The Optimal Weight Management Method, Based on the Zodiac Element

Did you know? 

In astrology, each zodiac sign is associated with one of the 4 major elements: fire, earth, air, and water. 

The element qualities are related to the qualities of the signs and sometimes can tell even more than your horoscope. The elements influence how we approach our body, weight management, and health.

In this interesting article, astrologist Brody Rivera looks into your zodiac element and, together with a professional dietitian Dr. Rebecca Scot, gives you that ONE weight management approach to achieve results. 

Dr. Rebecca Scot will also provide you with a solution for putting the best practices in place. Following them, you’ll be able to get that flat stomach gently. In a way that is aligned with who you really are.

An astrologist and dietitian are an uncommon duo, but as you read you’ll see how everything makes sense. And it turns out – there is a way for truly personalized weight management, which is aligned with your zodiac element, lifestyle, and routine. Not vice versa. 

IMPORTANT NOTE from the astrologist Brody Rivera: “It’s necessary to be conscious about who you REALLY are. That’s why if you don’t find yourself in the element that should be about YOU, go ahead and read on. Identify which element’s characteristics suit you best and settle there. The reason for the mismatch is often your birth date. It’s either close to the other element’s date, or you were born under the transitioning moon phase.”

Signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn


Astrologist Brody Rivera: 

You are grounded, mostly practical, and down-to-earth. Consider yourself as a gardener – your environment is your garden. 

You understand that everything takes time, needs care and looking after. You are in line with building things slowly. You see the perspective in the future, and if you concentrate – you have patience. 

It’s in you. Your body is also your garden. You must nourish it and take care of it, too. That’s why when life’s circumstances force you to abandon your body and health, you have that voice deep down. 

It’s telling you to work on yourself more, to do something about it. The earth signs reach the best results if they are in for the long haul and aren’t seeking results here and now. 

Dr. Rebecca Scot:

It’s funny how I recognize this element in some of my clients. They tend to do best when they are not in a hurry, despite sometimes wanting quick results. 

Getting to their weight or health goal takes time. But that is how they reach the best results and then manage to maintain what they’ve achieved. 

I always recommend these people start slow, take everything step by step. There’s no point in rushing because it only causes them stress and anxiety. 

My advice is: start by keeping an eye on what you eat. Then notice foods that make you feel bad both physically and mentally. Observe your eating times and if you eat when your body is supposed to rest. 

Once you’ve set your eating time in order, substitute some unhealthy foods with healthier options. 

And when you have that in place, include light exercise – walking or some simple routine at home. Use resources to keep you on track. Taking things slow might push you to think it’s not working. Having weekly or monthly reports will boost your motivation.

Don’t have that feeling that this is about you? Then keep on reading: 

Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces


Astrologist Brody Rivera: 

You are imaginative, intuitive, and likely very in touch with your emotions. For you, it’s essential to feel your surroundings and flow together with them. You want to be of service in some way to your family, friends, and community. 

You are also very articulate, clever, and self-contained. Yet, this comes with being critical and scrutinizing. You’re also constantly seeking knowledge. You need to understand what’s coming to move on smoothly. 

Also, fear is your most prevailing emotion, and it is most evident when the exact plan is not there. 

Dr. Rebecca Scot:

Obviously, you approach weight management and health through smooth, logical transitions and progress. One thing leading to another. Structure and a clear path in weight loss are important for you. 

So to achieve your goals, you must have a deeper than usual understanding of how things work and what to do exactly. You’d do best if you had daily tips, reminders, and knowledge bites on what you’re doing and what’s happening to you. 

Usually, when a person like you comes to me, they tend to go deep into the details with the weight loss plan. 

I always recommend structuring their health and weight loss journey step by step:

* Following the plan created by professionals like me or 

* Using tools like planning and tracking apps that help eliminate fear in reaching their weight loss goals. 

Otherwise, they’ll lose grip of how weight loss should be done correctly, and the fear will kick in. That’s when they tend to give up.

Still not you? More insights below:

Signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius


Astrologist Brody Rivera: 

You are bold, passionate, and intense at times. Fire signs tend to do well under pressure. They push through difficulties. Although they do not always know what they are doing, they are confident in it. 

Fire signs are fast and independent thinkers. They have courage and often fuel actions.

If you are a fire element, you are also very likely to be competitive. Taking on more than one aspect of your life is acceptable for you. 

Healthwise, fire personalities often suffer from insomnia, chest pains, headaches, or even high blood pressure. 

