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4 Ways to Have Fun and Avoid Stress During Pregnancy

New moms, beware. Even if this is not the first time your life has been blessed with a baby, a new pregnancy is always a moment of worry.

Your mind is probably doing a 180° on every possible emotion and bubbling with ideas, thoughts, and concerns. What clothes do I have to buy? How often do babies need to be fed? How expensive are baby clothes? Did I leave the oven on?

Wait! Breathe. Everything is going to be okay.

We have an entire list of no-no’s for moms-to-be, so finding a few pleasures in life is essential to avoid stressing out.

So, before life takes a crazy turn, why not relax a bit?

Have fun, take some time to relax and, consequently, de-stress!

Stressing is not only bad for your well-being (especially for your gut and mental health) but also for your baby’s health1.

Pregnancy symptoms can worsen with a high level of stress – including lack of sleep, pain, discomfort, and weight gain –  and even contribute to greater issues2.

The ultimate countdown until it’s baby time may be overwhelming. Not only do moms deserve it – they need a break.

Pin the following ideas, so you have the best me-time and live the next 9 months (and onward) stress-free.

#1 Be kind to yourself and rest

Some moms can fall asleep in a heartbeat. However, sleep will not come as easy as that for many. Be it as it may, getting some rest is essential to lower stress levels.

Aiming for around 8 hours of sleep is the goal. Focus on caffeine-free tea, a warm bath, and avoid checking your phone before bed.

But don’t feel guilty if you stay up late for a couple of days while binge-watching your favorite TV shows or if you have a few too many naps.

Napping pregnant woman

If buying things for your baby shower is tricky, don’t forget that you can do it from the comfort of your home. Put your feet up, shop online, and just wait for delivery.

Most importantly, find some quiet time. A walk around the park, an afternoon of treats and music, or anything really to ensure your me-time.

And, of course, talk to your healthcare provider about other solutions if sleeping is an issue.

#2 Share responsibilities and treat yourself

Let the weight off your shoulders. 

First things first: talk to your partner. A support network that includes a partner, family, and friends can help you with emotional support, buying groceries, baby-related things, or even doing chores.

Having a social circle you can trust and talking to other pregnant moms who can relate to all your troubles is also a great way of relieving stress during pregnancy.

Additionally, you can join childbirth lessons to learn more about what you’ll be facing and to have direct contact with professionals and parents who may be going through the same issues.

Now, pregnancy can be fun too!

Have a night out with friends, get enthralled by your favorite author’s new novel, binge watch all the seasons of your comfort show. You are creating a life. Give yourself a break!

Laughing, having fun, and social interactions are indispensable. Gather your friends, grab a bad movie and some board games for a date night. Maybe a picnic with other moms (just skip the wine)?

Pregnant woman laughing

If your baby bump is too big for you to reach your feet, why not book a pedicure? Call in some friends and have a spa day. 

A study carried out with over 300 moms3 found that chocolate was a great factor in reducing prenatal stress, extending its benefits to the baby in the long run. 

Well, why not set up a fun to-do list for you to unwind and let go of all the baby planning – even if just for a few minutes every day?

Your body and mind will certainly appreciate a little bit of happiness to keep you going. Try setting at least an hour (once a week is fine, but try it once a day) for a hobby you enjoy.

#3 Eat healthily and get moving

Being fit and getting healthy are essential for your body and mind to be in the right place. With a balanced diet and an exercise plan suited for moms approved by your doctor, you will be on a path to self-improvement.

Just be wary when using the internet to find programs for you, as it is a goldmine for both amazing things… and some dreadful ones. So creating a plan for yourself can be a hassle.

If money is not an issue, a nutritionist and a personal trainer are amazing options. They can create a meal and exercise plan with your best needs in mind. 

However, saving time is a must for soon-to-be moms. A workout and meal plan for pregnant ladies and moms with newborns is the prime solution. The key is finding something that is easy to follow and personalized.

Pregnant woman eating

Now you may have a few questions: where to start? What are the benefits of getting meal and workout plans tailored for your needs?

  • Get fit and healthy in a safe, professionally-endorsed manner.
  • No need to count calories if you worry about gaining weight, as the plan is all set out for you.
  • Have healthy and delicious meals that are easy to prepare with simple ingredients – the best for any busy mom. 
  • You will be more relaxed, and your muscles will be stronger, so the stress during delivery will be reduced.

And so much more to make any mom’s life much easier.

If you can’t afford an expensive meal plan, there are tons of cheaper options online that are just as good. 

One of the apps made with moms and moms-to-be in mind is called fitMom. You can easily get fitter, healthier, and burn all those calories efficiently.

Healthy, happy, and relaxed!

Sticking to a healthy, balanced diet can be easy and safe. Say goodbye to irritability, hunger, and dangerous diets!

fitMom will help you with the best selection of meals and food groups to add to your routine without having a hard time, all while adapting to your preferences and needs.

You start with a simple quiz, inputting short answers honestly. The quiz also takes into account any personal preferences and pregnancy-related issues.

After that, you’re all settled. The app will provide you with a complete, easy-to-follow exercise and meal plan designed by professionals just for you.

Having a fun, relaxing pregnancy is easier than you think! Check if fitMom is the app for you with this 1-minute quiz.

Take this short quiz and have a workout and meal plan made just for you with fitMom!

Results may vary due to personal features.


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  1. I hated feeling stressed, which only made me more stressed. I always see mothers glowing online and thought I was being robbed of something. I didn’t use fitMom to lose weight, but actually to help with my diet cause I was always so hungry. I kept using it even after giving birth and it’s been working for me.

  2. The whole stress thing is true. I went into labor at 37 weeks and my daughter was very tiny 17 inches, exactly 6lbs. I was working out and didn’t have any stress with my son and went up to 39 weeks. My stress, depression and anxiety tremendously hurt my daughter.

  3. You are not alone stressed Mamas ❤️ we might be stressed but we care enough to find this article. Already a great sign we love our little ones. We are strong and can get through anything 💪

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