Five Weight Loss Success Stories That Will Make You Proud of Strangers (Pictures Inside)

They were all afraid to start. Taking that first step was a small but tough decision. And then other fears kicked in – will I be constantly hungry? Will I have to trade enjoying foods to agonizing cravings? 

We found the stories relatable and inspiring. And we’re really proud to have witnessed them. 

Also, there is one thing in common between these 5 weight loss stories. Could you identify what that is and maybe use it to your advantage? 

Here are the weight loss stories told firsthand

Betty, 62 “Age is not an obstacle for weight loss. I went from a size 18–20 to a size 14”

before and after

As I approached 60 years old, I weighed 250 lbs. I could no longer lose weight and honestly didn’t like myself like that. I’ve never been so big in my life. 

I tried every diet I could find on the internet – keto, paleo, eating gluten-free, etc.

I tried walking more and being active. The weight just wasn’t going down.

My clothes no longer fit, and I didn’t have the means or wish for a new wardrobe. 

Everyone knew my struggles, and I wasn’t alone like this in my surroundings. Obesity runs in my family. 

When my medical charts started showing signs of pre-diabetes, I got scared. I had at least 2 close relatives who both got seriously crippled by diabetes: one of them lost a foot to it, and another is almost blind. 

I felt too young for that kind of life!

I followed my doctor’s recommendations this time. He offered an approach that I’d never tried before but decided to give it a go. 

I’m down 55 pounds now and have gone from a size 18–20 to a size 14. 

More importantly, I have more energy and feel so much better. I even got a compliment that I walk like a thirty-year-old with grace and fluidity! 

My 72-year-old husband retired and basically stopped moving, so he has gained weight, and his health quickly deteriorated. He was inspired by my success, so I got him intermittent fasting guiding app, too. He now started losing weight successfully. 

Sarah, 51 “I started gaining weight when menopause hit”

before and after

I’ll start by saying that I’m a 51-year-old female in menopause. 

I started gaining when menopause hit. I had a really hard time not only managing my mood swings, irritability, and hot flashes but the weight gain, too. 

Tried low carb, Weight Watchers, keto, etc., but the weight would just not come off…then I gave up in frustration, and what little I lost would come right back…to my gut. Most unhealthy. 

Sounds cliche, but honestly, nothing worked. And every time the diet failed, I myself felt like a loser. 

Then my physician casually suggested trying intermittent fasting, as it works especially great for menopausal women. Found some guidance on the topic and started. 

Just the 16:8 intermittent fasting for 21 days, with one day off. Lost about 12 pounds or so, which is great for me. Most importantly, the weight is coming off the abdominal area…about 3 inches (probably could be more if I was better at leaving the alcohol alone). 

Its simplicity is fantastic. For me, the beauty is that it doesn’t have to be something you have to think about and plan for every second of the day….. It’s working for my friends, too. 

All the young people’s success is great and motivating, but seeing your peers succeed helps too.

Adam, 40 “Sedentary lifestyle took a toll on my weight and health”

I’m a software engineer working from home. I also take care of a family member, who needs support 24/7, so my lifestyle is pretty sedentary.

Not so long ago, I was ~216 lbs with 5′7″, where I should be no more than 165 lbs.

I decided I should lose some weight. I’ve tried some ways before, but it was very difficult to be consistent. Like not eating fried food – I could do it for 3/4 days, but uncontrollable cravings would kick in after that, so I would give up.

This year in July I heard about this new thing. Thought to give it a try.

I felt it was easy to implement because I didn’t need to restrict myself from eating anything. I didn’t lose the joy of indulging in sweets or just snacks altogether. Because whenever I used to think I would not eat fries for 2 weeks, the only thing I would want to eat were fries. 

So this time, losing weight, I ate fries, too. 

Later on I actually naturally lost cravings in the process, and now I don’t want it that much anymore. 

I won’t lie, I ate pizza, fries, rice, potatoes… Everything. Just not much on a given day.

With this new approach and using the app that guided me, I started feeling lighter, which encouraged me. I went to the gym (nothing serious, just treadmill for like 30 minutes, simple walk, or cycling for 15–20 minutes).