Dr. Rebecca Scot

It’s evident that fire element signs are “the doers.” You can start strong if you feel like you belong to this group.

Although I generally don’t recommend approaching weight management from more than one angle at once, I say “go for it!” for people like that. They usually want everything here and now and are willing to take on what’s coming. 

To be more specific, you should look at when you eat, what you eat, and how much you move all at once because you CAN do it. This will help you get results quicker, just how you like it. 

But, you shouldn’t forget that listening to your body, having structure, and knowing what you’re doing is important. To get the best results, use tools that simplify the weight loss journey. 

The tools should include progress tracking, healthy recipe options, and workout routines. Following an all-encompassing program or using an app to keep track of everything is an optimal choice for fiery and strong people like you. 

Read on for the last element and the best-suited method to lose weight for YOU:

Signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius


Astrologist Brody Rivera: 

You are witty, social, and intellectual. Yet, with these character traits also comes overthinking. It’s not rare for an air sign to fall into negative thoughts or be overstimulated and tired. 

You often find yourself staying up all night thinking about new ways of implementing your ideas. 

Your energy is intense and might be all over the place. You have much knowledge and power, but, often, it is difficult to focus all your resources on one goal. 

Air signs should prioritize structure and plan the steps to their goal day by day. 

Dr. Rebecca Scot:

People under the air element come to me with a lot of knowledge but are not focused enough to achieve their goal weight. They know so much – it’s hard for them to choose the best option. 

They will name many diets they have tried and failed. The most common ones usually are keto, low-fat diets, Mediterranean diet, Weight Watcher, and many other praised diets. 

It’s difficult for them to choose and then stick to the diet because they don’t know what fits them. They understand that the one-size-fits-all philosophy doesn’t work.

Unfortunately, they don’t see a way out without external help. 

The only way that works and is aligned with who YOU really are 

“As you’ve probably read through all the elements, you’ll agree that the one-size-fits-all approach, the fad diets – keto, low-carb, low-fat, Weight Watchers, etc. – are just void. It’s nonsense,” says Rebecca. 

“The ONLY approach that could work long-term and get you that flat stomach, glowing skin and bring back your youthfulness should be fully personalized to you. To who you are and your traits – zodiac, element, your environment, and your lifestyle.

Being conscious about who you are and following a personalized approach can help you regain your health and change your body. And it only makes sense to have a customized guide for that.


There is no single guide program or app that follows astrology specifically, but there is a reliable way around it.

A method that takes information on who you are and gives you the exact route to reach your goals. It also includes all the tools you might need on the way to your health and dream body. 

A method that is aligned with who you are and what you need. 

And that is personality-aligned intermittent fasting. It only makes sense. All the other diets are a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. Same food, same ‘rules,’ same meal plan, and calories. 

Yet, there is no way one approach could work for everyone! Can you imagine the same meal plan making everyone lose weight and gain health equally? 

That would be a miracle! It only works for a tiny fraction of people. 

There’s no wonder so many people can’t lose weight on these restrictive diets.” 

Generic meal plans are forced on people as if they could work for everyone, but that’s impossible. We’re all different. And our zodiac signs and elements only prove it. 

The success rates are much higher with personalized intermittent fasting. Everyone can choose the protocol that aligns with their personality traits, lifestyle, etc., leading to weight loss. 

After thorough research, we could only find one guide matching personalization criteria as if it were created for your specific zodiac. 

To be more precise, there is only one tool – a guide that allows you to choose your fasting time, tracks it, gives personalized reports, and has +5,000 recipes for every taste. 

Also, tips and articles on the intermittent fasting topic and home-friendly workout options. All included and aligned with who you are. 

To use this intermittent fasting guiding app, you must go through a short but personalized quiz. As a result, you’ll get to see how long it will take you to lose weight and how much of it you can lose according to who YOU are and your habits. 

The quiz is absolutely free. You are not taking any risks completing it. But you’ll get to see how much weight you’ll lose with a method that can be fully adjusted to your needs and routine. Not the other way around. 

You could lose 10, 15, 30 lbs, and more with it. And keep it off, too, because the app holds all the tools you need. It’s aligned with who you are and is easy to follow.

You could be slimmer, healthier, and happier if you follow the intermittent fasting routine that best suits you. And that bulging gut will be gone gently and in no time.

Click this link for the free quiz and see what results you can expect with an intermittent fasting plan aligned explicitly with who you are and your lifestyle.

Results may vary due to personal features


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