live up to my potential because of the excess weight. 

I was looking for solutions and went through many weight loss methods and fad diets:

  • Keto, Atkins, Paleo, even a crazy grapefruit cleanse…
  • Different programs like Weight Watchers, Noom, Nutrisystem…
  • … Exercising till I was blue in the face with P90X and Insanity.

I learned the hard way that avoiding the foods I love and suffering from hunger is just not for me. 

All of these methods proved either to be too much work for me or simply not personalized enough.

I also honestly don’t think weight loss is where a one-fits-all approach should be used.

We’re all different and have different preferences, after all. And no matter what I tried, the fat would not go away.

I’d lose a couple of pounds in the first few weeks. But the weight would pile back on, and I’d get bummed out.

Good thing I turned things around with what now seems the only obvious option for weight loss. 

And at the moment, I am 36 pounds lighter and way smarter about weight loss.

Middle aged man in blue shirt

How did I do that? I discovered a new way of eating called intermittent fasting. 

It all started with a one-minute quiz where I entered my health details and food preferences as well as my weight, height, and some other metrics. 

This information was processed, and in moments I had a whole summary page about my body and the amount of weight I could actually lose without depriving myself of the foods I love. 

All of this was free and set me on the right path for my weight loss journey. 

I would’ve been a fool if I hadn’t tried it, so I did!

The app also helped me decide on the fasting protocol (I chose the 8-hour eating window).

It also gave me thousands of easy, quick, and delicious recipes along with short workout routines and tips on how to successfully fast and lose weight. 

All of it was essential to my successful weight loss, actually. 

I slowly learned what exactly fasting was and how it could fit into my lifestyle.

I was relieved I didn’t need to count calories or deprive myself of delicious foods.

Although constant counting seems imperative when losing weight, it is actually only unavoidable with fad diets. 

Since I know I’m not the only one who was struggling with weight loss, I’ve collected a bunch of valuable lessons that I wanted to share along the way. 

Lesson #1: Intermittent fasting has one rule

When I first decided to start practicing intermittent fasting, I couldn’t grasp what exactly it was. 

It all seemed too simple but at the same time complicated. It’s hard to explain.

I just couldn’t believe that I needed to focus on one action only and follow the single rule in fasting.

Eat only outside your fasting window. 

“How could it be so simple?” I thought to myself.

The thing I learned is to ease yourself into the routine slowly. Don’t start with a 20-hour fast. It’s too much pressure.

Instead, start with the 14:10 fasting protocol. It’s enough to power up your system’s fat-burning mechanism. 

At least, that’s where my journey began, and I built up to 16:8 and had the best results there. 

If you feel a bit of hunger during your adjustment period, it’s normal. It goes away in a few days or so.


The pleasure of feeling like having a slimmer waist every morning definitely stays for longer.

If tracking your eating window time and your progress seems like too much work, don’t burden yourself with it. 

What you need is customized individual attention. That’s why I love the DoFasting app.

You just set your fasting goals, and the app tracks all of the details. 

For the first time in my life, I enjoyed logging my weight because I saw the smaller numbers every time.

Lesson #2: Food choices matter

Fasting is powerful. Especially if combined with the right foods. 

I must admit, when I first started intermittent fasting, my eating windows were filled with my favorite fast foods.

And to be honest, I still lost weight successfully. 

But somewhere in my mind, I constantly had a thought that I could do better. 

At first, I simply decided to add one healthy recipe to my eating window. And I went from there. 

In a couple of weeks, I was planning my healthy meals almost unconsciously. 

It may sound like much, but it was easier than you might think because I had literally thousands of quick and healthy recipes in the app I was using.

Ready and accessible at any time. 

My favorite section was, and still is, “Recipes under 10 minutes.” That’s all it takes for me to prepare my food. 

I still enjoy fast food occasionally, especially when I’m with my family and friends.

But swapping fast food for healthy options had a substantial impact on my waistline, weight, and even mental state. 

I know some people prefer to work with nutritionists when it comes to healthy foods.

But that’s an expensive option, and it doesn’t always work.

My results prove I made the right choice by going with the intermittent fasting app.

Their recipes are created and approved by professionals, too. 

And it’s a sure thing I wouldn’t have lost so much weight so fast without the recipe options.

Middle aged man in the pool

Lesson #3: Fasting isn’t a struggle

I was raised to believe that a healthy lifestyle must be tough. 

Consider the phrase “going on a diet.” The words carry negative emotional weight. 

I now know that a healthy lifestyle should bring joy. It’s about feeling GOOD. 

And it’s actually easy if you have the right guidance by your side.

I’ve lost 36 pounds, but I didn’t drive myself nuts to do so.

I never really felt deprived.

The experience was nothing like the nagging cravings that used to wake me up at night with all of the other weight loss methods I’ve tried. 

Most importantly, I have more energy and experience less anxiety. My life is less complicated now. 

I’m not constantly worried about food. Or shopping, prepping, cooking, washing dishes all the time.

I also noticed I sleep better, and my productivity has increased. I get so much more done. My boss noticed it, too!

My only regret is not finding the intermittent fasting approach and the app sooner. 

Will Intermittent Fasting and the DoFasting App Work for You?

The best way to know is to go through the free DoFasting quiz.

You’ll get asked a few questions about your height, weight, and eating habits.

Then the summary page will show you how much progress you can make within the next 28 days. 

The stats are completely free AND informative.

My honest opinion on why the DoFasting app works

If you’re a person who needs a bit of direction – I honestly think this intermittent fasting app is 100% worth it.

✅ It’s a personalized program that you can easily stick to and follow consistently.

✅ It’s an easy solution to control and kick cravings. The program includes thousands of recipes and tips for successfully achieving the waistline of your dreams.

✅ It fits your schedule and lifestyle – not the other way around.

✅ It allows you to lose weight without obsessing over calories, macros, or manual calculations.

No commitment – just complete the free quiz to see how much weight you could lose and additional valuable stats about your body.

Take a free 60-second quiz and achieve your weight goals with a personalized app

Results may vary due to personal features.



  1. Yes I need to lose about 40 lbs and I am 71, moderately active and in good health otherwise.

  2. I love this food eating program. I am 93 yrs old and have lost 30 lbs in just a short time . I go 18/6 in eating and i love it. Its been a year now and i am still down past my goal.Its so easy I’m never hungry and I do get to eat what I want.

    1. Congratulations!

  3. Anxious to try this program!

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