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The Ugly Truth About The Keto Diet From a Chronic Bad Eater Who Managed To Lose Weight

If keto is the best diet to burn fat fast, why do so many people struggle? Too much detail, too much science, it’s hard to know what to eat to enter ketosis and lose weight fast. Thankfully, if you’re a woman over 40, there’s a great, new solution for that.

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Tired of drastically cutting carbs yet somehow still not losing the unwanted fat? Keep reading because it might not be your fault. 

Often, there’s a much simpler explanation for that. 

Take me, for example. As a 44-year-old woman, I thought I would never lose the extra baggage in my thighs and midsection.

But when I first read about the keto diet and all its proven scientific benefits, I convinced myself to give keto a try.

I slaved away for over 20 days (didn’t cheat once) and lost a lot of weight. 

But then I hit a sudden plateau. I started experiencing persistent food cravings, especially at night. 

If we’re honest, I was so hungry and irritable that I became a horrible YOU-KNOW-WHAT.

Before I knew it, I was emotionally eating. And all the weight I lost started pouring back – in all the worst, possible places.

Why did this happen? I was angry at myself. The keto diet had all this scientific evidence. 

It was supposed to work. Was I just lacking in willpower?

But as I quickly came to discover, to my astonishment, it wasn’t MY fault.

Everything changed when…

The keto diet is repeatedly proven to be one of the most effective diets for burning fat. Here are some of the countless studies.
PubMed: “One major randomized, controlled trial of 120 overweight adults found that after 6 weeks on the keto diet, the average weight loss was 20.7 lbs. Almost double the weight than a low-fat diet.” [I]
National Library of Medicine: “Over 8 weeks, obese patients lost 33lbs on keto. Weight was lost equally from all areas of the body and was predominantly fat.” [II
Long-term effects of a ketogenic diet in obese patients: “Great beneficial effects of a long-term diet. Significantly reduced body weight, and body mass index of the patients.” [III]

I stumbled on the REAL reason why I struggled to find success with keto.

Why were the people in all these keto studies losing so much weight while feeling full and pleasant… 

Yet all keto did for me was make me feel hungry, angry, and tired?

As it turns out, it’s not that I lacked willpower, or that I had a slow metabolism, or fat genes, or anything like that.

My biggest mistake was that I followed a one-size-fits-all approach. I did what most people do. I read a few articles about keto, found a few keto recipes online, and tried to figure it out on my own. 

But as it turns out, that’s a recipe for disaster. Because it’s super tough to prepare a diet plan that covers all your nutritional needs on your own.

It’s super tough to find tasty, low-carb keto options to keep your sugar tooth in check… and avoid hunger pangs at night. 

So you end up in a vicious cycle. You might slave away for days, thinking you’re making progress. But you’re actually developing nutritional imbalances. 

It starts with feeling low-energy and irritable, and then your appetite goes on a frenzy. Suddenly you’re back to square one. 

Back to emotional eating and snacking.

Chronic eater

How to avoid nutritional imbalances and lose weight consistently?

Let’s think about it. If a generic, one-size-fits-all keto diet gives poor results because it doesn’t nourish your body properly and makes you hungry… 

Then it makes sense that a personalized keto plan made for you by an expert would work great and keep you full and pleasant, right?

That’s what I thought when I gave Keto Cycle a try. Keto Cycle is a new keto diet solution that caters to individuals. Here’s how it works. 

You start with a free and confidential quiz and tell them about yourself—your allergies, goal weight, height, age, eating preferences, and so on. 

Then, they give you a meal plan to follow, made just for you by an expert nutritionist, cutting out all the guesswork from the process. 

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting anything drastic, but even my family doctor was surprised at the results I got!

Once I started using the Keto Cycle meal plans, I started losing weight fast and consistently every week.

I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t looking for a meal plan that’s hard and drives me nuts to lose weight fast. 

All I wanted was for something easy to stick to that provides a steady and effective way of losing weight from all of my problem areas.

Without gnawing hunger, low energy, or having to be very careful around food.

Now? Everything’s done for me. I can relax. I don’t have to count calories or macros, and I feel satisfied and full almost all the time.

And it’s all thanks to Keto Cycle.

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“It was all very simple! I just did a short quiz. I mentioned what I liked and my goal weight, and I quickly received a free, personal Keto meal plan created only for me.”

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“I used to take any diet advice on board and this made everything complicated and I gained more weight. I thought losing weight had to be hard and complicated.. it doesn’t!”

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“The girls were saying that they loved my new jeans and I was so proud to say they now are a size 12! It feels so good to be down to a 12 again…”

How much weight could you lose in the next 28 days?

Looking back, I’ve tried so many different diets and gimmicks, too many to list. 

Little did I know, I was making things too complicated. Setting myself up for failure every time.

Now I know better. 

Keto isn’t hard if you follow a personalized keto meal plan made for you by an expert. 

Keto Cycle is perfect to start burning fat fast. The weight won’t just fly off quickly. It will also be pretty easy. 

You just answer some routine questions about yourself, and then everything’s done for you. 

Every single meal is planned based on your individual needs. 

No more confusion. No more overthinking or having to be overly rigid around the foods you like. 

And the results… Honestly, sometimes I struggle to believe my very own eyes.

It’s quite something when your friends start joking that you look like your “skinny sister.”

So trust me: If you’ve been struggling with your meals, and you don’t want to fuss around counting calories or carbs…

You owe it to yourself to give the Keto Cycle’s free quiz a try.

I promise you that it’s one of the best and easiest investments you can make for your health and waistline.

No credit card required.


Results may vary based on personal features.




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