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Top 5 Keto Diet Apps You Should Try

The good news is that you don’t need to visit a private dietitian to enter ketosis. It’s enough to have a phone at hand and download one of the best keto diet apps to get an all-encompassing plan and achieve the desired results. But as the market offers so many different options, it might be difficult to choose the one that fully matches your expectations. To help you decide, we did the research and created the list of 5 top-ranked keto weight loss apps leading in the health & wellness industry today. Read on!

#5. perfectly suits people with a focus on macros tracking. It offers a free trial and is very user-friendly. However, a subscription is needed to analyze the nutritional value of 5+ meals a day. Based on the subscription period, the price ranges from $0.99 to $2.99 a month.


– Easy macros tracking

– Simple to use


– Paid subscription for 5+ foods per day

– Workout plan unavailable

– No articles or blogs covering keto trends

#4. Carb Manager Diet Tracker

Carb Manager Diet Tracker is known for its food logging feature. You can easily track your daily calorie consumption and get nutrition facts of every meal just by using photos, voice input, or a barcode scanner. This app also has forums to discuss the main keto struggles or share useful tips and recipe ideas with the community. The app, however, has a few drawbacks. First, it doesn’t include workout plans that are highly demanded among more experienced dieters. Second, many users find it difficult to use.


– Clunky interface

– No workout suggestions or exercise plans


– Free of charge

– Multiple ways to log foods

– Access to articles and blogs about healthy dieting

#3. Keto Diet

KetoDiet is another app that simplifies entering ketosis. It calculates macros and helps its users to plan and track the dieting process. With a premium subscription, you also get access to keto-themed blogs, products, eating tips, etc. that are commented by KetoDiet’s registered dietitians.


– Has 300+ recipes

– Subscribers have access to read articles, blogs, and advice about keto

-You can track carbs, fat, and protein


– The app is quite pricey, 8,99$/month;

– No workout suggestions nor exercise plan

#2. iKetoFit

iKetoFit helps to keep your ketogenic diet on track. It guides you step-by-step towards your weight goals, making it easier to stick to the diet. There is also a special carb manager and counter that lead you through your weight loss journey. On the other hand, the app doesn’t offer workout plans, so you’ll have to look for another tool to tone up after weight loss.


– Net carbs tracking

– Wide selection of Keto recipes

– Reliable calories calculator


– Consultation with nutritionist unavailable

– No personalized workouts or exercise recommendations 

#1. KetoCycle

KetoCycle is the leading app in the health & fitness category today, offering personalized keto meal and workout plans. To get this plan, you need to download a free app and take a short quiz. KetoCycle subscription is budget-friendly, making the app so popular across the world. The subscription comes with 24/7 support of a certified nutritionist, so you can go through keto flu and other dieting struggles easier.


– A personalized ketogenic meal plan

– 24/7 nutritionist support

– 500+ recipes, updated and renewed continuously

– Exercises and workouts suggestions


– Expert-level exercises could be challenging for some people

– Too little vegetarian optionsmostly computing Designed to be easy for an untrained user to use.



Personalized Keto Diet Meal Plans | KetoCycle.Diet

You should choose the app which goes in line with your dieting goals. Looking at the pros and cons of the apps mentioned above,  KetoCycle seems to be the most all-encompassing option. No matter if you want to shed some pounds off, improve your eating habits, live a healthier life, or get toned — this app has a feature for it. On top of that, each plan is unique and personalized for every individual, making it easier to follow the diet.


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