So I am 171 lbs as of today. And in-between, I was 165 lbs as well.

This approach allowed me not to pressurize myself too much, to take it easy and casual. I think that’s the way our bodies like it. Otherwise, you will crave everything you shouldn’t eat.

Patricia, 35 “So here’s why the Japanese are so slim!”

This sure might sound strange, but the first time I noticed I was bigger was when I went to Japan to study and teach English to the kindergarteners. The locals are comparatively small, and I would never see overweight people. 

With that came thoughts of my own reflection in the mirror.

I also understood that parts of the stares I got there were because I was bigger than everyone around me. 

So then I started observing people. I wondered why the Japanese are so slim.

First of all, the photo below is what I see my Japanese colleagues take everyday for lunch. The rice box (bento) is only about the size of 17cm x 10cm. 

Turns out the Japanese are quite conscious of the food they take in, being more balanced with carbs, protein, and fibers. 

Another thing I found very interesting was that my colleagues would go on a “diet” by not having food after 7 PM and then only eating lunch the next day. They did this, especially when they found themselves being over the healthy BMI. In other words, they were practicing intermittent fasting. 

I implemented what I observed to my lifestyle and leveled it up a bit by using a dedicated app to guide me in the process. 

Basically, what happened is I spent the whole summer in Japan, and I came home 45 lbs lighter! I’ve learned to manage my weight by now, and the weight is still coming off slowly! 

Cynthia, 45 “Shame was attached to the fat I was carrying”

before and after

I was overweight for a long time (not obese, but I was slowly getting there). Seeing my A1c rising, I had to do something. 

And the rolls on my belly started bothering me more and more. Not only because they were proof something was not right with my health, but also because it was uncomfortable and even a bit shameful.

I found myself distancing myself from people because I felt embarrassed of how I looked. I had this feeling deep inside me that my shame and embarrassment were attached to the fat I was carrying. 

I thought, If only I lost it, I would become someone I was actually supposed to be. The happier, healthier, self-confident woman I truly was. 

I’m almost that woman today! Because I found a way and started slowly but steadily losing that weight without doing anything drastic. I’ve lost 25 lbs, and nothing has ever worked that way. 

The weight is still slowly coming off, but the best part is I started understanding and controlling my body better. 

I used the method so simple at its core that most people will shrug it off, and in this simplicity lies its effectiveness.

To me, it’s not about dieting or staying hungry. It is about getting back to how we were designed to live – enjoying our meal and cherishing it whenever we have it. 

I did intermittent fasting – eating within specific time frames. I did not restrict myself from any foods I liked. I only ate them during my eating windows. 

Doing intermittent fasting is not the same as doing it correctly. Therefore, I now recommend everyone I love not be afraid and seek additional resources to lose weight healthily with intermittent fasting. 

Here’s how YOU can benefit from these stories and become a success story yourself

There are the 3 main takeaways to learn for anyone who wants to lose weight successfully:

  1. All of these people (and many more) lost weight with intermittent fasting (restricting eating windows).
  2. All of them (including their friends and spouses) used an intermittent fasting app to efficiently guide them through the process.
  3. The method was often offered by a physician. 

Intermittent fasting can do wonders as a weight-loss method if done correctly. For the intermittent fasting guiding program, these people used the DoFasting app. Without it, their success stories might not have existed, because without the guidance:

  • They would’ve spent a lot of time researching how to fast correctly.
  • They wouldn’t have gotten access to 5,000+ recipes cherry-picked by a professional nutritionist, specifically created to boost intermittent fasting results.
  • They would have needed to track their fasting/eating time and count everything themselves.
  • They wouldn’t have known why and what was happening to their bodies or what to expect with weight loss. 

Why suffer these inconveniences when you can have all of the above done for you by professionals, accessible on your phone 24/7? 

And in less than 2 minutes, you can have this personalized intermittent fasting approach on your phone, too.

There’s a good chance you’ll lose 15lb… 20lb… or more!

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