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What Saved My Mom’s Life After Her Undiagnosed Hypertension Led to a Stroke

Sep 8
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My mom always seemed healthy and full of life.

She’d get an occasional headache now and then but wrote it off as nothing to worry about.

Until less than a year ago, she suffered a stroke.

As it turns out, it was never just a “regular headache”… 

She’d been living with a “silent condition” in her body for years – one that affects 1 in 2 U.S. adults.1

I still remember that whole night as if it was yesterday.

My dad called, and I could hear paramedics arriving in the background.

He wasn’t making much sense over the phone. All I heard was, “mom,” “stroke,” and “emergency room.”

People say that when you get news like that, you feel paralyzed. As if you’re suspended in time. And I can tell you it’s true.

But then reality comes crashing down – what if I’ll never see my mom again

woman going for a walk

My mom’s stroke was a direct result of undiagnosed hypertension

For years, she’d been walking around with dangerously high blood pressure and didn’t even know it.

And as it turns out, that’s surprisingly common. 

High blood pressure is a silent disease because very often it gives no warning of its approach.

And for a lot of people like my mom, a stroke – or a heart attack – is often the first symptom.

My mom stayed in the intensive care unit for two weeks, the doctor never giving us reassurance that she’d be okay.

Ultimately, she was. In fact, her recovery has been miraculous (all thanks to only one thing that I’ll share with you in a moment).

What I can tell you right away is that the trauma always remains. That unsettling feeling that, surely, something bad is bound to happen soon.

Ever since my mom suffered a stroke, the fear of losing her has been crippling

That night at the hospital, her doctor warned us that she’d have to monitor her blood pressure levels religiously

The same rule applied to the high blood pressure medication she was prescribed.

There was no room for error. Otherwise, she simply wouldn’t make it.

My mom’s stroke was a huge wake-up call for the whole family. Right there and then, I told myself that my mom’s health is also my responsibility, and I must do everything I can to help her get better.

At the time, my dad was still working, and I lived four hours away, so neither of us could be home enough to make sure she was alright.

At first, we’d try calling, but that horrifying anxiety over every unanswered call was impossible to bear. 

Was she alright? Or was she in the hospital again, fighting for her life?

There was no way of knowing until she’d finally pick up the phone…

woman in her own garden

What my family needed was a way to stay connected at all times. A way to know that my mom was safe and sound. A way to ensure that she wasn’t missing her blood pressure check-ups and medication. 

So I started scouring the internet for advice.

What I stumbled upon was this platform called MyFamilyHero – a sort of all-in-one caregiver system for people with high blood pressure.

It consisted of a smart blood pressure monitor with ECG, an assistant app, and an on-call cardiologist team to monitor your loved one’s health round the clock.

I haven’t seen anything quite like it before. But the overall idea was this.

Basically, whoever in your family has hypertension monitors their blood pressure with MyFamilyHero’s smart BP monitor. Then, all of their readings are automatically uploaded to the assistant app – so your whole family can track the results in real-time and always know how their loved one is doing. 

Meanwhile, all the health metrics are also continuously monitored by a team of certified cardiologists. If your loved one’s blood pressure goes over the normal range, the app notifies you right away and connects you with an on-call cardiologist, who then gives both of you an action plan on what to do next.

For someone who doesn’t live near their parents and needed a way to always stay in the loop, it ticked all the right boxes.

All I had to do was take a short quiz and answer some routine questions about my mom’s health.

I have to say – I had my doubts about it at first. But knowing what was at stake for my mom, it seemed more than worth a try.

I’m so glad I made that leap of faith because my mom probably wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t

“Check your blood pressure regularly. Don’t forget to take your medication.” This is the extent of help my mom received from her doctor after she suffered a stroke.

Seems simple enough, right?

But what if her blood pressure climbs to dangerous levels again? What if something goes wrong and she’s all on her own? What if she forgets her daily check-up or medication dose (we’re all human, after all)?

These are the thoughts that stroke survivors and their family members have to live with every single day. This constant nagging anxiety is at the back of your head.

So while MyFamilyHero has been an incredible helping hand for my mom, it’s also been invaluable to our family as a whole.

I always know whether she’s safe and well. I can set reminders for her to track her blood pressure daily and ensure that she’s taking her medication on time. I can monitor her symptoms and blood pressure fluctuations right from my phone – even when I can’t be around.

Knowing that her health is also being monitored by professionals 24/7 is especially calming. Even if there was an emergency, my family can live safe knowing that there’s someone looking over her. That we’ll be notified right away if something’s wrong and know exactly what steps to take.

What we didn’t know at first is that with MyFamilyHero’s blood pressure monitor, you can also take an electrocardiogram (or ECG, as it’s better known). It measures your heart rate and rhythm to catch any signs of heart disease early on. 

Before, you could only do that at your doctor’s. But now, my mom can easily do it at home, and it allows her to receive life-saving treatment right away in case of an emergency.

Overall, I can firmly say that MyFamilyHero has been a complete life-saver (quite literally, in fact). It simplified my mom’s life in so many ways – and probably gave her a second chance at life.

Since she’s always on track with her treatment schedule, her blood pressure rarely goes over the normal range. And her overall health has been improving immensely. 

If your loved one struggles with high blood pressure, please don’t wait until it’s too late

I’m often kept up by nagging thoughts that my mom just got “too lucky.”

Things could’ve turned out very differently. And if they did, I wouldn’t have a mom today.

High blood pressure – or hypertension – is a sneaky disease. You might not even realize that you or your loved one have it. Until you reach a point where it’s simply too late.

There are a few things I hope people will take away from my story.

The first is that what happened to my mom can happen to anyone. High blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, or heart attack don’t discriminate by age or gender – they can affect even those who have a seemingly healthy lifestyle. 

Our family learned that the hard way. And I sincerely hope that yours doesn’t have to.

The second is that you’re already one step ahead because today, you found MyFamilyHero. I honestly believe that it gave my mom a second chance in life. 

My family is my everything. I’m sure yours is too. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this. 

Wouldn’t you want to always know that those you love are healthy and safe? 

For me personally, the peace of mind I now have is priceless

And all you have to do is take a short quiz. It only takes 60 seconds – but what you get will last for a lifetime. 

More moments to share with those you love. More beautiful memories you can create together. 

There’s absolutely no commitment. You can just take the useful information they give you and leave. 

Or you can help your loved one live a longer and healthier life. For me, the choice seems obvious.

Take the 60-Second Quiz and See How MyFamilyHero Can Help Someone You Love
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Always consult a professional for medical advice.
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Edibel Quintero, MD

Edibel Quintero is a medical doctor who graduated in 2013 from the University of Zulia and has been working in her profession since then. She specializes in obesity and nutrition, physical rehabilitation, sports massage and post-operative rehabilitation. Edibel's goal is to help people live healthier lives by educating them about food, exercise, mental wellness and other lifestyle choices that can improve their quality of life.

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