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Does Bone Broth Break a Fast? Here’s What Science Says

Does bone broth break a fast

Fasting means you have to avoid calories to burn fat. If you’re new to this weight loss method, you might be wondering what foods are allowed. Everyone has a unique fasting diet, but it helps to learn more about what you can and cannot have. 

A common curiosity involves bone broth and whether it breaks a fast. Bone broth is packed with nutrients that make it a perfect healing elixir for your gut. However, is it suitable for intermittent fasting? 

Discover whether bone broth can break your fast, including the benefits of consuming bone broth to lose weight.

Does Bone Broth Break a Fast?

Yes, bone broth breaks a fast because it contains calories. Any food or beverage with calories will break the fasting state in your body. You should avoid this dish if you want to lose weight and burn more fat. 

During a fast, you can only consume foods or drinks with zero calories. Some options include black coffee, supplements, plain tea, and water. Depriving your body of regular meals pushes it into a starvation state, which causes your metabolism to burn fat as an energy source. 

Consuming calories reverts this fasted state, as your body burns those calories instead of stubborn fat. Bone broth contains 30–50 calories per serving, meaning it can lead to intermittent fasting failure

This is not to say you can’t have bone broth while fasting. Some people stay below 50 calories during this state, but it depends on your personal goals, determination to lose weight, and fasting type (“clean” or “dirty”).

What Is Bone Broth?

Bone broth is a soup-like liquid that forms by simmering the connective tissue and bones of animals. This stock contains many important nutrients for your health, including collagen, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium. 

What Is Bone Broth


To make bone broth, all you need to do is simmer some bones of your choice for at least 8 hours. You can use beef, pork, lamb, chicken, fish, or benison, depending on your preferences and taste. 

Many people drink bone broth on its own, but you can mix it with sauces or gravies to make nutritious meals. This flavorsome dish is especially good for those on a diet, as it contains minimal calories and no sugars or bad fats. 

Breaking a Fast With Bone Broth: Is It a Good Idea?

Bone broth is great for breaking your fast. The nutrients can fuel your stomach as it leaves the fasted state and returns to normal digestion. Aim to consume bone broth slowly to avoid common digestive issues, such as bloating, constipation, or excess gas. 

You need to be careful when transitioning out of the intermittent fasting window. Consuming heavy foods can shock your system and trigger constipation or diarrhea. Instead, drinking simple nutrient-dense liquids like bone broth can help your body adjust to a regular eating pattern. 

A study found that fueling your body with liquids, such as smoothies and bone broth, before eating food again can reduce side effects and even hunger pangs later in the day. 

Just remember to consume bone broth while exiting your fast. Drinking it during your fasting window can break your fast, slow down the fat-burning state, and encourage the body to burn those calories instead. 

How much bone broth should I drink to break a fast? 

You can drink a cup of bone broth to break a fast. This amount should be enough to fuel your body and slow down the fat-burning process without side effects. Drinking more could lead to stomach problems, so stick to one cup when entering your eating window. 

It may be a light dish, but you should still be careful with how much you consume to break the fasting window. Consume only bone broth, too, since mixing it with other foods or beverages could lead to stomach issues.

However, it’s important to note that bone broth isn’t that filling. If you feel normal after one hour of breaking the fast, you can go back to eating your regular meals again.

Why Is It Good to Break a Fast With Bone Broth? 4 Benefits

Bone broth contains essential amino acids and proteins required for a healthy digestive system, meaning this dish can prevent constipation. Your body also needs more nutrients after not getting any during intermittent fasting. 

Why Is It Good to Break a Fast With Bone Broth

Below are some reasons why bone broth is suitable for breaking a fast: 

#1 It’s low-calorie

A huge benefit of bone broth is that it’s low in calories. People seeking weight loss can enjoy this dish without the fear of gaining weight or ruining their results. You can make this a part of your intermittent fasting diet to lose weight fast and gain more energy after the fasting window. 

#2 High in nutrients

Bone broth is packed with important nutrients, some of them being amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and vitamin A.

A study found that vitamin A strengthens your immune system by regulating the production of white blood cells. Strong immunity also leads to a strong metabolism, which helps your body burn more calories throughout the day. 

The high protein and amino acid content, especially in chicken bone broth, can maintain muscle mass while you’re losing weight. If you want to experience weight loss without the dreaded fatigue during intermittent fasting, consume more high-protein dishes like bone broth. 

#3 May support joint health

Drinking bone broth can support your joints and bones. This is due to collagen – the main protein that protects tendons, muscles, bones, organs, and joints. Research suggests that collagen may treat rheumatoid arthritis, as it reduces joint inflammation and slows cartilage degeneration. 

#4 Helps to digest better

One of the main advantages of drinking bone broth is that it protects your gut health during intermittent fasting. Since it contains minimal carbs, fats, and no sugar, it won’t slow down digestion once your gut leaves the fat-burning state. 

You should consume this drink after your fast but before your first meal. This way, you don’t have to suffer from bloating, constipation, or gas. 

When Should I Drink Bone Broth When Fasting?

If you want to drink bone broth while intermittent fasting, consume one cup first thing in the morning. Since it’s a suitable alternative to drinking coffee, you may not feel as hungry throughout the day. 

Some people also follow a bone broth fast by only drinking it several times per day. They don’t eat solid food or consume other beverages containing calories. For those who want to try bone broth fasting, make sure you eat nutrient-dense meals when you’re not intermittent fasting. 


Does bone broth stop autophagy?

Yes, bone broth can break autophagy because it contains calories. This natural cleaning process can only work while you’re intermittent fasting and only consuming zero-calorie beverages.

Can I drink bone broth on a 3-day fast?

You can drink bone broth on a 3-day fast, depending on your goals. Fasting for 3 days, also called extended fasting, can be challenging. This may mean you need more nutrients to sustain high energy levels while losing weight.

Is chicken broth better than beef broth?

Beef broth is usually better than chicken because it contains more collagen. This protein can keep you full during intermittent fasting and fuel your muscles, joints, and bones.

Does bouillon break a fast?

Yes, bouillon will break your fast due to the calorie content. Bouillon is made from dehydrated meat or vegetable broth, so it can disrupt intermittent fasting if you consume some outside of your eating window.

A Word From an MD

Beginners of the intermittent fasting regime may feel confused as to what foods and drinks are suitable for fasting. Anything with zero calories is perfect, as your body won’t resort to burning unnecessary calories. 

Bone broth, being a nutrient-dense dish, will, unfortunately, break your fast. Those on a bone broth diet don’t have to worry about consuming a few calories, as they’re focused on drinking this beverage instead of normal meals. 

However, it’s worth trying a bone broth fast to gain extra health benefits. All you need to do is consume five to eight cups of bone broth a day for 24 hours. During this time, your body will continue to burn fat since you’re not eating many calories. 

Just remember to listen to your body if you’re new to intermittent fasting or want to try the bone broth fast.


Bone broth can break your fast, so avoid consuming this dish if you want to stay in the fasting state for an extended period. To maintain weight loss, opt for water, black coffee, plain tea without milk and sugar, or green tea to satisfy your stomach.

Written by
Anahit Harutyunyan, MD

Anahit Harutyunyan is an MD in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care. She also has a second specialty as a Medical specialist in Physiatry. Anahit has work experience in different clinics as ICU Doctor and Medical Doctor in Yerevan and Gyumri Ambulance Stations. She also worked in the therapeutic department during covid and has morning consultations in Nor Med private clinic.

Does bone broth break a fast

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