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This Nutrition Algorithm Tells What To Eat To Burn Fat Based On Your Body Type

A team of nutritionists has recently developed a nutrition algorithm that would be able to tell which foods to eat to help burn fat sustainably.

Based on the principle of “precision nutrition”, this algorithm could estimate which foods to eat to lose weight according to our body type, our favorite foods, our hours of sleep, our work rhythm, or even our unique nutritional needs.

In this article, we will try to answer the following questions: What exactly is “precision nutrition”? How does this algorithm work? Does it really work to burn fat? What do users think?

Why the vast majority of diets fail after just one month

There is one thing that many experts agree on: most popular weight loss diets do not work1

“Our recommendations, both medical and public health, were based on the principle that if people followed a standard diet, they would lose weight and develop fewer chronic diseases,” says Dr Tim Spector, professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College London2

“In reality, this reasoning is now completely erroneous,” he explains.

Dr. Robert H. Shmerling, faculty editor of Harvard Health Publishing, seems to agree:

“Popular diets just don’t work for the vast majority of people. More accurately, they are modestly effective for a while, but after about a year the benefits have largely disappeared.”3

The ineffectiveness of ordinary diets has been confirmed by a recent British study conducted by the Medical Research Council:

According to the researchers in charge of the study, more than 90% of diets fail1. Worse: the vast majority of people who start a diet end up weighing more than their initial weight (this is the famous “yo-yo effect”)…

Given the lackluster results of conventional weight loss diets, researchers have recently begun to focus on “precision nutrition” – a personalized dietary approach found to be potentially more effective than regular diets at melting fat…

What is “precision nutrition”?

For the past few months, several leading scientists have been praising precision nutrition, presenting it as a promising way to reduce obesity worldwide and help people lose weight4.

Harvard University even recently published an article highlighting the potential benefits of this precision approach, not only to fight obesity but also to fight against certain diseases such as diabetes5.

But what exactly do they mean by “precision” nutrition?
“Precision nutrition is an approach to developing more targeted and effective dietary measures based on an individual’s personal characteristics,” says Dr. Francis Collins, director of the prestigious National Institutes of Health, the leading research agency in the United States public health4.

Green apple and measuring tape

Simply put, in the words of Dr. Nate Wood, internal medicine and primary care resident at Yale New Haven Hospital, precision nutrition seeks to answer the following question:

“What should you eat to stay healthy?”

Researchers analyze everything they can about us – our race, weight, gender, lifestyle, work habits and many other factors – in an attempt to come up with a meal plan to help you lose weight.

In short, precision nutrition is a bit like the “tailored suit” of weight loss.

Nutritionists start by taking our “anthropometric measurements” (the unique measurements of our body), as well as a whole series of factors that are specific to us (such as our food preferences) to establish a tailor-made nutrition plan, 100% adapted to your needs.

Why “Precision Nutrition” Could Revolutionize the Weight Loss Industry

The concept of “precision” nutrition is important to understand because each person has unique nutritional needs, says Dr. Kevin Hall, a researcher at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive Kidney Disease at NIH.

“People can react to foods and nutrients differently, and therefore the diet that’s best for one person may be very different from another person’s diet,” Dr. Hall said in an interview for ABC News4

These results were confirmed by a recent study, presented at the annual conference of the American Society of Nutrition2

American researchers studied the impact of certain dishes on the metabolism of 1,100 American and British adults, including 240 sets of twins.

They monitored the participants’ blood sugar, insulin and fat levels after eating dishes such as muffins and glucose drinks at dinner.

The study results are troubling to say the least: Foods that spiked a person’s fat levels didn’t necessarily have the same effect on the person dining next to them, even if they were twins.

In other words, if you give the same muffin to two twins, it is possible that one will gain weight and the other will not!2

Basically, we all have a unique metabolism that reacts in unique ways to the food we eat.

Feet on a scale

Precision nutrition tells us what to eat to lose weight based on our unique nutritional needs.

And according to specialists, a diet more adapted to our body would actually allow us to lose weight, and reduce the risk of regaining the lost weight. 

