Why ‘Accountability’ Is The Crucial Word For Weight Loss

Hi, my name’s Helen…

And I’m a serial dieter!

(Well, I used to be… But I’ll get to that in a sec)

Seriously, you name the diet, I’ve tried it…

And given up on it!

Keto… Paleo… Whole30… The Cabbage Soup Diet…

I’d drop a few pounds and get excited about the initial results… 

But I’d still give up and creep back up to my starting weight.

That’s why I was so excited when I stumbled upon an analysis published in Patient Preference and Adherence… 

You might think that’s a weird thing to get excited about!

But when I share the findings with you, you’ll get it. 

Because it could be your ticket to losing weight and keeping it off.

You see, this analysis made me feel way better about all the diets I’d given up on.

It’s a huge deal for one important reason… 

Because it analysed every single study on sticking to diets published between January 2004 and August 2015.

That’s over ten years of data from dieters!

It shows exactly who gave up and who had long lasting results…

And it turns out…

The key to losing weight (and keeping it off) is actually accountability.

Well, they actually said…

“Programs supervising attendance, offering social support, and focusing on dietary modification have better adherence”1

But that’s the sciencey way of putting it…

This made perfect sense when I thought back to all the diets I’d left in my wake.

I’d make good progress for the first few weeks. But as I wasn’t held properly accountable, I’d end up stopping or switching to the next fad.

But with my new found knowledge, I managed to get a diet to stick.

And here are the results:


And I have no doubt you can get similar results if you follow what I’m about to tell you.

So How Did I Keep Myself Accountable And Get These Results?

After reading the analysis I decided to throw myself head first into dieting with accountability. 

At first I considered getting a personal trainer and nutritionist. 

But I soon realised this was well out of my budget!

So I started searching out cheaper options.

And while googling I found a newsletter called MyFastingChallenge

It’s based upon Intermittent Fasting (IF).

I’d heard loads of reports of people getting results with IF when they’d failed with other diets.

But here’s what really sealed the deal — MFC has tons of features built in for accountability.

Here are all the ways I kept myself accountable with the help of MFC. 

Note: It’s essential you have someone/something to stay accountable to, you can’t do it on your own! For me, MFC was the easiest and cheapest way to do this. This advice is universal — you’ll just need to put a ton of work in without MFC. 

How To Stay Accountable And Stick To Your Diet

#1 Set Goals And Track Your Progress


When I’d been on diets in the past, I just started dieting and crossed my fingers. 

I never properly recorded my results. 

Sure, I’d step on the scales every morning. And I’d have the figure etched in my mind if I had made good progress! 

But I never wrote down the results religiously. And I never knew a specific goal apart from “get skinny!”

Without keeping proper track, it’s easy to lose sight of where you started, or get frustrated when progress is slow. But when you have a firm idea of your goals month on month, it makes it so much easier to maintain motivation. 

With MFC, I received a personal progress tracking sheet. This allowed me to mark down my progress week by week. 

Their nutritionists also gave me realistic goals that I could achieve each month using their meal plans. And the goals were personalized to me, so I knew they were achievable and crafted for my body. Which makes a massive difference.

(You can try their free quiz to see how much weight you can lose in 28 days with Intermittent Fasting, based on your body, age, and food tastes) 

#2 Plan Your Diet Like A Military Operation

Let’s be real for a second. I’m a health blogger, and sometimes even I struggle to work out what to eat and when! 

And let’s face it, after a busy day, the last thing you want to do is start planning a meal from scratch.

But you should have an exact plan in place if you want to stick to your diet. 


You’ve guessed it… accountability!

Your dietary requirements change over time as you lose weight. So don’t forget to reevaluate your macros and calorie intake every month or so. 

Luckily, MFC gave me a meal plan for my body, and reevaluated my diet every 28 days. So I didn’t have to waste my Sunday afternoons scratching my head tapping at a calculator! 

(In fact, if I’d had to do that, I think I’d still be sitting here 30 pounds heavier!)

This was particularly useful for intermittent fasting, as there are at least 6 different ways to do the diet. MFC eased me in, and switched it up to get best results. 

#3 Find People To Share Your Journey With

People To Share Your Journey

This could be a professional dietician, or a friend who is also dieting. Or even other dieters on online forums. 

Sometimes online forums are the best option, as you can be more open than with someone you know personally.

Sharing details of your diet is great for accountability and keeping up motivation. The more points of call you have, the better. 

For me, using MFC gave me access to the MFC online support community. This was particularly useful as everyone was doing Intermittent Fasting just like me. That meant seeing the successes was incredibly inspiring, as it gave me an idea of what I could achieve. And I could share my journey with people at the exact same stage of IF as me.

I also had professional dietician consultations, and daily emails from MFC’s head nutritionist Christine.

Without this additional motivation, I’m pretty certain I couldn’t have achieved my results.

Is Intermittent Fasting And Accountability The Power Duo?

You might be wondering if you can get the same results with diets other than Intermittent Fasting. 

I’d find that hard to answer, as I achieved my weight loss with IF! 

And for me, IF and accountability seemed like a match made in heaven. 

IF is known for quick results…

According to a 2014 review, it reduced body weight by 3–8% over a period of 3–24 weeks.2

So seeing changes within weeks does boost motivation. 

And the accountability from MyFastingChallenge made it easy to plough through all blocks. So I could see the kind of results that always eluded me in the past.

I’d recommend taking MyFastingChallenge’s free quiz to see how much weight you could lose in 28 days. The quiz costs nothing and takes less than 5 minutes. And then you can decide if MFC is right for you. It certainly was for me.




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