Top Dietician Is Helping Women Lose Weight And Keep It Off With This New Intermittent Fasting Technique

Sarah Maxwell, 46, is happy that she’s finally slipping into her “skinny clothes” after decades of failed diets and exercise. 

She consulted a professional dietitian and followed the new intermittent fasting technique. 

It’s helping her feel more energetic, happier, and healthier than ever. 

Here’s what one of the top dietitians has to say about the new intermittent fasting technique and the success behind it.

It’s not what you eat, but WHEN you eat it. Timing meals correctly triggers the body to naturally burn its fat for energy.

You won’t feel hunger. Fasting balances your hormones, so the body will adjust to the changes and you’ll feel satiated for longer periods. 

The biggest mistake people make is eating food throughout the day – like breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacking in-between.

The body turns to this food for energy instead of burning off its fat reserves. Which brings your metabolism to a crawl.

Fasting jumpstarts the body’s fat-burning process as soon as your fasting window begins. 

And the best part is you still get to eat what you want.

Sarah Maxwell, 46

A Simple Method to Melt Away the Fat (and Control Cravings)

I’ve been a professional dietitian for more than 25 years now, so Sarah’s story didn’t surprise me. 

When she reached out to me, she had been fighting a losing battle with her waistline for almost all her life. 

She had tried many diets, spin classes every morning, and even took supplements she found online. 

Nothing worked. 

More than anything, she wanted to be slimmer, feel energetic, and be confident in her own body. 

I offered her the intermittent fasting technique that had helped thousands of my patients before.

I knew it would definitely help her, too. 

To be specific, I put her on a personalized intermittent fasting plan, which I also follow myself. 

Unlike other cookie-cutter diet approaches, this plan is tailored to your personal needs – like your daily schedule, food preferences, age, weight, and more.

Sarah’s Transformation 

I saw Sarah was skeptical at first. 

But once I explained she wouldn’t need to count calories, or macros, or starve herself, she agreed to try. 

And after I told her she could still indulge in that piece of pie during her eating window – she smiled. 

Works. Every. Time. 

We Met Again 29 Days Into Her New Lifestyle 

She was down 26 pounds, and this time, she wasn’t hitting any stalls. 

“I liked that the intermittent fasting plan was personalized to me,” Sarah said. “It suited my busy lifestyle, and the meals were delish!

By day 3, my sleep had improved and I felt less bloated.

On day 8, I gasped when I looked at the scale and saw I had lost a significant amount of weight already!

By day 14, I felt a surge of energy in the morning and my mood had lifted.”

“I thought hunger would be an issue too,” she said.

“But it’s nothing a cup of water or morning coffee couldn’t fix. And once my body adjusted, which took a couple of days, all those cravings went away.”

“It’s also nice when people start noticing,” she said. 

“My friends and family have been showering me with compliments lately. That’s helped a lot with my confidence and has spurred me to keep going.”

Sarah is now happy to report to me that she no longer buys clothes only because they are of her size and that she finally can wear outfits she actually likes.

So Why Over 215k People Are Switching From Dieting to DoFasting

What exactly did Sarah do to lose the pounds and reach her weight loss goals? 

The most basic answer would be – she followed my advice to lead her daily life according to the DoFasting app. 

All she had to do was take a 1-minute free quiz to find out how much weight she could lose with intermittent fasting. 

The quiz, as well as the app, is personalized and gives results based on every single answer you provide. 

It’s basically the same as consulting a dietitian like me, except the DoFasting quiz is free. 

Once the answers and your body analysis are in front of you – you get to decide if you wish to go along with it and achieve your weight loss goals or not. 

Sarah decided she was ready to lose weight, and therefore, she got to use the DoFasting app.

There, she chose a fasting method that fits best into her lifestyle (she started with a 12-hour window, but seeing how effortless it was, shifted to an 8-hour eating window for the best results). 

Also, Sarah had access to thousands of healthy and easy recipes and could even implement simple workouts into her daily routine if only she wanted to. 

Instead of strict dieting, I offered her an all-in-one DoFasting app that also includes a fasting time tracker and daily tips for fasting as well as comprehensive articles on relevant topics. 

If you ask me, here’s why I think this DoFasting method works: 

It’s easy to stick with

You eat during your optimized fasting window – and the weight falls off effortlessly.

There’s zero need to count calories and macros, obsess over sugar, or give up any of the foods you love.

It puts an end to cravings and late-night snacking

Many people are surprised when their cravings vanish. But it’s simple: once your body adjusts to your eating window (within 2-3 days), cravings naturally fade away.

Each meal the app offers is also designed to fill you up until your next eating window.

Quick meals that taste amazing – and fill you up

DoFasting’s team of professional nutritionists tells you exactly what to eat and when.

Each recipe is carefully selected to help you maximize weight loss for your body – while keeping you full so you don’t starve or have to resort to willpower.

It fits your schedule and individual body

You can choose a fasting routine that fits your existing lifestyle – and DoFasting helps you choose the best one.

Plus, it guides you through the process every step of the way, so you’re never alone on your weight loss journey (there’s also 24/7 support!).

And TONS of tips and educational articles to help you ease into it.

Now the question is do YOU WANT to lose weight?

If your answer is YES, there’s an easy way to achieve it while having all-in-one assistance throughout the journey.

My best advice is – you should definitely at least give the DoFasting app a try. 

Sarah Maxwell, 46

If you are ready to reach your goal weight take a FREE 60-second quiz and discover how much weight you CAN lose with DoFasting 

Here Are Only a Couple of the Success Stories

People who implemented DoFasting to their lives (without obsessing over macros and calories or restricting what they can eat) granted me permission to share their success stories. Here are just a couple of them:

Angela 39
Angela, 39
Sarah, 45
Anna, 45

Ready to reach your goal weight? Take a quick 60-second quiz and discover how much weight you CAN lose with DoFasting 

DISCLAIMER: Results may vary due to personal features



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  2. Excited to find out more about how this works!

  3. It’s the best diet plan ever. Intermittent fasting is a lifestyle I am willing to keep to the rest of my life.
    On that plan I lost almost 50LB, in 8 month. And I am 64 years old.

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