As Lorraine Brennan, professor of nutrition at Dublin University College, points out:

“Some people try to lose weight, but the diet they’re on isn’t really suited to their metabolism,” she explains6.

“They would be more likely to lose weight and maintain their ideal weight by following a diet better suited to their needs.”
The superior effectiveness of precision nutrition for weight loss has led several researchers to develop algorithms capable of telling us exactly what to eat to help us burn fat…

This new nutrition algorithm is the first to make precision nutrition accessible to the public

After several years of in-house development, it is now done: 

A team of nutritionists unveiled one of the first precision nutrition algorithms available to the public 7

According to nutritionists, this algorithm is able to calculate our exact nutritional needs for sustainable weight loss, based on the unique specifics of our metabolism.

In a few seconds, it calculates our “anthropometric measurements”, takes into account our body type (pear, apple, banana, or hourglass shape), our favorite foods, our body fat, our work rate, or even our sleep cycles, to establish a high-precision nutritional diagnosis.

Once the analysis is done, he establishes a 28-day meal plan, telling us exactly what to eat morning, noon, and evening, to burn fat.

Since the algorithm takes into account our favorite foods and dishes, the tailor-made nutrition plan is made so that we enjoy eating during these 28 days, to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

This precision nutrition algorithm was developed by a team of 20 nutritionists over 5 years of development. The development team is chaired by Christine Zalneraite, certified head nutritionist and world-renowned dietary expert.

The algorithm belongs to the precision nutrition company “Beyond Body”, based in Lithuania.

It is now possible to obtain a personalized precision nutrition plan generated from this algorithm, by visiting the Beyond Body website (link below).

How to get a personalized slimming plan in 28 days, generated by Beyond Body’s algorithm

Obtaining a slimming plan personalized by the Beyond Body precision algorithm is simple.

First, go to the Beyond Body website (link below).

Then, take a short nutrition quiz, to provide the algorithm with all the information it needs to put together a plan that’s completely personalized to your body (this includes your age, weight, favorite foods, goals in terms of weight loss, and more).

Woman reading BeyondBody

Once you have answered the questionnaire (it is important to answer the questions correctly for the generated nutrition plan to be effective), you will be able to obtain a nutrition book fully personalized to your nutritional needs.

This tailor-made book is based on the results of the algorithm (which depend on your answers to the questionnaire) and is approximately 300 pages. The book contains:

  • A 28-day nutrition plan tailored to determine optimal calorie intake based on your specific body type and where you find it hardest to lose fat;
  • The nutrition plan is tailored to your age, gender, food preferences, stress levels, alcohol consumption, work rate, sleep cycles, and your “anthropomorphic measurements”;
  • 500 recipes, including all your favorite dishes, to make the diet as “natural” as possible;
  • An exercise plan tailored to your body type and schedule to optimize your slimming results;
  • And more.

Over a million precision nutrition books have been printed since Beyond Body’s algorithm was created in 2018.

And based on our research, user reviews seem, for the most part, to be positive.

Get your personalized Beyond Body book today

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Once the design is ready, you will then have the option of ordering the book in paper or digital format (the price of the book varies depending on the format chosen).

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Results may vary depending on personal characteristics.

Boost your results with the Beyond Body app

To enable its users to boost their results in 28 days, Beyond Body now offers a slimming support application.

The Beyond Body app takes you step-by-step and gives you actionable tips for building healthy, sustainable eating habits – including beyond the 28-day diet plan.

This greatly reduces the risk of you regaining the weight you lost.


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  1. I was a little skeptical at first because we see dozens of advertisements every day presenting their new fashionable slimming plans… But having applied the nutritional advice in this book to the letter, I must admit that it works pretty well. In just a month I feel slimmer around the waist and the skin on my thighs is firmer than before. I’m waiting to see what happens in the long run.

  2. Excellent book and very beautiful design! The dishes that were suggested to me during the first month correspond perfectly to me. Thank you!

  3. The book is well done and gives lots of useful little tips for losing weight. Being a night worker in a nursing home, I have a hard time finding diet plans that suit my lifestyle. It is the first time that I have come across a slimming plan that is really adapted to my lifestyle, and for the moment I am very satisfied.

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